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  1. Typically major touring groups bring in all their own equipment, or is spec'd in the rider for the venue and then subbed out to a local rental group. Using house equipment for road-shows just brings in too many unknowns. All they need is a nice big power hookup and they take care of the rest.
  2. I appreciate KI being in the news highlighting positive things, but this is really just a fluff feature article. At first I thought they had received some type of award, but after fully reading the article I realized they are just providing some quotes from an ACE spokesperson.
  3. I personally think the work in the helix section is major because they are redoing a section of footers that perhaps have slid or lost solid foundational support. There are some fairly major elevation changes in the woods around The Beast, and it is possible 43 years after constructing those footers things have moved a bit too much. No point in working on just track or structural improvements if it doesn't have a solid base. I do believe that this type of rehab shows how KI wants to keep this ride around for awhile. I suspect other areas are getting some tweaks and such to smooth out the ride, but I don't expect any new elements. Hopefully there will be some announcement from the park soon!! (but I'm not holding my breath)
  4. The workforce for park turnover would have a different skill-set than your regular (seasonal) day-to-day positions they advertise. While one can assume maintenance and operations is heavily involved in the turnover, a lot of this work is likely contracted out.
  5. I'm seeing the top ad banner too. It shows up on some pages, but not others. Oddly enough it popped up as I attempted to respond to this thread, makes the editor a little crowded. It would be nicer if they worked with the site theme, in dark mode in a dark room the ad is very bright.
  6. Let's keep it real--no-one* knows what KI is getting next. Any forgone conclusion of future events is just unnecessary here. *(the exception being those internally involved with future projects until announced, of which none would ever come here and post about )
  7. I think this is a great change for Kings Island. Especially if it means faster and better service at concessions. With the flexibility of the any unused funds on the card post-visit there is really no down-side. Kings Island still "accepts cash" you just have to do it one time only when you first go into the park. No different than heading over to the ticket boot at the county fair to get your ride and drink tickets. Hopefully some signage and guest education will alleviate any kinks. Looking forward to seeing the results! Anecdotal example: I was at the park a few weeks ago with some friends, two were cashless (credit cards), one used cash. Guess who had faster service at every transaction? Guess who was always taking extra time finding the right bills/coins to pay? Guess who had heavier pockets and jingled down the midway with all the loose change they had acquired.
  8. Hmm, there WAS a time...(a certain Club store comes to mind) but is no longer the case now. It was one of the motivations for me having more than one major CC type in my wallet.
  9. Quick look at houses along Cedar Point Road show public water and sewer per real estate listings. It is likely there are local gravity sewers with a hidden pump station (or multiple pump stations) somewhere and a "force main" connection over to the mainland sewer system. In the wastewater world, it isn't necessarily true that "all **** goes downhill"
  10. As one who has to pre-load with Dramamine to deal with rollercoaster motion sickness, I can tell you my experience with the "all-day" versus the "original" is literally night and day. I must have the original in order to enjoy rides, unfortunately.
  11. Thanks @silver2005 for taking us along on your adventure! You've given me some ideas if things I need to hit up the next time I make a trek to Tennessee. @coaster sally Does everything have to be a competition and stats comparison with you? You've now been added to my list of people with "one-upper-itis", there is no known cure .
  12. Some additional "on the ground" experience data for everyone... apologies up front if too lengthy. Had a planned visit yesterday (6/15) to KI for a full day of dry park activities. First of all, the day was awesome!!! Taking a mid-week day off of work to enjoy the park is well worth it. I was a little concerned about crowds, as the weather forecast was known to be "cooling down" after the recent heat, and CP is still closed Tues/Wed possibly pushing the numbers up at KI--but the crowds were very reasonable. I was able to get 2 rides during early ERT on Orion, then also completed the day with 2 more rides just before 8pm (boo on the 8pm closings, looking forward to longer hours soon). Went through most of the coasters at the park (but didn't hit up Planet Snoopy). Also was able to ride numerous flats, and got a great view of the parking lot (which wasn't full) from WindSeeker. The longest wait...BLSC, ugg that line moves sooo slow--will probably start skipping it. Also noticed everyone is getting assigned rows, even on The Beast (I was used to them allowing some flexibility there...). Depending on the operators, they may be accommodating if you asked for a specific row and there weren't a lot of people in the station--it was really specific to the situation. The ride restraint checking consistency is bizarre. Some rides they tug on the seatbelt, and restraint after you fasten them (asking you for hands up), others they want to push the restraint down for you after you fasten the seatbelt. Then some want you to tug on the seatbelt visually for them, but then they pull on the restraint later to check, and finally the best was a "giggle the handle" request on The Bat where you were asked to check the OTH restraint by actually shaking it. For a seasoned rider, this just struct me as odd. I wasn't sure whether to hold my hands up, or to assist while they watch. The ride announcers didn't always help in clearing this up either. I realize some of this is training, and post-Covid policies evolving. General notes: I really liked all the now functional theming on Adventure Express, we also stopped to watch the clock on the Festhaus and people around got involved with the chicken dance. Still noticed a lot of training going on, with supervisors and red shirts working together in a number of positions. Stacking was rather likely on many rides; everything was functioning, but it didn't feel like people had hit a good "groove" yet. By the way, Orion has a really hard lurch at the break run where you slam back into the seat--I think they could tame this with some better control logic. Also, one of the screens in Mystic Timbers was still down (recalling from someone's prior comments). Bathrooms were clean enough, but paper towels seemed to be a little sparse (numerous empty holders). It was hit or miss on the sanitizer dispensers throughout the park (usually more of a miss with more empty). Hit up Coney Bar-B-Que and Brewhouse for meals, both were excellent in terms of the food. The Brewhouse had some issues with order delivery (two out of three orders arrived with no issues, but the third one was lost?), they eventually figured it out. Got some Graeters ice cream for an afternoon cool down, unfortunately they are understaffed here and really need some training. You would order and pay for your ice cream order, and then again tell the person actually making the ice cream what you ordered (with some corrections about what needs to be ON the sundae per the menu board)--needs some work here. Free ice water was easy to get everywhere, no issues. Crowds seemed okay with no "media newsworthy" events. But I did witness two line jumping situations (both on Mystic Timbers). The first attempt was sad and people called them out for it, they left the line on their own. The second attempt we saw from the top of the stairs just before the station, but it was occurring down below in the back section. The line separator also heard the commotion and witnessed what had occurred and said "they won't be riding today"--I'm not sure how that was eventually resolved. Phones on rides still seems to be a thing...why? Last ride of Orion someone in the front proceeded to selfie video their entire ride (with their arm up at a 45° angle), not sure how you can actually enjoy a ride even trying to do that. He did manage to hold onto the phone (lucky for us behind him during the ride, but I really wished he had lost it at the break run). Unfortunate commonality in all of the above events--tweens. I really hate to broad brush an age group like that, just noting the apparent age (and lack of maturity) of those in the infracting groups. In summary, it still has an "early in the season" vibe to it, but overall a great day. The number of rides we were able to hit was great, even with the shortened hours. It felt as though everyone on the staff we interacted with were really trying their best to make it a great day. Can some of the above be in the "nit-picking" category, absolutely. I just wanted to share all of my personal experiences with the group.
  13. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words... If you see something post a pic, then more people can get involved in the discussion. If you only post a foregone conclusion with no info of how you got there, don't feel surprised when you are all alone in the know-it-all club.
  14. "You have been warned." Hopefully they follow through and right this ship!
  15. I would think at this point in time we cannot conclude too much from that metric...pandemic and all.
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