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  1. I am thinking that's right. I bet they are starting winterfest lights on the tower.
  2. I wasn't talking about you man lol seesh. it was about the statement. At least the Intamin webcams would be more thrilling / intense
  3. There is no way that is true lol
  4. I think I am mostly annoyed with it because its Monday and it is something to look at that brings joy while working! haha
  5. Its all in good fun haha I literally went right to the KI website lol
  6. No no no no no no no you are not right.
  7. I feel ya. I keep checking back every hour or so.
  8. Well we know the track isn't complete and trains are not even on site from what we know lol If they are testing this coaster already I must of been asleep for 4 months lol
  9. Yeah no thank you. Just 1 comment off topic here but I hope its not like that every day next season. I'd hate to not be able to make a trip to CP due to it getting rekt'd.
  10. If it helps at all the CP cams are real boring...……………...oh that might be because the park is closed and not bursting at its seems.
  11. Don't forget to credit your source even if its yourself!
  12. I don't think a software update is going to give you a different view. Guess i'll watch the CP cam's for no reason until Ki's are ready!
  13. I think next week major work to the drop or lift will start.
  14. My legs would start shaking and hands would get sweaty lol
  15. How about those huge tower cranes. I couldn't imagine climbing all those steps hundreds of feet In the air.
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