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  1. 8 minutes ago, TombRaiderFTW said:

    Y'all. Bruh.

    It's not gonna be a coaster. Literally no amusement park is going to drop millions on a roller coaster and have their only hype be their PR guy mentioning it once on his personal account. They also don't let their only hype be posters in the queue of a roller coaster at a different park altogether. Big parks and most small parks also don't let their only hype be the announcement of an announcement a few days or two weeks-ish beforehand.

    As obsessive as the coaster crowd is about details, we never seem to remember any details about how parks get attention around their big new rides.

    TRFTW, who remembers when people predicted giga coasters when Kings Island announced the announcement of what ended up being WindSeeker, a whole 3 days beforehand.

    What do you think it could be? I am not thinking its a coaster.  What would be near and dear to all our hearts. Maybe somethings is being removed. aka Gemini? 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Waltny said:

    Yes, going in the brake run I think it going to be a sleeper element. Watching it before the trees flushed out, it looked like it comes in with a bit of speed and it looks very aggressive for B&M especially with how late in the ride it is. It will be a good time on wet rainy days riding all over that train and finding out for myself... one day, hopefully soon.

    Agreed. I can't wait for a front row / back row rides.

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  3. Just now, Waltny said:

    I hope so on that speed hill considering the drop on that turn around is listed at 202. 

    As for Arrow, I would agree. When I first started coming back to the parks with my son, I wasnt a fan at first of the serious pops you would get sitting up front on Vortex,  and then as for Magnum... I swear multiple times that the train itself left the track on the air time hills and the upstop wheels were working overtime! 

    Yeah Idk if its just me but my legs take a beating and its just uncomfortable. I'd be ok with them taking it down and replace with a B&M hyper lol Sorry to get off topic. 

    As for Orion, Speed hill andI think going into break run might eject. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Waltny said:

    I would agree that B&M are masters at floater air, but depending on where you sit you can experience some serious ejector air. I think in that in the first 2 cars on DB there is some pretty serious ejector... enough to try to fold you over the the restraint. Then as you get a little further back you get that little pop with a sustained floater with the farther back you go, a little bit more force on the pop with the sustained air on the backend. With Orion's speed, I wonder how this will play out on those air time hills in the 4x8 trains. 

    That speed hill will for sure get some real nice ejector air I am sure. I will also add Arrow for ejector air. Magnum is crazy. So crazy I don't like riding it lol

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  5. 3 minutes ago, PilotDude said:

    Fun fact, this is due to county fairs. Back in the day as fairs added rides, the obvious place to put the rides inspectors were under the department of agriculture as they were already involved with the fairs. Now Ohio is lucky to have two world-class amusement parks that obviously don't fall under the fair model and agriculture, but Ohio has left the inspectors alone as the overwhelming majority of their work still takes place at fairs and festivals.

    It makes sense! just kinda funny to think about lol

  6. 6 minutes ago, disco2000 said:



    That would be insane iif that was the case. Maybe you have a reservation system. You sign up for a certain time to ride. No lines  / que is closed.

  7. What if its a wipe your own seat down. At the entrance of the station you get a wipe. You wipe down the seat and restraint and the ops come by with trash can? I am sure they park would not goo this route because they need to make sure everything is cleaned and can't rely / shouldn't rely on park guests. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, King Ding Dong said:

    Like putting a touch less car wash on the MCBR or the unload station on FoF or MF.   Sounds like it would take reprogramming the control system and a lot of testing to work the kinks out. 

    That would be pretty cool but people would still be on the trains lol They would have to unload everyone  then send it through haha

  9. 5 minutes ago, PatchesC said:

    I'm gonna stretch and say many fairs are 4H, which is Agricultural, fairs have rides, sooooo.... :D

    Makes sense, it just doesn't sounds right haha I think of people going to look at corn fields and then go over  to KI and inspect Orion haha

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  10. 8 minutes ago, tuxedoman52 said:

    "We are not roller coaster engineers" - Ohio Department of Agriculture

    I love this quote.

    Make one wonder how the heck the dept of agro is in charge of these massvie rides haha. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, teenageninja said:

    I would assume that KI has been given some sort of timeline when they can re-open, based on the fact that Orion has been running again, I've seen WindSeeker up in the air in the morning.

    I hope so!!! We should of had the park open for over a month now!

  12. 37 minutes ago, medford said:


    Does that mean park employees or people that build the ride can ride?  If so, anyone think people have been on it already?

    I would assume the state needs to sign off on it before any Human can ride it. Just a guess from me.

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