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  1. I am going with a flat ride/rides in October fest. I remember seeing a while back some surveys markers, or pins located in and around that area.
  2. I have used the number to text security on numerous occasions. Mostly last year during haunt, and security pulled the line jumpers out of line, took down their info, and while still standing there, the line jumpers called someone. I can only assume were their parents, possibly calling for them to pick them up because they were getting kicked out?
  3. I saw a picture posted on Facebook, I will not share here, but they are repairing the track section. They had the damaged section removed looked close to having a new section welded in.
  4. I was thinking this. Maybe a place to park tour buses? This way they are parked behind the locked gate, and not out in the parking lot.
  5. Looks like it has been there for some time!
  6. If they were going to sell it, I would imagine they would have removed the rest of it during the off season.
  7. I believe it is safe to say the removal has nothing to do with the Orlando accident. CF has multiple slingshot rides built by Funtime, and those are still currently operating. Since they painted it during the off season, they had every intention in reopening it. They either found something on the sphere itself, or something with the towers that put cost of repairs, or unavailability of parts for a 20 year old ride that made the return on investment, not worth it. Now, having said that, and with them removing the towers, it leads me to believe there was something discovered to be wrong with the structure, otherwise, I would think they would just leave it sit as it was, and remove during the next off season. Again just my opinion, and speculation.
  8. If they were going to move it, I would have to believe they knew they were going to move it, and would have poured the foundation for it at its new location, over the off season. And not wait until the park opened.
  9. If they were going to do more work on the return portion, but wanted the ride painted in time for the 50th, they could have always written that into the contract that the ride in its entirety would be painted for this year, and any sections planned to be retracked next off season will be painted/touched up.
  10. It should be the same result for fighting, phones on the rides, line jumping. You get caught doing any of the above, and you are immediately escorted to the front gate, season pass revoked if applicable, then handed over to the police if the reason was for fighting/violence. The amount of line jumpers recently is absolutely ridiculous. Just about every time we are in line for Orion we have to report line jumpers. Two weeks ago in line for Banshee, a few teens jumped across 2 sections of queue to get to the bottom of the steps. We reported them immediately, and they were on the ride, and back off before we ever even saw security. I am not sure how KI and CF are currently handing out punishments, but they need to be much stricter. One more example, last year while riding The Racer, we were delayed dispatch due to teens in front of us having their phones out, ride operator told them the phones needed to be put away, they did so. We made it to the lift hill, only to be stopped again with the announcement about putting your phone away. Same teens took their phones out again, got back to the station and they didn't release the restraints, and the ride operator walked over and spoke to them about specifically telling them to put their phones away, and they took them back out. We were following the teens down the exit, and they were laughing and carrying on about what happened. In my opinion, the ride operator should have called security after having to stop the ride on the lift hill, and both of the teens should have been removed from the park, and passes revoked. No more "slap on the wrists"!!!
  11. Unlikely, as if that was the case, it would have never passed inspection!
  12. Weatherbug, but I don't see the KI cam on there anymore.
  13. So with opening week upon us, I cant help but wonder if we will see teasing later this season for a new attraction in 2023. I know the past couple of years have been tough on the park, and the industry in general, but could we be looking at a new ride/rides for 2023? Its always fun to think about.
  14. I think it depends, some companies will scrap for free, because of the money they will get from the scrap. Probably has a lot to do with the area of the country, and the price of scrap.
  15. That is Kings Island saying they don't want you to fly over the park, doing so doesn't make you a criminal. Kings Island unfortunately does not own the air space above the park, as long as you are taking off, and landing, from property you are permitted to be on, and not trespassing there. You can legally fly over the park as long as you adhere to the FAA drone rules! The same way i cant keep you from flying a drone over my house, Kings Island can not punish you legally! Yes, as stated, they can revoke your visitation privilege's, as they can do for any of their patrons that were to break any of their rules.
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