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  1. Entire top half of second helix support being lifted into place.
  2. i mean it could be plastic or fiberglass panels? Also it wouldn't be a wrap because over time it would rip and fade real bad in the sun? Could be paint though. lol
  3. Next support going in. On the far side of the support they finished!
  4. This is a helix not a turn around lol. Someone said its just over 100ft. i think they are putting this side together first so the cranes arn't stuck in. they need to exit under the lift hill.
  5. For sure. A child's first coaster. Might as well be an Intamin to get them ready for the love they will have for the mfg and coasters.
  6. That would just be passed over very quickly. Most of the class would be to praise the company who brought us some of the best coasters on earth. Sorry to get us off topic. Lol We can go back to out regularly scheduled program.
  7. Everyone should learn about TTD lol Its an Intamin
  8. This teacher needs to maybee........not be a teacher. Also another support is ready to go. It is laying by the drop. - Edit* NVM that was cleo laying low lol
  9. I am sure its a support just not sure where they are putting it. I think it is a tall support for the high point of the helix. this is the area where the helix is tallest right?
  10. Lets see some helix today! Cuz if they work on Saturdays tomorrow might be bad. Its gonna snow / freezing rain yaay!
  11. Roof of station is turning same blue as track!
  12. Yeah i was just stating there was work being done. There is something black on the station roof.
  13. I mean they still have a straight section to do before helix. Also seems to be work being done to station roof.
  14. Oh you don't know who Orin is? Im sorry!
  15. Track on a semi heading back to the helix area. Also next piece of track being installed currently.
  16. View from the cam makes it seem like God is coming down to view Orion's progress lol
  17. Today we should see the approach to the helix.
  18. I think wing and drive track is wider then others. Its just my opinion that doesn't look like wing track I could be wrong. Also why are they making track so early for a 2021 project not even confirmed yet?
  19. It also makes me think this ride will be over in :50 seconds lol Just doesn't seem long enough to go 91mph. In my mind it feels like this will be over in no time lol
  20. Track work is now going down. The air time hill has been topped off.
  21. I would assume they couldn't use cranes. They may be able to piece together supports on the ground in the mean time?
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