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  1. I go back and forth with it. One moment it looks gone and the next I see it. I think you are right. I see it at the moment lol
  2. Honestly in my view the batwing looks like its completely gone. idk.
  3. I see they started again removing metal near the approach to the batwing.
  4. Big Yellow taking next helix track section up and over! Its a huge piece!
  5. It may just be my screen but I can't see the approach to The Bat wing. Looks like a gap there but maybe its a tree.
  6. The batwing is half gone. The approach to the batwing also gone. Can't really see but no other movement at this time. There has been a few trucks pulled up to DB. Work being done still?
  7. Wow we are going to be able to see the demise of Vortex live on camera. This is crazy!
  8. I knew they brought in Big Yellow to lift track up and over the already installed track fort he helix. I hope we see the helix finished today!
  9. I think Sky flyer would be cool over in Area 72. It can act as " training" for the test pilots. IDK where but if the do expand. We know CF is willing to move the sky coasters within the same parks Ala CP.
  10. I was thinking that Cleo was just moved out of the way to get big yellow in place. I think BY can lift the track section higher over top of track already installed. Cleo is there to help. T-Bone is just getting a head start on post head chopper supports.
  11. I can understand the first photo where all you see is down the hill of DB. The new photo yeah I can see where KI would not like thst getting out. They seem to want to keep Vortex hidden.
  12. I think they are using bigger crane to lift track sections over the helix . The other two might not of been able. Also they can drive those cranes with the booms / arms up like that. I don't think anything is wrong. Just don't need Cleo right now. Big crane seems to be raising.
  13. You are probably right. I wonder why they have stopped working on the helix.
  14. I thought that as well. Then I saw the backside of it looks like something round. lol there is some sort of machine on the ground right by it moving so idk lol Its just weird looking.
  15. What am i seeing under the lift hill right now? Truck with track on it?
  16. Yeah there is a 3rd crane on site now. We all know lol. Thanks for the 10 posts about it lol j/k EDIT - First time in a while no track is gone up during the day.
  17. I was mainly talking about how faded it is. Also the rust looking color as well. i just know its never been repainted and should get a coat asap lol
  18. These pictures from on DB really make the coaster look like its in poor shape lol. The paint needs done SOOOOOOO bad lol
  19. Action Zone feels so out dated. I would like to also see a re theme into a dark forest or some type of haunted area. Theme things like Banshee and make gothic era-esk.
  20. Can't wait to see the helix finished. It will be close today.
  21. Maybe they are taking a semi early lunch?
  22. T bone went all the way over to the other side of the lift hill.
  23. T bone has now lowered his boom. Cleo moved closer to maybe get that section of track.
  24. If its like Diamondback... I am sure it is. All they do is lift the train into the storage shed track and push them by hand to connect each car together. I am sure there is electric by now as well. It is run underground so it has been there for awhile. I also remember reading in a blog or something that the operating system is nearly all in place. @Waltny is there anyway whenever you drive past again to zoom in to the lift hill. Can we see if the chain is already in place?
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