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  1. Thanks. I wasnt trying to speak Greek to people. LOL
  2. Like Zeus, Artemis has a secondary boom that may be longer than the primary.
  3. @Hawaiian Coasters 325 Its on topic, as one of the construction workers may have taken a picture after eating a crave case.
  4. @PatchesC Same. I dont fare well with White Castle.
  5. I'm actually not sure. I have no idea who it is. Just saw it and figured "this would give Maverick a chuckle". And it's related to construction pics, so dont @ me.
  6. @Maverick44 You gonna be mad bro... someone on Rollercoaster Expeditions post is hating on your precious Intamin....
  7. Probably. Not sure if I shared this, but this is where the track was sitting. This pic was from a couple weeks ago.
  8. Dont think so... @Hawaiian Coasters 325 Yes. For about two months. I was the one who made the post this morning.
  9. Btw, I'm going to start including the Artemis name in my WildGravity Travels Orion update posts. Let's see if the name starts being used outside of the forums.
  10. I wonder if we will get a giant FunTV mounted on the side of FoF, so when you are waiting on the brake run, you can play the Banshee Shuffle.
  11. @fyrfyter As I said, alot of influences. Not always windier the higher up you get.
  12. Topography, thermals and such play an influence in that.
  13. Just because it is windy on the ground, doesnt mean winds aloft are bad. We have gone up on days where you'll get a shear wind on the ground, but it would be smooth as glass above 250 feet.
  14. Beast- Best night ride. Had a famous son. Banshee- Ride ops quickest, no bins. Line moves super quick. Diamondback- Fun, but long lines.
  15. Oh, they are putting up another piece of the brake run now.
  16. Well, the mods here are back to removing any posts that criticise the park for ">$" giga comments, even if written jokingly. Anyone else smell freedom of speech infringement? Maybe the park should stop requesting the removal of such, and start building on the constructive criticism. Name of crane: El Cheapo. :-)
  17. That's why I like the "pro" mode. Can adjust your settings closer.
  18. OmG, zeUs loOks DIffERenT in ThE evENinG!
  19. I like the name Zeus better for this crane. Zeus would tower over Clifford anyways. Zeus is helping Orion out.
  20. It works perfectly fine for me. Granted, I hardly ever use it, as I have unlimited data through Verizon.
  21. That's one reason I haven't posted my aerial pictures of Vortex. Wouldnt be fair to anyone.
  22. The brake run will be the second best thrill moment at KI!
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