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  1. Maybe they are installing "updates" LOL
  2. I am going to say they cut the track and supports at the lowest points, then pull them over individually.
  3. What was his full username? i can not remember for the life of me.
  4. I was really looking forward to watching Vortex come down, oh well....
  5. Just took a screen shot myself. Now that would be a ride!!! Not seeing the ground would be intense.
  6. I would imagine just some basic maintenance, and they want to stay dry.
  7. I am going to say they probably hoped to salvage it somehow, someway.
  8. That would look pretty cool, they would look kind of like a comet/shooting star when seen from anywhere in the park.
  9. AWESOME!!! I was not expecting that!!!
  10. Exactly, this crane is more than capable of lifting the those track sections.
  11. I am going to say they will finish construction with the other cranes they have on site.
  12. Wish they would either turn the Orion cam a little more, or raise up and turn the Diamondback cam so we could see the turn around, and Vortex come down.
  13. They are loading part of the white crane on a truck, guess we will see if it heads back towards the turn around?
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