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  1. Has anybody seen all the stumps Kings Island placed around the teaser fence?
  2. I doubt this is an RMC, my guess is it's a GCI and I honestly hope it's not an RMC for many reasons. I feel like if it's an RMC it'll have a lot of inversions and I prefer speed and air-time over inversions any day. Plus I think it'll look cooler as a GCI. Lol
  3. Oh my gosh I can't wait to find out what they're building!! I'm going there on the 21st, so hopefully by then they'll have a lot more construction done
  4. I know this has nothing to do with 2017, but does anybody think a Dark Ride is in the near future in the old Crypt building?
  5. Okay well at least it looks like they're making strides with the new ride.
  6. Cedar Point is without a doubt right now better than Kings Island, and probably the best in the world. But Cedar Point is not as far ahead of Kings Island as they used to be. Cedar Point is out of room, and has to tear down things for new rides. Kings Island still has plenty of land to work with. What will it take for Kings Island to pass up Cedar Point?
  7. You could be right but I don't think so. Yeah the way it ended was kinda bad, but Son of Beast was was a legend and much more people loved it than hated it. Plus that was about 4-5 years ago now. I think something in The Beast family is a possibility
  8. We have The Beast, had the Son of Beast and The Beastie. We pretty much know this will be another wooden coaster so does anybody think they might add another beast to the family? I'd love it
  9. Lol if this is a wooden coaster, which we pretty much know it is, will they need to announce it sooner than usual because of how long it takes to build, or is that not an issue?
  10. That'd be nice with all those air-time hills but I'd like them to make it a bit bigger than El Toro
  11. I honestly would prefer a wooden hyper coaster more than a metal giga coaster at a Kings Island. It's just not the same to me without Son of Beast but I do predict this is a wooden roller coaster that's almost 200 feet, just not quite.
  12. If Kings Island took they're time with it and built it more carefully, what's the chances of another try at a wooden coaster over 200 feet?
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