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  1. I saw Cedar Fair applied for a trademark on the name Centurion? Something like that. Not sure if it is for here or another park.
  2. Can anyone periscope during coasterstock? I mean we might just all watch!!!
  3. Loser gets stuck at the top! Loser has to climb down.
  4. They could put something back near WindSeeker, it dead ends in the theater. Could they expand that area past or to the side yeah I can see that. Rivertown I can see getting the new attraction. Nothing over that way since 2009. WindSeeker is newer.
  5. I mean they have the land to pretty much put something anywhere in the park. I would assume they won't put something by Banshee. Rivertown needs a new ride. Nothing since I guess Diamondback. Also with "The Crypt" being dead....that area needs something else.
  6. Yeah normally it wasn't. Maybe it was just the day we went. Got off the ride with a bad headache. I didn't remember that ever happening before. I'll still frequent Vortex. Just didn't know if they did anything to it.
  7. Back to KI..........Last time I was at the park. 2 years ago. Vortex was the roughtest ride at the park. Is it still bad?
  8. That's sad about Mean Streak....taking my girlfriend there tomorrow and she's never been on it. I know it's not a great coaster but she wants to say she's been on it....=(
  9. I assume you're the one who just asked that on PointBuzz? I once rode Maverick the day after it valleyed. It wasn't open for Early Entry, but it was open by the afternoon. Apparently, all coasters except TTD were running today. I'll be there Wednesday as well. Thank you much!! Welp i'll see ya there!..........Now back to KI topics.
  10. Hey guys. New to the site here. I am a Cedar Point fan boy but also grew up on going to Kings Island. I really hope its a coaster in 2017......Ohio is the capitol of Roller Coaster! Also does anyone have news on Maverick since the Valley? Is it open? I'm heading up on Wednesday!
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