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  1. Maverick44

    Expanding Action Zone

    Just so rough anymore =( I used to love it!
  2. Yes I love the Jurassic world/park ip's as well! I can't wait to go down once both potter and JW coasters are done. I haven't been there yet either. Fingers crossed on the Intamin's and I sure hope CF's notices if they are reliable and works with them again! I really also need to get into the prop shop there! I can't wait until we see work being done on the JW coaster! it would be awesome if the coaster done go over and below a pedestrian bridge.
  3. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    Wow the difference a couple years makes haha
  4. Maverick44

    Renovation Predictions

    Sorry for the double post but I have something awesome to share. I give you X-Base 2.0 - Giga added (King Cobra's Revenge). Wild mouse added on an all new path connecting Oktoberfest and X-Base 2.0. I move Slingshot over on the new path as well and re themed it to (Moonshot). I also added the Space Station Food House with a patio. The patio could also have live entertainment on it. I picture it like Harmony Hall @Carowinds. Enjoy!
  5. Maverick44

    Expanding Action Zone

    Good bye Vekoma! ^ I agree on the removal.
  6. Maverick44

    Renovation Predictions

    Yeah I am all for keeping Tower Gardens if they actually do something with the landscaping and whatnot. Little something special for ya! Brought back the " Bavarian Beeetle"
  7. Works walls are up for the new Jurassic World coaster. I thank Midway Mayhem for everything he does! Anyone down for discussion of the JW coaster. Also the Potter coaster is testing!!
  8. Maverick44

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    So back onto the giga talk. What kinda launch speed would it need to make it up the 300+ foot hill and how step would that hill be. Also would you need about the space TTD takes up for that launch? ( Just the starting point to where you head up the hill)
  9. Maverick44

    Cedar Point 2020 Discussion

    ** Sorry for double post* What could the surprises be!!?!?! ADDED!
  10. Maverick44

    Oktoberfest through the years

    Move slingshot to X-base with new theming! Give it a new name to fit a space theme. Add a new German themed flat ride. Like @SonofBaconator said and move things around to fit it. Fix the Glockenspiel for god sakes! Remove Hank's and bring in Schmidt's from Columbus (Yum!).
  11. Maverick44

    Cedar Point 2020 Discussion

    Btw Jason cracks me up lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Maverick44

    Renovation Predictions

    Yes please leave that pond alone. It is amazing as is with Viking Fury swinging over it. They can get a wild cat in the old paramount walk through ( I forgot the name as I was typing this) haha.
  13. Maverick44

    Renovation Predictions

    Updated Oktoberfest! Fix the clock and add a German themed coaster! Like said above maybe the wild mouse.
  14. Maverick44

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I believe it was talked about on here a lot. Just going off what I have read on here. Speculation about CF paying attention to CP, Carowinds , Knotts and Wonderland. I guess I should of said compared to other CF parks. Just being on here so long and I think the consensus was that KI attendance doesn't grow as much as other parks that add coasters.
  15. Maverick44

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Yeah I remember all of the speculation haha. People were for sure thinking it was Giga time lol