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  1. What do you think it could be? I am not thinking its a coaster. What would be near and dear to all our hearts. Maybe somethings is being removed. aka Gemini?
  2. Then all then need is Zoul or however you spell it and the Ghostbusters trio is complete lol
  3. Agreed. I can't wait for a front row / back row rides.
  4. Yeah Idk if its just me but my legs take a beating and its just uncomfortable. I'd be ok with them taking it down and replace with a B&M hyper lol Sorry to get off topic. As for Orion, Speed hill andI think going into break run might eject.
  5. That speed hill will for sure get some real nice ejector air I am sure. I will also add Arrow for ejector air. Magnum is crazy. So crazy I don't like riding it lol
  6. I mean maybe but another capacity nightmare at CP? I hope not.
  7. Haha of course the first year i sign up with ACE this all happens and I can't use my benefits I get with them!
  8. It makes sense! just kinda funny to think about lol
  9. I wonder if its a coaster. Something near and dear to our hearts? Something making a return possibly?
  10. IMO I feel like its crazy that people are allowed on these monsters before the inspection but hey....i'd probs rides it too lol
  11. What if the went with a B&M sit down. Think Kumba. Make it bigger and better then Vortex?
  12. As an avid watcher of the cams. CP does this every year. They are just pushing sand around to make it look pretty.
  13. Looks like Cedar Point has something else they want to let us know! We should know soon! Thoughts?
  14. oh god please no!!! I'd try anything before being seen like that!
  15. It may be difficult for people like me who has a pretty good beard. I am not sure how well my mask will stay on.
  16. That would be insane iif that was the case. Maybe you have a reservation system. You sign up for a certain time to ride. No lines / que is closed.
  17. What if its a wipe your own seat down. At the entrance of the station you get a wipe. You wipe down the seat and restraint and the ops come by with trash can? I am sure they park would not goo this route because they need to make sure everything is cleaned and can't rely / shouldn't rely on park guests.
  18. That would be pretty cool but people would still be on the trains lol They would have to unload everyone then send it through haha
  19. I just expect long long lines when parks open. With cleaning and half full trains.
  20. Makes sense, it just doesn't sounds right haha I think of people going to look at corn fields and then go over to KI and inspect Orion haha
  21. Make one wonder how the heck the dept of agro is in charge of these massvie rides haha.
  22. I hope so!!! We should of had the park open for over a month now!
  23. The inspectors are employed by the state of ohio!
  24. I would assume the state needs to sign off on it before any Human can ride it. Just a guess from me.
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