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  1. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    Yeah I like how clean it looks as well. I wouldn’t mind a pond being added in that area. Close to the pond that is now Diamondback. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    I think a flat or 2 would look real nice back there in front or behind however you view it blsc. It won’t happen but if I had a wish it would be a Topple Tower. KI does need a Ferris wheel. Only park I’ve been too without one i believe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    yeah those couldn't make it through an Ohio Winter I believe. EDIT* I just read they can grow in hardness zone 7 through 9. Ohio is a 5/6. Besides they would be the tallest things in the park. They would completely cover the tower lol.
  4. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    Yeah I am not sure i'd want tall tree's close to the tower. Maybe small ornamentals would look nice. Weeping Cherry's are nice and weeping fir's. As long at the park keeps them trimmed and small.
  5. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    yeah i'd love ornamental shrubs / trees more often. I hope nothing else is shared about the royal fountains. I want to be amazed when I go for the first time 2019.
  6. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    That would be beautiful. I wonder how many can stand our climate though? I know the Japanese maple can not never with African or South American out door trees.
  7. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    I'd love to see some Japanese maples around the pond's or fountain shaded area's. Those have to be one of my favorites. Also the Crimson King since we are Kings Island.
  8. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    I mean in all fairness......It could actually cost almost nothing at all. If they take saplings from tree's they already have and plant them near the greenhouse and let them mature to there they can withstand being moved then they can have tree's all the time! Just time consuming. The only money spent is on water to water the saplings and maybe fertilizer? Also I don't see man hours going up at all. The greenhouse would not need to do much extra other then watering and fert. Then grounds team or whoever does the landscaping would not change since they would plant trees anyway they get to the park. This could be something they should look int. they have the space to have a small tree farm.
  9. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    Plus and I am not sure if they are tearing up the whole pathway when its not needed. That machine they would need to get in there would destroy everything around the trees since they are so big. I can't recall how close the trees were to the path haha. Ki is such a beautiful park. I hope the trees stay imo. I see it as an unneeded expense. Just plant a new tree whenever and its much less. @jtro223 thank you as well!
  10. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    Hey thank you for the kind words! I'll to try to stay on topic as best I can. I just think this is fun and like to joke around. I don't mean to annoy anyone!
  11. I am so excited for these this year! Growing up with the old ones. I cried when I was younger when they were removed. This will be amazing.
  12. Yeah its def not something you would normally see at CP. I can see it maybe being popular for a few seasons then fading out. i have never done an escape room or anything like Toney described so it peaks my interest. I would do it once and then get back to coasters. I also doubt it help the SV lines at all. ugh!
  13. Tony Clark posted this today to go over what is going on over at Adventure Island. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/lets-explore-forbidden-frontier-on-adventure-island
  14. Maverick44

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    no worries! I will say that KI has the best shaded que lines and is a lot prettier then say Cedar Point who is a concrete mess with the sun beating down on you all day. Kings Island is beautifully landscaped.
  15. Maverick44

    International street makeover

    I didn't bring it up man if you look back......all I said was what? where?.. as you can tell it was a joke. Also I did not know of this " inside joke". Moving on to stay on topic...…..