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  1. Was Diamondback really that loud? It's not Raptor or Mantis loud.
  2. We have work being done to the back end of Diamondback.
  3. How about this goose who is interested in Orion and Vortex as well!
  4. For Mystic Timbers....... Read up lol Id say mid to late March.
  5. Nothing new on The Vortex front. Its still in same shape as yesterday.
  6. Anyword on what was done with Python? Is it being sold or scrapped?
  7. Wow lol way to throw us all off! Also that is def click bait. lol
  8. I have pictures on my computer for my background of KC. It was my first stand up coaster.
  9. Ahhh shooot haha Thanks for the update Don! Can't wait to see Orion testing when the cam comes back up!
  10. Cargo shorts all day at parks. Gotta have zipper pocket. Sunglasses and phone and key go inside. I buy cheap sunglasses for parks just in case I squish them.
  11. I agree with @Hawaiian Coasters 325. The station doesn't look big enough for that system.
  12. Late to the party bruh scroll up! haha j/k
  13. I will guess the portion neat Rivertown so they can pull the hill down away from Beast.
  14. Second loop is now gone via Weatherbug cam.
  15. I meannnnn the logo was a Robots arm.....so yeah it was alive. Photo credit: CoasterFanatics ( Google).
  16. Yeah I see that now in pictures. Maybe second loop is still alive.
  17. You sure thats the second loop? Look at the pics i posed. Doesn't like the same size of the first loop. This camera shot should be straight on? So they should look the same right? I might be wrong I am not sure. Sometimes looks like its the second loop and other times seems like the turn around into the corkscrews.
  18. One of the loops was there at 9:30am and gone at 9:45 am. Pics from weatherbug cam. It does seem that both loops are gone.
  19. I wanna see it move! Is it too early to put trains in the storage shed ? lol yeah i know it is. Just wishful thinking since they don't need to work on those trains.
  20. I as well hope we get the lights fury does. It looks amazing driving on 77.
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