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  1. Those are likely the engraved pavers for the 150 Anniversary Legacy Walk. CP had been advertising you could purchase one (looks like you still can online). Typical bricks/pavers would just be stacked as raw materials for a job. But these are organized by sections and seem carefully protected, which makes sense for engraved product like this (really don't want to break or lose one).
  2. This request seems rather callous considering all city offices had been closed with only essential services due to the pandemic. Besides the entire Orion project and area is practically complete (based on images we've seen) besides landscaping work. What are you hoping to see or discover? Even if the offices have opened back up, one would imagine they have some work to catch up on. Do you think now is a good time to bother with a pointless request?
  3. Might be an unpopular opinion , but I think this space is going to be empty for awhile.
  4. @King Ding Dong Agreed, I think people vastly underestimate the amount of work for a functional ride scheduling system. If the quality of the KI app is any indication (*cough* ride wait times *cough*, I promise I don't have corona ). I can't imagine the scene when people show up for a ride and it is down briefly causing delays and queuing (which this is supposed to prevent). I'd trust someone like Disney to implement this far better (who has massive tracking and data built into their parks, and years of experience implementing various systems) instead of Cedar Fair who is going to be doing this on the fly for the first time.
  5. I took some time to fully read that article. It has a good diagram of the specific situation and testing data. The conclusion was that strong breeze from air conditioning pushed droplets from one table to another. There were no contaminants that went through the AC unit itself, based upon testing of the unit surfaces later. From that data, one can conclude this would be no different than if you replaced the AC with an oscillating fan pointing across people. I've seen some news articles providing clickbait headlines that AC is bad. Maybe the better conclusion would be to not be "downwind". BTW, for those not familiar, those slimline wall AC units (super common in China, provide a very noticeable cross breeze), more so that what is the common in typical US central air systems.
  6. Excuses. Take some personal responsibility. This is a habit that can (and must) be broken. Education and awareness campaigns work here. I have co-workers who spend their entire days in a production environment with dirty gloved hands due to materials they are working on. Somehow they don't manage to have those materials all over their face at the end of a shift ! I'm talking people whose hands are literally covered in dirt/grime for hours on end.
  7. ^ So much this!! We need to stop worrying about surfaces, and worry about what we do AFTER we touch the surface. Viruses like these aren't a big issue on your clothes/shoes/hands. Keep your hands out of your face! Always act as if your hands were covered in mud. Sanitizing the world is an exercise in futility. It would be insane the efforts necessary to sanitize every contact surface in a theme park. A fun thought exercise: Imagine the number of things you have touched, then grabbed your cell phone, and put that phone up to your face
  8. Wow, an impressive FAQ section online which basically walks through a number of questions raised here on KIC. Kudos to everyone who worked on this announcement! I cannot imagine the full costs this will entail to Cedar Fair. It appears they went above and beyond with this announcement, no-one should be complaining.
  9. An idea seems so good until you get legal involved . Which is why I think there is more to the solution than just the money when (or if) it comes to park opening dates.
  10. Don't take this personally, but again I need to call you out: That is an incredibly naive approach to this whole situation we are dealing with. I'm not trying to scare people here, but we all need to be very honest with ourselves. The economic impacts of COVID-19 are just beginning to reveal themselves. I don't want to go too far off-topic, but this is the Coronavirus thread... I can assure you that companies are watching their cash burn rate seriously right now--even those considered "essential". Options are being discussed, lists are being generated, and schedules are getting re-evaluated. Productivity in this country has taken a huge hit. The Service industry is just what is visible and currently making headlines, but other industries are quietly biding their time. Everyone, and I do mean everyone reading this with an active job, needs to personally be prepared for a potential loss of income. This will be a hard lesson for some.
  11. Sorry, this is bad advice. I would not recommend to anyone to manually continue paying to Kings Island right now. They have graciously suspended the payment plan, and individuals should use this opportunity to divert this money to your personal buffer/emergency fund/cash-on-hand allotment. Uncertainty is the current situation for everyone, companies are making some hard choices, and everyone should be prepared. Growing your savings while you have income coming in and paying essentials should be your individual goal. When this is over, and if KI opens, you have the money stashed to pay off your our balance then. If you lose your job, you have money on-hand when you need it. Going to the park may be the least of your concerns. Just throwing that out there...
  12. People, take your refund issues up with the park(s) directly. This isn't Guest Services! Every day this situation is evolving for all of us. Personally I couldn't imagine the stress those at Cedar Fair are under to figure out their plans and take appropriate actions.
  13. Right now, any business should be looking at the intent behind the order. The governor has been quite candid in his daily news conferences that the goal behind these closings is to improve social distancing by keeping large groups of people away from each other. When will this be over? Who knows? But the measures in place now are an attempt to reduce the risk (not eliminate) and slow spread so healthcare services can keep up (i.e. "flatten the curve"). Unfortunately by slowing the spread, it also increases the duration before the event is over. Every one of us should take it as a responsibility to do our part.
  14. Honestly kind-of digging the new look
  15. Personally looking forward to seeing The Beast sneak over the treeline once again.
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