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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing Orion constructed to completion! Glad to have the fully focused cam back. (Vortex is done, take the pity party over to the other thread).
  2. Seems to be gone now, thanks!
  3. @IndyGuy4KI Thanks for the location of the theme option! I've always used the dark theme. So I reselected the option and no change. If I use either IPB Default or KICentral - Bright (Default) I don't see the banner notification. However if I go back and choose KICentral - Dark, the banner reappears. Not sure what else I can do to correct except for not use the Dark theme for now.
  4. Anyone else seeing this banner at the top of every page? I click the X to close but any refresh or new page brings it right back. I can't seem to locate the "theme" option noted to reselect. For me this showed up just after the new year.
  5. Noise pollution is a solvable problem. Society shouldn't continue to accept this as normal. It is just lazy engineering.
  6. Had to laugh when I saw an unintended consequence of the auto-capitalization of ride names on this site . I'm guessing @DJSkyFoxxdidn't actually type it in that way (or did he ).
  7. https://www.wvxu.org/post/neighbors-kings-island-please-cut-noise Another article from WVXU, which has similar content as the Local12 article. It does point out more than one neighbor with the complaints, also the whole issue of city boundaries, and that the best course of action is for people to work directly with the park. My opinion?: KI should try to do its part to be a good neighbor and keep noise down as part of ride designs and new improvements. There's already a known issue with Diamondback's noise. With Orion take some precautions with the design as needed. Maybe sand filled is already spec'd in, I don't know. Anybody have any info on this?
  8. If they don't like it they can sell? That's unfortunately a pretty sad situation to be in as a homeowner. Mason and KI have both admitted they aren't in compliance, but it seems no action will be taken. I thought there would be an actual discussion here about this, but clearly this site has its mind made up. Side note, I love rollercoasters, but hate the B&M roar. That won't get me much love around here though, just being honest.
  9. Reading a lot of these comments, which many are incredibly one-sided, makes me think some of you have never dealt with "bad neighbors"--especially those who move in after you previously had good/great neighbors. Did ya'll actually fully read the posted articles? To me, the Enquirer opinion piece reflects a bit more of the above experience. What might have been a great situation before where everyone was happy (neighbors, city, park), when KI started out is now a bit strained (at least for one of the parties). Unfortunately verbal agreements and assurances don't hold water after new ownership. It appears the city doesn't want to rock the boat, even admitting they don't have an enforceable ordinance (which could be interpreted as "badly written" or "if actually enforced, would have many violators", and don't they want to rock that money boat ). I for one can somewhat understand the plight of the neighbors. Something that grates on your nerves, increasing over time, does eventually reach a breaking point. Going the PR route to get Cedar Fair to have a conversation is a rather inexpensive "next step" before going the court route (anyone here remember Howard Ain, the Troubleshooter!). Sure some of the statements/expectations are over the top, but that's negotiating 101... Honestly the park may already be reaching out to acknowledge their concerns and we would never know. But having noise abatement efforts as part of an ongoing building process can help "keep it down" over the long haul. Efforts could be made such that physical growth of the park does not also mean noise growth. Getting some agreements in writing is key.
  10. ^ I think one can make a possible deduction from the statement. Why go through the effort of removing all "re-usable hardware" if the intent is not to re-use it? Once can then ask where would it likely get re-used? Probably on other similar rides (i.e. remaining Arrow coasters). Which makes sense, and saves CF money in the long run. Honestly, I would expect a corporation to be smart about the disposal of their assets. Keeping any aging steel coaster in "tip-top" shape doesn't really make sense, as history has shown us they have a definitive lifespan.
  11. ^^ Clearance testing in simulation and in physical form is carried out on newly built coasters. Rest assured you can keep your hands up for the whole ride without issue.
  12. I would imagine that KI has more than enough information regarding ROI (return on investment) and appropriately selects rides which provide the best return. Getting a used ride on the cheap might seem like a great opportunity. But the overall cost to refurbish, maintain, and actual ridership numbers may show it to actually be throwing money away. Purchasing a new flat ride might be cheaper.
  13. I don't think you understand how much maintenance is involved to keep The Beast running every year: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1188874278315462656 It takes a lot of downtime to do the necessary maintenance.
  14. Quick follow-up from my last scan experience at CP. So this was the third supervisor to investigate the issue, as once again the gate attendant had a big red X on my picture. After looking over a number of screens, there was an "aha" moment. She took my card, threw it in the trash, and generated a new card on my account and said this will fix the issue...something about an "incorrectly coded barcode". I will have to wait and see what happens...fingers crossed.
  15. ^ GateKeeper makes me ill/nauseous too. But Banshee doesn't. Go figure. Some day I'd like to analyze the ride forces to understand why that is...
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