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  1. You can see that same Boom on Google Earth... along with SOB. So I think it’s safe to say that the Boom isn’t special by any means.
  2. If they could find away to make it more cost efficient (by maybe using as little supports as they could) it would be an awesome marketing campaign to have the worlds longest wood coaster and steel coaster in one park.
  3. As a Cedar Point person (my home park) I can say we are kind of jealous of Mystic Timbers. We only have one wooden roller coaster which is an old out and back. We desperately need a modern GCI. I rode Mystic Timbers and can say that it is one of the best rides at Kings Island. The theming is great on Mystic Timbers and it’s just a fantastic ride overall. I rank Mystic Timbers far above GateKeeper, Rougarou, and Valravn. You guys didn’t get the short end of the stick at all. Especially since you might have a giga brewing up pretty soon.
  4. Pony Express is a very fun ride. Not the fastest, nor tallest, nor longest, but very enjoyable. As for Maverick, I’ve always known it to be a Terra Coaster that has an LMS launch. Cowboy coaster is just a name enthusiasts use instead of Terra Coaster because Maverick is known to be the best.
  5. I saw the USS today. It was absolutely amazing! We were disappointed because we couldn't see the Amazing Dobermans, they don't show on Thursday's we discovered, but it looked neat. A lot of people here don't seem to care for it though. Any reason?
  6. Sorry if this was mentioned before, but did Kings Island update their park map? I can't find a 2017 version with Mystic Timbers anywhere. Not even the app.
  7. I forgot to ask, are the headlights on the train real or fake?
  8. I've heard mixed reviews about the shed. What did everyone here think?
  9. Is it me, or does the video seem to skip a little at the 2:00-2:01 mark?
  10. Am I safe to check this thread every day without any spoilers?
  11. I also don't think anyone will turn away from The Beast. It has too big of a reputation, and I feel that for some visitors, The Beast will always be their favorite no matter what comes.
  12. Well obviously the plans for #KIProject2018 are in the shed! Decoding Episode III lets go!
  13. So I've been on a camping trip for about a week and couldn't keep up with this thread. Can anyone fill me in on any recent news or anything big that may have happened?
  14. Woodstock Express was given to it by Cedar Fair. Paramount didn't have rights to the Peanuts theme.
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