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  1. I guess there is only 1 way to find out........Where is our KIC pilot? haha
  2. Can we confirm that trim breaks are in any animated pov's? For any coaster? im not work or id pull up youtube now haha
  3. Leave it to B&M to trim it! Lol In all seriousness i bet you won;t even notice it. Unlike other B&M's.
  4. Sorry for double post....it wouldn't save my edit to last post. @Hawaiian Coasters 325 its not really off topic. We are discussing improvements to food. @King Ding Dong I am up near Polaris now....working blah! lol
  5. I didn't think so, I just wasn't really sure of who. Its good to know! I am in eastern Franklin county. Pickerington / Canal Winchester area.
  6. Looks like track is going up soon!
  7. I do enjoy pies and pints. being in Columbus I enjoy some small family owned places no one would know about on here lol
  8. If you look you can see the new support is smaller then the support you can't see that is on the wave hill. I think you you have the sport very close its just to small to see right now.
  9. Looking at the cam and looking at the supports of the wave hill. I don't think the new support is tall enough yet to be seen over the main entrance. Also what @LovinMeSomeBanshee said is correct as well. It would be to the left a bit.
  10. LaRosa's is better then having Little Caesar's!!!
  11. Those are awesome pictures! Thank you so much for always posting great pics. @Waltny
  12. We might get a good portion of the air time hill today.
  13. So maybe the station is gone now =(
  14. Hey the DB cam is way more clear today and Vortex hasn't been touch in the parts you can see.
  15. Double pic post Track is going up for air time hill! EDIT** The track is in place and going on up the air time hill!
  16. Yes, Track is going in under wave hill. Might be starting to go up hill
  17. Is that really him? Doesn't look like him lol
  18. Where did T-Bone even go? i saw it moving out near the break run and now he is gone lol
  19. Right on! i didn't notice it before.
  20. Looks like I see a support go the air time hill? I could be wrong the glare for me is bad behind my comp screen.
  21. There might be photos. I wanna see it happen live haha
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