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  1. Maddog

    What really BUGS me.

    Wow, resurrecting an old thread here. This is from two years ago.
  2. Maddog

    Banshee gift shop converted to arcade

    It is a little sad...very sterile feeling in there now. How many people do you think will actually play those claw games?
  3. Where do you see anyone saying "roof deformation" in the news articles? Sensationalist much?
  4. From looking at the pictures one could argue the roof didn't fail at all, rather the HVAC support straps failed causing ductwork to fall into the pool. But that wouldn't make as much of a headline...
  5. Maddog

    Pop music back on International Street

    I emailed the park to let them know my thoughts. I urge others to do the same
  6. Maddog

    Beast cars

    I would never advocate dropping the 3 row cars on The Beast trains. The middle row of a car is always the smoothest (as you are not over the wheels). In fact when I'm taking friends who are new to KI, when we head over to The Beast I always ask "how rough of a ride" they want. If they want a thrill, we head for the back row! For those who want a tamer ride, first car second row is where it's at! If you're going for an all day park marathon, be sure to ride the woodies just like you ride a horse. Your body will thank you later. If you sit there like a rag doll you'll get beat up!
  7. Maddog

    Interesting Things Ride-Ops Do

    ^ We get it, you don't like the current ride spieling going on. Now take it up with guest relations at the park if you want your voice to be heard. If they feel this is an item which needs attention, management and training departments can get involved. Trying to make your case in a community forum isn't really going to change things. Now...back to interesting things ride ops do...
  8. Maddog

    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    This was mentioned in the park changes awhile back... See: https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32815-2017-kings-island-park-changes-upgrades/&do=findComment&comment=766039
  9. Actually...a lot easier. FOF is not that high (vertically), and the entire inside of the ride has a nice firm concrete base where you can drive various articulating boom trucks. See: http://www.genielift.com/en/products/boom-lifts/articulating-booms-electric/index.htm These things can fit in smaller areas nicely. I wouldn't be surprised if KI maintenance department didn't have various styles already in their arsenal.
  10. Well describing to the general public that their favorite ride is "technically a runaway train on a restricted path, subject to the forces of gravity and its own momentum, with only the ability to have externally applied braking forces at predefined locations in its path" probably isn't the best PR speak.
  11. Maddog

    How was your ride on Mystic Timbers?

    Agree on the re-ridability part. This coaster can appeal to a broader base of visitors (which is a good thing!). It's fun to have everyone in the family enjoy a ride, instead of a couple of people "sitting this one out" because they can't handle it.
  12. Maddog

    Son of Beast

    Sorry, have to disagree on this point... (with some data): I'm with a group of guys who do an annual multi-day Cedar Point trip in the summer. Part of our plans has always been to take a pit stop at Kings Island on the way, then visit Cedar Point in the evening. We've had an ongoing dispute within our group between Banshee and the Raptor. So last summer we decided to settle it with an 'experiment'. Went to KI, rode Banshee twice (various spots), then got on the highway and headed to CP, rode Raptor twice. Afterwards everyone in the group agreed Banshee was smoother. The Raptor's restraints don't help the situation either. I'm not saying metal coasters don't maintain their smoothness, but the Raptor definitely has more of a shake than it's newer counterpart. I'm sure B&M has put some of their R&D to good use over the years with better tolerances/designs.
  13. Maddog

    Strobe Concerns

    I've always had the fire working whenever I rode...I always appreciated the warmth during haunt.
  14. Maddog

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    ^ Agree with disco2000, regardless of your eating habits, the intend of your post was clear "we are sharing a single meal plan, here's where we can get the most food to share" which isn't really in the spirit of an 'individual meal plan', which is how KI offers it (attached to your pass). There's a reason meal plan portions are smaller this year, and bean counters have the data to prove it.
  15. Maddog

    Forum software upgrade

    @malemI've confirmed the high CPU usage occurs on any page where there is an embedded YouTube video. For example, this link does it: https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26887-what-ride-are-you-craving-to-be-on-right-now/&page=39 I've also cleared my local cache and settings to see if it goes away, still an issue... So yes at least for me it occurs 100% of the time. Let me know if you need more information.