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  1. Whoa its been a minute since i have been on here. I don't see them working today either.
  2. Man this is looking great! Can't wait to see the turn around go up and head back!
  3. Web cam shows people in the ride area.
  4. I don't think so unless Intamin stole the exact design of the "rail" itself. By the looks it looks nothing like the RMC single rail design. I honestly don't know what i am looking at in that second picture lol
  5. These 2 coasters you can't compare. Steel to wood giga coaster to family coaster They are both great at what they do. I don't think you should compare the 2.
  6. I will disagree with one thing you said. I feel Orion WILL look intimidating at KI. I am sure those will see tonight for WInterfest. This is imo.
  7. Agreed. Mill Force the OG has the best of both worlds imo.
  8. Ahh yes with GCI and now Intamin......the downfall of RMC starts lol
  9. I seem to remember tall hills and a huge turnaround. Now i305 is focused on low to the ground maneuvers.
  10. Fury focuses on flow to the ground turns? Huh i wonder what coaster i rode that was 325 feet tall at Carowinds then.
  11. I can see T-Bone is connected to that piece!
  12. Now it s going to get cold and freeze those drops in place haha all winter
  13. #OrionWebCamRainDropGate2019
  14. These rain drops on the screen = Annoying!
  15. I think its still here just hidden in parts.
  16. What's taller then WindSeeker? The Hill isn't?
  17. The view on the cam today is very poor with the haze/fog in the sky.
  18. Is that going to be the tallest support on the wave turn?
  19. Oh so now they are stealing the term from Intamin. B&M bunch of copycats haha j/k
  20. Well would you look at that beaut! Thanks @JonahWilliamson I will be waiting for more hopefully! lol
  21. I have always wanted someone to build that style of GCI. Come on someone build that sucker!
  22. Ahh I see that now I was thinking about the first post from another person. You are correct. Those do need credit given......even if its himself who took the photos.
  23. I mean he shared where he got it from. Sounds just fine to me. He can't help if that person got it from someone else and did not share that info. I second @JonahWilliamson keep the IAAPA info on the IAAPA thread!
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