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  1. Too bad they are not getting something like Youkan Striker's storage system.
  2. I mean I know premiere has issues. What about S&S? I guess I have no heard much about them and the capacity. Not for something like steel curtain but for like Do-Dodonpa.
  3. That is correct. The heartline roll caused too much stress on the trains. The good thing with B&M is they use CSF so they could have the new track section in no time.
  4. It could be lol I am just guessing since they just keep on putting out new track haha I am sure if an issued occurred like that it would be rushed to replace.
  5. If anyone can do it its RMC. I also saw an update from GCI who advised they are coming up with concepts of 200+ foot dueling coasters. I can't remember what video I saw it in. I think it was for IAAPA 2018 just notsure who shot the video. They had a scale model of this massive coaster with inversions and huge face to face lift hills. it would be amazing but needs lots of space.
  6. Id say maybe 2-3 days? they are pumping out track like crazy
  7. I think all eyes are on Pantheon! This could really bring Intamin back into the picture if it preforms well.
  8. The Vekoma's were/are a terrible design imo. I have yet to ride a B&M model. I hope so soon! I will be at KI on Sunday. Anyone going to be there?
  9. Can someone just set a webcam across from CSF so we have a live stream 24/7 haha
  10. What an Premiere coaster like West Coast Racers? Or S&S air launched coaster like Do-Dodonpa
  11. yeah I see where you are coming from. That's the thing with B&M. I just do not see Ki getting a wing with Holiday and CP that close. Now a dive or floorless I could see later on down the road. I am not sure why I can see any of them. I think B&M need something new. its always the same ol stuff from them.
  12. Id rather have a dive or floorless over a wing if we have to get another B&M.
  13. I am not sure who this is ?? @decyferite thank you!!!!
  14. Did anyone tweet at Chad or Don to see if we are going to get a construction cam? haha
  15. I have made a new concept for the next addition to Area 72! I give you Asteroid! Also space for flats /shops / restaurants.
  16. If you are trying to get coaster credits I would got to Mich Advent. If not.....not worth it in my mind. The other parks I would visits 100%. Especially if you get free room and board for Dorney.
  17. Please please please have the roar! That is something KI is missing! lol
  18. If you want to make the drive yes... Michigan's Adventure may be the smallest park with not a lot to do all day long followed by Dorney. I would do it too if was going on a trip. haha
  19. Ok yeah Dorney Park lol You threw me off when you said Downey Park.
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