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  1. IDK, because concept != reality ? Personally, I've never seen any concept art ever fully match the final end product. Usually because the concept includes all sorts of items to "sell" the project; but once approved various cost cutting measures come into play to keep within budget as it nears completion. Also a picture here would have been useful. Something, something, a thousand words...
  2. If you are thinking of the IX Indoor Amusement Park, it is no more... From: https://ixamusementpark.com Thank you for all the memories! On September 16, 2020, the I-X Center Corporation announced the closure of the International Exposition (I-X) Center due to the coronavirus pandemic. The global pandemic has decimated the event industry as well as many other businesses and has ultimately led to this decision. The I-X Center would like to thank all its customers, employees, and attendees who helped make the I-X Center a success over the past 35 years. ❤️
  3. From what the park has already said this doesn't seem too serious, especially if they hope it to be running so soon! I think we've gone off the rails (pun intended), discussing the possibility of a whole track piece getting fabricated to replace some unidentified defect--given the aforementioned timeline estimation of operation. Also, this comment: Seems to conflict with this comment (from the same person): So were there wires laying around or not? Perhaps there was a wire pull which needed quickly re-done?
  4. Well, the individual who started the thread was more along the lines of "If I could plan Winterfest...", so I think people here were keeping this to what could actually happen. But sure hijack away...
  5. Didn't see pricing anywhere in the thread. Online it states "...a choice of 6 tastings from our Tricks And Treats menu" for $30. So $5 per portion. Link here: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/tickets-passes/drinks-dining
  6. Really? That's news I haven't seen/heard anywhere yet. Are there new markings/flags? Is there equipment onsite? Do you have pictures? For those of us who cannot make it to KI right now, we would be interesting in any data you have to share...
  7. What 5-year plan? How about you throw the people a bone here and give us some context--it really helps for intelligent discussion.
  8. Just want to take a moment and say thank you for this post. I appreciate you taking the time to explain things and walk through your thought process logically. This really allows us as readers to understand the conclusions without jumping through hoops.
  9. @SonofBaconator I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize. I'm right there with you on fact checking things. Wanted to chime in but was busy today. I always thought we were supposed to write our opinions, and only make definitive statements when we have facts to back them up (and can show it). I have many opinions, sometimes I write some of them down--other times I'm smarter than that. But when I make a huge assumption (or a series of them to a possible logical conclusion) I don't state them as fact or certainty. Others appear to have a different writing style. Personally I
  10. Hmm, I don't dispute the markers and some survey activity. But it does seem like a bit of a leap that these indicate a road getting "removed". Maybe keep the definitive statements to those things that are fully known.
  11. Perhaps I missed it, how do we know the road is being removed?
  12. Thanks for the Q2 update @Hawaiian Coasters 325! It really shows how in park spending is key to their financials. If everyone here really wants to help their park, go and spend money! Going just to use already paid for benefits (passes, meal plans, etc.) doesn't improve the bottom line. Buy some merch, get some extra treats, play some games .
  13. My opinion of course, but this was likely an easier decision than we think--it all comes down to numbers. It is a non-trivial cost to transform the part into Haunt and then again transform into Winterfest. Kings Island now has a good sampling of data regarding how many people are attending (and spending money) versus previous years. Here's an overly simplistic exercise to determine if Haunt/Winterfest make economic sense: Make a general assumption of no significant COVID related changes from now through the end of the year (just for the sake of the math). Extrapolate some
  14. While I'm not interested in an arguing match...just want to put this out there... Every time I've seen something interesting on my Twitter feed from KI, I've hit this issue. So from my perspective--yes it is always. I cant say I've ever bothered to go back and check later. Usually because it rolls off and I don't think about it again. I see that now, just a few hours later, they are showing up as listed and I can find them from the YouTube app. It sounds like it is something to do with the release process.
  15. It would be much easier to watch on a nice SmartTV if I could just pull it up on YouTube. Embedded videos limit functionality and potential audience.
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