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  1. I think it depends, some companies will scrap for free, because of the money they will get from the scrap. Probably has a lot to do with the area of the country, and the price of scrap.
  2. That is Kings Island saying they don't want you to fly over the park, doing so doesn't make you a criminal. Kings Island unfortunately does not own the air space above the park, as long as you are taking off, and landing, from property you are permitted to be on, and not trespassing there. You can legally fly over the park as long as you adhere to the FAA drone rules! The same way i cant keep you from flying a drone over my house, Kings Island can not punish you legally! Yes, as stated, they can revoke your visitation privilege's, as they can do for any of their patrons that were to break any of their rules.
  3. For someone to be labeled a criminal, I believe they would have to do something illegal!
  4. Diamondback needs a new paint job bad!!!
  5. It went down when we are on it one night, we were ready to dispatch, and they opened the restraints and put us back in line. One of the seats in row 6 wasn't registering that the restraints were closed. You could see the restraint was clearly closed, but was showing red on the screen in the station that shows the restraint status. Maintenance showed up, must have done a reset, and they ran each train empty for 2 cycles, and we were allowed back on. I would say 99% of its issues are electrical/computer issues, and nothing mechanical.
  6. Maybe they are installing "updates" LOL
  7. I am going to say they cut the track and supports at the lowest points, then pull them over individually.
  8. What was his full username? i can not remember for the life of me.
  9. I was really looking forward to watching Vortex come down, oh well....
  10. Just took a screen shot myself. Now that would be a ride!!! Not seeing the ground would be intense.
  11. I would imagine just some basic maintenance, and they want to stay dry.
  12. I am going to say they probably hoped to salvage it somehow, someway.
  13. That would look pretty cool, they would look kind of like a comet/shooting star when seen from anywhere in the park.
  14. AWESOME!!! I was not expecting that!!!
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