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  1. I am not sure who this is ?? @decyferite thank you!!!!
  2. Did anyone tweet at Chad or Don to see if we are going to get a construction cam? haha
  3. I have made a new concept for the next addition to Area 72! I give you Asteroid! Also space for flats /shops / restaurants.
  4. If you are trying to get coaster credits I would got to Mich Advent. If not.....not worth it in my mind. The other parks I would visits 100%. Especially if you get free room and board for Dorney.
  5. Please please please have the roar! That is something KI is missing! lol
  6. If you want to make the drive yes... Michigan's Adventure may be the smallest park with not a lot to do all day long followed by Dorney. I would do it too if was going on a trip. haha
  7. Ok yeah Dorney Park lol You threw me off when you said Downey Park.
  8. Now where is that semi that made a delivery to the park? Where was the stuff for the transfer track dropped off?
  9. You won't get in free to Downey Park. I am not sure what that is? Dorney??
  10. Orion is like 287 feet tall and a 300 foot drop into the ravine.
  11. I hope I don't have to wait in long lines all day long lol they close at 8 that day as well. I wonder if we will be going vertical by then?
  12. Hey quick question and im sorry this is a little off topic. We are going to the park on the 25th. Its a Sunday but its during weekend only operation. Is it going to be way busy. I figured with back to school it might be ok?
  13. Hahaha can you just say Marathon Vortex or Invertigo? lol
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