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  1. Can’t wait to enjoy me some brake run. Slowing down over a long distance is my jam.
  2. Launched RMC Cowboy coaster incoming!
  3. The blue track near Don looks darker than in the animation. The animation shows more of a lighter baby blue color with some green hues, but maybe it’s the lighting. I know it will fade a bit too. I do really like the light blue color in the birdseye view, looks sharp. Also hoping for some green lighting.
  4. I had heard someone mention 82, but probably between 80-85 is my guess.
  5. Everyone: “Oh look, a giga!” Absolutely No One: KI Fandom: “OMG, what? Blue Racer will run backwards next year!” Buys 10 gold passes only to find out it was a ruse. LoL
  6. I’m calling Uranus Major as the name of the new ride. Heard it here first
  7. Honest question: Why does everyone get so juiced over seeing track? Once I knew it was blue with white supports, I lost interest until it goes up. Maybe cranes are my thing??
  8. My 12yr old son and I rode this past weekend. Loved the ride (very re-rideable and smooth compared to Thunderhead) and theming of the shed, but could have done without the screens which I feel are a distraction from the other cool stuff in the shed like props, flickering lights, etc.. My son even said the animations were pretty cheesy, but perhaps they'll improve.
  9. It's obviously a Peppermint Patty themed smoking area {
  10. I highly doubt we'll see the RMC treatmentSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Not meaning to add to the GCI vs RMC debate, but my son and I rode Lighning Rod at Dollywood this weekend. It was the most exhilarating ride we've ever been on. We were both speechless when it finally came to an end. It is amazing! In comparison, Thunderhead was forgettable and my 11 yr old son refused to ride it a second time. Don't flame me, I'm just reporting our experience.
  11. It would appear from the announcement last night that some blue/green lighting might be incorporated into the theming and would make for an awesome night experience. Some of these colors are in the logo as well.
  12. They could probably excite everyone if the shed contained a launch so the coaster would exit out of the back of the red shed seen in the video, complete a loop of some sort, and then cross over or under the shed launch and back to the station. I'm a dreamer though ;o)
  13. I don't recall seeing an "L" shaped element in the submitted plans, so could there before to this than meets the eye?
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