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  1. Looks like cement going in on far side of station.
  2. Wow i had Deja Vu about that whole last few pages and posting vids / pics. Wow.
  3. I have a feeling I am going to miss out ugh! Why does payday have to be so far away lol this sucks!
  4. If its not sold out by Friday I will be there!
  5. Still I have never understood the Six Flags business model. They seem to spend money they don't have lol
  6. I am just real excited for my first Coasterstock!
  7. Now I can finally go! Does anyone know how much it is for the tickets?
  8. I wouldn't say that they will do that. Maybe but probably not.
  9. Its snowing so much down there right now lol wow.
  10. Does anyone know much these tickets normally are?
  11. Man I missed alot yesterday. I was sick so i slept all day.
  12. I am excited for sure! I look forward to hanging out with everyone and meeting some of the people I see on YouTube.
  13. Yeah there is 1 more after this...i see it too
  14. Here we go! I bet they are waiting on Don to get there. lol j/k
  15. We can kick it into Cedar Point Decoding 2021! lol
  16. I'd really like to meet tp with Midway Mayhem or some In The loop guys as well. Maybe even Taylor from Coaster Studios.
  17. It has been a wild ride from a few of us making concepts back in late 2018 to now. Its going to be sad weird not being able to talk about this.
  18. Still photos are great. Anything you post is amazing! @Waltny
  19. Last support is in place as well. this is ending today!
  20. Its only 1 pm. They have to get one more track section in. I don't think they can leave that piece hanging. We may see one more and the rest tomorrow!
  21. I got ya. I just wan access to tours and media days. Does anyone know if ACE was invited to the Pantheon construction tour?
  22. Can you go on? lol I just wanna get an idea of what to expect?
  23. No, actually I have not. That is why i asked. Just thought i would check but Weatherbug cam is still up and can see Vortex still.
  24. It cost money just an fyi.
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