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  1. I can see FoF getting renovated for a new theme, but not removed, and id rather see TG go and be replaced with a B&M Inverted in its place like PGA's and PC
  2. stupid, really frickin stupid
  4. Ill Still go no matter what, ill travel to PC to ride the eagles again, im not gonna let this removal let me down
  5. Extreme cuts is not worth it, i waited for like an hour (which the first show was at 8), the show was bascially an advertisement for the Friday the 13th Box Set
  6. Well there goes TTD's Record, and if you view the video on the six flags site...its similar to TTD, but there is a twist....there is a hill at the end of the ride
  7. Well, im glad that the sign is complete
  8. im sure that some of the area is leveled and taken care of, there isnt much to see right now but just big piles of dirt and concrete
  9. Heck, they could pull a Cedar Point and just have the hotel in the park, if they want guests to feel like they are in hollywood and get the full treatment like a true movie star...then give them the luxury they deserve, if PKI is Hollywoodying the park it should feel like they are in that kind of atmosphere
  10. I go for Delirium, its got the goods for a flat ride, kicks major butt when it comes to thrills, and the airtime when in full swing.....is very awesome......
  11. No, It's its new home........Here's your sign......
  12. Or they could Revamp Vortex to at least make the ride itself smoother, make the coaster's life longer than its present condition today, i dont want Vortex to be taken out, its one of the parks milestones, and coaster accoplishment to complete 6 inversions, why would PKI take out a legend..........i'd just refurbish the whole coaster to have its life-span to be taken a little further
  13. As said....major construction will start in mid november, track peices will be on the property in December...........everybody be paitent ....wait and ye shall receve
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