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  1. This is dipping towards the ToS, (Im not taking sides) but the media also said Hillary Clinton would be our next President...
  2. Yes. According to the media, we will board Orion from the maintenance/storage shed, and they will put all three trains in the station at night. Wonderful!
  3. Poor kid! lol #KIWebcamsHelp #SheWouldLikeHerWebcamsBackPlease
  4. Depends. Have you messaged him recently? :-P
  5. The GP comments on alot of social media says alot though.
  6. I'm sure several hundred thousand people are on I-71. We should ask one of them for a picture of #KIOrion.
  7. 420 steps. New record: Kings Island, home to the most steps EVER to get to the top of a Giga Lift Hill in THE WORLD!
  8. Well, there is 4 pages less here. 287 may be hard to reach before the lift is done.
  9. @silver2005No, but every little thing adds up. And something minor to you may be major to someone else. Again, trust is a big thing these days.
  10. I mean, if I dont communicate correctly and truthfully to my customers, they wont be my customers for very long, and may not trust what is said in the future. And trust is a very hard thing to earn back.
  11. That explains why the GP is commenting about the camera's being down... You are helping stir it as well by commenting.
  12. @JonahWilliamson Obstruction Lights. @LovinMeSomeBanshee I am a fly-around poster... not a fly-by. Although, we have flown by once....
  13. Hey. We need to get this thread above 287 pages before the lift hill is topped off...
  14. You sure act like you know what is best for the park. Btw, just think... the GP also watch the cams. Us "enthusiasts" dont have our own private cameras. If we did, your post would be applicable. On edit: Look at the amount of GP comments on their social media channels about the cams being down. That's not really a good impression.
  15. Doubt it. Skyhigh coasters actually put out a picture of the base of the lift hill (below) then removed it after it was shared. . I asked them if they wanted it removed or if KI wanted it removed. No answer. Seems like KI doesnt want good pics out of Orion unless THEY do it.
  16. Source? It's some users only way to enjoy/view the construction. Exactly. We are allowed to politely voice our annoyances. Get over it.
  17. And it wouldnt explain last year. Cams were always on. And software updates wouldnt take this long, unless they are on a system from the 1800's. Cant KI just be honest with us? Something still smells funny...
  18. I could hang a GoPro really really low from the plane... Nothing illegal about that.
  19. @flightoffear1996 They will keep the webcams off until its topped off.
  20. Above the top deck. @Kodistict Excuse the zoomed in bit, but I circled the DB one. The Banshee/Orion cam is on the other side, exact same place.
  21. I've heard the cams are down do to PETA protests about them endangering the flies' habitat. Hopefully this isnt true. If it is, shame on you KI!
  22. Oh, I was looking at something on the larger image. My bad.
  23. @Nova That's just the next piece that is being lifted. Also, welcome to KIC.
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