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  1. Awe crap. You're right. Hmm. Polaris? Since it was the other name used by CF?
  2. Better than clog the other threads with criticism towards a possible screw up. But, hey, what else do we talk about?
  3. Yeah. Weird how desperate trolls have gotten right?
  4. I wish. My parents didnt take me to KI much.
  5. @BoddaH1994I believe you are correct. The warmer fall helped quiet a bit with that.
  6. I cannot wait to see it in person this evening!
  7. Ohh. There are those words again. Not surprised. Btw, its definitely not entitlement. Also, I thought you were done? What changed? Did you miss me that much?
  8. So, what was the purpose of the camera being moved in the first place then? If they didn't want hype, they could have kept it on Banshee. Lol
  9. Always prepare for the worst. Good words to live by.
  10. So, why is it still an issue for you? Cool as a cucumber. Unless you cant see it. It also build hype. Do you know what hype is?
  11. In the words of Amusement Insiders Brendon Cross "Alllllllrighty".
  12. Haha. I spit out my coffee. Get out of your safety bubble. There are way more people than you think. Thank you Brad!
  13. Once fed incorrect information, not of people cant trust anything again. So, yeah.
  14. Read into the context of some of my other posts. That may help you understand a few things. I'm not upset at our new attraction. I think it's going to be amazing. I have every right to be upset about the cameras being down. We have several other members on here that cannot see it in person, and maybe want to watch construction over 200 miles away. Like others here, I dont believe the story they are giving out. As with others, I'm calling them out over it. If I was really that ****ed off, I wouldnt even go to the park. I love Kings Island, like most people here. I just think they mishandled this webcam debacle.
  15. Yet you comment here as well? #FunnyHuh?
  16. @LovinMeSomeBansheeYeah. But dont worry, it's a great business move. The media needs their clicks.
  17. Perfect opportunity to make a lowkey comment. :-) On edit: I'll take this as a win.
  18. Actually, funny thing about that. Look on my YouTube channel (sixohdieselrage). I have two flyover videos. They were taken and uploaded from my phone. Number 1: Number 2:
  19. The tower is jealous that it got to watch most of the lift hill go up, but most people missed out. You angry people wont like this post.
  20. @spooky21 You missed my point, but anyways.
  21. What if we get our Platinum Pass from CP? Speaking of those.. off subject, but I feel CP screwed alot of their passholders off with the execution of it. @silver2005 Again, my issue isnt that they so much "lied", it's their transparency of the whole thing.
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