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  1. B&M's are masters of floater air and they need trims sometimes for this to happen. I'll take it! If I want ejector I'll ride an RMC or Intamin coasters. They all have their pluses.
  2. Trim brakes aren't always a bad thing. Idk about Behemoth as I have not been on it. Some elements are kinda cool to float over or along. imo.
  3. Right. On these videos people are posting of it testing. Its quick!
  4. Oh well trim brake shmimbrake. This will still be an awesome coaster no matter what!
  5. I just want something different. Would be cool to have something no other park within 200 miles has haha.
  6. ugh not another dive coaster. sorry i am just not a fan of those too much. If they did go with another B&M. I hope its a flyer...nothing around here like it. Hope it could be like Tatsu.
  7. Hopefully the trim stays turned off but we know how B&M's love to use them!
  8. I would like to ride a few Mack launched coasters or bigger ones. There just isn't too many here.
  9. Mack launches suck!!!!! I want Pantheon and the Universal coaster to do amazing so maybe Cf will say..." hey they have made 3 of CP's top 5 coasters. maybe we should take a look again" haha
  10. I can't wait to get my first ride on this thing!
  11. Well They can hire ( people need jobs now) more security to have at each coaster. Besides isn't it the ride ops jobs to enforce the rules of riding the coasters. That's literally their job so, if you ask me.....Yes they should be asked to enforce that rule. Its what they get paid for.
  12. That may be correct....but i'd hate to own the salon that does't make them wear masks.
  13. Give me the Intamin multi launch - Something like Pantheon!
  14. They are a requirement for Barber shops and Salons. So really you never know.
  15. Its scary out there.....people saying F it and doing whatever they want. Things may get worse this fall. 2020 is a lost season imo. Good luck to all those who think it isn't a big issue. Stay the F away from me though!!! haha
  16. I have the Maverick one and looking to get more for my office. Can't wait. I am also doing a Maverick ( red) and Mill Force ( Blue) colors in the room lol. this is where i will be doing video's for Coaster Conquest soon.
  17. I can add 2 more to the list of one and done.... Desert Storm and Patriot @ Castles N' Coasters in Arizona. Yikes! This is besides the roughness. The ride ops are so lax. On Desert Storm there was only 1 person running the coaster. She checked restraints ( sort of). This is a lap bar only looping coaster. I am generally never worried about riding a coaster. This time i was actually worried. After she kinda checked lapbars.....she ran back to control panel and tried to use the mic but it did not work. She had to yell whatever she was saying. haha Glad i got those done and out of the way haha. Desert Storm is the biggest coaster in Arizona lol not saying much but yeah haha
  18. Scene 75 Entertainment Centers have closed as well. Looks like until March 25th if not longer. https://www.facebook.com/scene75columbus/?ref=br_tf&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  19. All I can say is look at Italy. We don't want that here. Better to be safe rather then sorry.
  20. I know people are not taking this virus serious and i feel sorry for them. Its not just about yourself. They might be fine if they get it but if you spread to others who won't be then shame on them. Sorry for my 2 cents, just getting venting.
  21. This post did not age well............ The governor is going to be banning all large gatherings here in the next couple days. I might not get to attend the Blue Jackets game i have tickets for April 2nd. Ugh!
  22. Hey there. Lights on the hill again and also a bird stopped by and was checking out the park.
  23. I mean.......it will be gone forever. There is no other answer lol. A memory doesn't mean its still there.
  24. One last section before it is gone forever =(
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