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  1. I would imagine that KI has more than enough information regarding ROI (return on investment) and appropriately selects rides which provide the best return. Getting a used ride on the cheap might seem like a great opportunity. But the overall cost to refurbish, maintain, and actual ridership numbers may show it to actually be throwing money away. Purchasing a new flat ride might be cheaper.
  2. I don't think you understand how much maintenance is involved to keep The Beast running every year: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1188874278315462656 It takes a lot of downtime to do the necessary maintenance.
  3. Quick follow-up from my last scan experience at CP. So this was the third supervisor to investigate the issue, as once again the gate attendant had a big red X on my picture. After looking over a number of screens, there was an "aha" moment. She took my card, threw it in the trash, and generated a new card on my account and said this will fix the issue...something about an "incorrectly coded barcode". I will have to wait and see what happens...fingers crossed.
  4. ^ GateKeeper makes me ill/nauseous too. But Banshee doesn't. Go figure. Some day I'd like to analyze the ride forces to understand why that is...
  5. Used the groups advise today, was in line for Maverick, waited about 30 minutes, breakdown. Group I was with was like "do we stay", my quick response, "nope". Got out and walked over to MF, 25 minutes later on a train having a great ride. Also met some cool people and had a great conversation in that line. Went back later in the day and rode Maverick, only 35 minutes wait. Was it the right choice? Statistically speaking I guess so, as I heard from someone else in line it was only down for 45 minutes. But I think playing the time gamble game is a losing proposition, as you don't know the reason for the breakdown. I'd rather be in a line with people looking forward to riding, rather than holding onto hope for reopening.
  6. KI take note!! I believe this to be a big issue. All you need to do is give parents/guardians/those who hold money any small hurtle (no matter how minor it seems) to part with their money, and it is an easy "no", or "maybe next time" which never occurs. Heck I might even play an occasional game when I have a couple of bucks in my pocket. But if I had to walk somewhere and load a car? Ah forget it...
  7. On my annual trip to CP, this is a regular occurrence (been this way for years). Platinum pass holders and resort guests always had this ewrly entry benefit. I just watch everyone run by, only to be one switchback ahead. Though the better option is just to park in back so you don't have to traverse the full park for early Steel Vengeance rides.
  8. Count me into the group where variety is the spice of life. While I appreciate the reliability aspect of B&M, personally I feel a number of them have a distinct yet similar "ride feel". Having just been to KI this weekend and am currently at CP for a couple of days, I've noticed that I tend to prefer other non B&M coasters for something different. I could marathon Millenium Force and Steel Vengeance all day. But GateKeeper, Raptor, Valravn, not so much.
  9. ^Yeah I have a paper copy if the receipt and tickets on me just in case, thanks
  10. Repostwd here (was in wrong topic) So I bought my new (not renewal) 2020 platinum pass, used it at Kings Island this weekend and am currently at Cedar Point for the next couple of days. Entered Sunday evening and it required an associate to override something. Ticket agent supposedly investigated and corrected the issue. Entered this morning at CP for early entry and gate agent was having issues. Another manager had to stop by looked into ticket data and said they would look into it. They took a picture of my pass, wrote something down and forwarded it to "CP Corporate" to investigate. I had called before purchasing at both parks to confirm it would work. Looks like training has been okay, with the people overriding a computer issue, but be prepared to explain your situation. Looks like the ticketing system isn't quite ready (or my account is just fubared). YMMV...
  11. Boy I seriously hope not!! Just what the park needs, another screen to fill with flashy-spasktastic-seizure-inducing ad content. The GateKeeper coaster going over the CP entrance makes it pretty cool. The obnoxious insanely bright banner sign below it...not so much. I agree the current entrance has a dated look, but I don't think an LED board is the best fix.
  12. A good video about the technology behind the ride. TTD truly is a complex coaster when compared to others having simple chain lift hills and a couple of pneumatic brake blocks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjE4SKpN8y4
  13. Maddog

    Decoding 2020

    Someone is... Sorry
  14. I agree, the ride experience and movements are all part of the design! Just imagine if the ride was smooth as butter, people would be saying "it's too boring, it needs more speed/forces, take it out and replace it!" SMH...
  15. ^Sorry @MaestroJrcouldn't disagree with you more regarding The Bat. KI is not hurting for space, so I don't see that as a valid reason for removal. And as far as I've seen The Bat is one of the rides that doesn't appear to have a lot of downtime either. I've been on the VR Iron Dragon, and I can say it didn't make the ride any better. Now about Adventure Express, I don't know about a major overhaul, but I think it could definitely use a redo of theming to give it life which requires less maintenance support. The fact that it needs so much annual attention to keep it going/functional is concerning.
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