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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I'm trying to imagine a world where this is possible... Have you not ridden the Raptor at CP? Those pull-down hard (slightly padded)restrains are down-right insufferable compared to the vest restraints. For me, any ride with restraints near my head where it can bang into them is a no-go.
  2. Awesome video from the B105 "Virtual Field Trip" at Kings Island! Some really nice up close shots and great info from the VP of Maintenance about Orion and Mystic Timbers.
  3. GP article or not, the "most intense," "best in the world" phrasing and associated discussions get tiresome. Unless it is something that can be measured, counted, or quantified, it is all subjective.
  4. Bolliger & Mabillard is a consulting engineering company, they really don't "manufacture" anything they put out per-se. They have made a successful business by finding reliable manufacturing and putting out consistent and reliable product. Currently their entire design portfolio is with steel coasters, most of which are variants on a common track design. A huge chunk of their cost is in the steel for these massive coasters. While they have made some great accomplishments (120 coasters and counting), I do wonder if they need to start thinking outside the box. Other companies have a muc
  5. Not to derail this thread too far, but at our current vaccination rate (of actual shots in arms), we have some significant ground to cover before reaching 3/4 of our population.
  6. IDK, it's one thing to go into a tin/metal unconditioned building during the fall nights, but would be an entirely different experience in a 90+ hot day with a beating sun.
  7. ^Agreed. It's cool they are looking to bring some holiday cheer for people driving by. On a related note, how many of you have neighbors with their Christmas lights up and on already? I feel behind in my efforts...
  8. I missed a few details when I read this in the other thread, but re-reading this full report...ouch. A 78% drop in revenue is just...wow. The fact that they were able to make what they did, with the shortened calendar, some parks not evening opening, and significant attendance drops is good--it was worth it for CF to get open what they could (with as minimal costs as possible, more later). At least some revenue was realized. I think this goes into why there wasn't Haunt/Winterfest at KI (yes I know Haunt is over, but CF has ongoing visibility into their numbers, while we only get
  9. Wow, I didn't expect the average in-park spend was ~$50 per person (well, in a non-COVID situation). Shows there is a lot of money flowing through those gates that has nothing to do with the entry cost. Those Fast Lane passes are pure profit, I'm sure CF will be itching to get them resurrected in 2021.
  10. For me this site has been a great portal into what has been going on at Kings Island this year. I've not been able to attend this year at all, but reading/seeing what others have typed and posted pictures was great way to experience the park--even with all the difficulties of 2020 and how the park adapted! I think some people forget that there are people out there (probably more than you think) that are in this same situation. We don't visit the park every time it is open, in fact some of us only visit a couple of times a year on a good year! So when conversations come up about possibl
  11. IDK, because concept != reality ? Personally, I've never seen any concept art ever fully match the final end product. Usually because the concept includes all sorts of items to "sell" the project; but once approved various cost cutting measures come into play to keep within budget as it nears completion. Also a picture here would have been useful. Something, something, a thousand words...
  12. If you are thinking of the IX Indoor Amusement Park, it is no more... From: https://ixamusementpark.com Thank you for all the memories! On September 16, 2020, the I-X Center Corporation announced the closure of the International Exposition (I-X) Center due to the coronavirus pandemic. The global pandemic has decimated the event industry as well as many other businesses and has ultimately led to this decision. The I-X Center would like to thank all its customers, employees, and attendees who helped make the I-X Center a success over the past 35 years. ❤️
  13. From what the park has already said this doesn't seem too serious, especially if they hope it to be running so soon! I think we've gone off the rails (pun intended), discussing the possibility of a whole track piece getting fabricated to replace some unidentified defect--given the aforementioned timeline estimation of operation. Also, this comment: Seems to conflict with this comment (from the same person): So were there wires laying around or not? Perhaps there was a wire pull which needed quickly re-done?
  14. Well, the individual who started the thread was more along the lines of "If I could plan Winterfest...", so I think people here were keeping this to what could actually happen. But sure hijack away...
  15. Didn't see pricing anywhere in the thread. Online it states "...a choice of 6 tastings from our Tricks And Treats menu" for $30. So $5 per portion. Link here: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/tickets-passes/drinks-dining
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