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  1. Thanks for the Q2 update @Hawaiian Coasters 325! It really shows how in park spending is key to their financials. If everyone here really wants to help their park, go and spend money! Going just to use already paid for benefits (passes, meal plans, etc.) doesn't improve the bottom line. Buy some merch, get some extra treats, play some games .
  2. My opinion of course, but this was likely an easier decision than we think--it all comes down to numbers. It is a non-trivial cost to transform the part into Haunt and then again transform into Winterfest. Kings Island now has a good sampling of data regarding how many people are attending (and spending money) versus previous years. Here's an overly simplistic exercise to determine if Haunt/Winterfest make economic sense: Make a general assumption of no significant COVID related changes from now through the end of the year (just for the sake of the math). Extrapolate some attendance numbers for the remainder of 2020 using current data (and normalize with prior years attendance data). Run the calculations, see if you are over/under. Give some margin of error to account for variances on assumption #1. Re-run calculations and see if any scenarios work out (reduce various costs, hiring expenses, etc). My guess, there is likely no scenario where they come out ahead. Emotionally it may seem like a difficult decision, but we must remember this is a public company. Cedar Fair has to be thinking long term on their financials. It looks like the best case scenario is to add additional operating days where they can generate enough attendance numbers (and in-park spending) to help lessen the pain. However, I am glad they are looking to remain open on select days till November! That's really awesome consider what 2020 has dealt us
  3. While I'm not interested in an arguing match...just want to put this out there... Every time I've seen something interesting on my Twitter feed from KI, I've hit this issue. So from my perspective--yes it is always. I cant say I've ever bothered to go back and check later. Usually because it rolls off and I don't think about it again. I see that now, just a few hours later, they are showing up as listed and I can find them from the YouTube app. It sounds like it is something to do with the release process.
  4. It would be much easier to watch on a nice SmartTV if I could just pull it up on YouTube. Embedded videos limit functionality and potential audience.
  5. Why does KI always link to unlisted YouTube videos? It would be great just to watch all of these on mobile in the YouTube app instead of browser embedded.
  6. Woo hoo! Evening hours!! Not sure how I feel about the reservation system disappearing...quite a gamble.
  7. Unfortunately for us, unless there are evening hours we won't be in the park. I've had passes for years, but the number of days I've been at KI (dry side) during the mornings/afternoons is zero--exceptions being the occasional Soak City day excursion. Heat and I just don't get along too well. I'm not complaining, just stating the reality of our situation. I know we weren't the only ones who used to enjoy a Friday night "date night" at the park. Hoping for more normal hours next year.
  8. I've seen many rollercoaster supports/structures move under forces induced by the trains going by-that's just the nature of the design. At amusement parks I tend to look for high force sections of rides and purposely watch static members intently to see how much motion is visible under these loads. But to attribute a rattle, which is honestly quite audible and felt on the train to these external movements doesn't make much sense to my engineering mind. The frequency differences between the two is significant. The slower moving visible motions seen external on the ride are very different than the jarring rattles on the ride. Seeing the design of the wheels around the track (basically a captivated rolling cage) and reading of others mentioning the lack of adjustments, makes me think there are clearance issues which as tolerances open up (due to wheel wear) become apparent to the riders. If you've ever followed a vehicle on the road with bad shocks you can visually see a bouncing wheel against the road surface. Shocks provide a damping force against the spring suspension, which is there to accommodate road surface imperfections and cushions what the sidewall if the rubber wheel couldn't accommodate. Long winded to say there is a lot that goes into the design of a smooth 'ride's in a vehicle. I think some manufacturers have figured this out better than others on rollercoasters.
  9. Comparing this picture to memories I've had being packed into a full queue like sardines, the density of people here has been significantly reduced! Good job KI and everyone who is abiding by the markers.
  10. At least for the first month, no night rides (except for the 4th). Hopefully after things open up and settle down, maybe August will have some later hours...fingers crossed. Slight bummer, but still exciting to see the park opening!
  11. After looking at the video, I don't know if I would call it "extensive". Appears to be a common cast of around 20 people moved around to various locations in the park. Obvious setup areas include the MT entrance, MT queue, MT ride loading area, path behind Festhaus leading to Action Zone, path behind Carousel (note no riders on the moving Carousel), I-street bathrooms, with a few others I couldn't readily place. I would guess on-location efforts at KI took place in a day. Along with some home shots with different family showing the app, and stand-up shot with Tony (looks like green screen with background drone footage). Some heavy editing and you have yourself a quick video. Have they been heavily planning this to get ready to open? No doubt. This was probably another action item on their list of many getting ready to open. I think it shows Cedar Fair has been quietly working non-stop to open as soon as possible.
  12. I've never understood KI's marketing philosophy... Just like others here have posted, my interactions with with (non-enthusiast) people shows there is a significant lack of knowledge about a new coaster coming to the park this year. KI seems perfectly happy letting other groups do all the marketing for them (KIC, WildGravity, Amusement Insiders, FYE, heck even Local12 and WCPO). Why not, they are free?? They could have hyped this thing to the stars (pun intended). Posting weekly building updates (like some of the above groups have done), and providing really high quality images and video. Splash it all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Keep a buzz going and constantly drive up sales. But that takes effort and initiative. Which, let's be honest, doesn't seem to be in the cards for Cedar Fair. Bean counters rule in this day and age. Sidenote: It fascinates me that there are people out there who can continue to generate ongoing content over and over (even during this pandemic) and make money doing it!! Ever heard of the Holderness Family? They've been shared like crazy during this quarantine. Yet KI literally can't take a gator/golf cart back to the construction site and snap/post a quick photo to drum up some online noise for their biggest investment. It is like they don't want to go bigger...
  13. Is that badd Short answer: Yes. Long answer: One might suggest to first look around and get a feel of the place before posting a bunch. Read up on existing topics and see how conversations ebb and flow. Notice that many people here aren't on all hours of the day and likely respond once in a thread with a well thought post; others a little more often. In general double posting is frowned upon, give people a chance to respond and interact. Not to tamp your enthusiasm too much, but you do come across a little too hyper. This isn't a chat room, it's a discussion forum. Sorry if I come across as an old curmudgeon.
  14. Those are likely the engraved pavers for the 150 Anniversary Legacy Walk. CP had been advertising you could purchase one (looks like you still can online). Typical bricks/pavers would just be stacked as raw materials for a job. But these are organized by sections and seem carefully protected, which makes sense for engraved product like this (really don't want to break or lose one).
  15. This request seems rather callous considering all city offices had been closed with only essential services due to the pandemic. Besides the entire Orion project and area is practically complete (based on images we've seen) besides landscaping work. What are you hoping to see or discover? Even if the offices have opened back up, one would imagine they have some work to catch up on. Do you think now is a good time to bother with a pointless request?
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