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  1. i got 2 questions first this will be my first time going so here are my questions 1 can i use my 2019 refill cup and seccond does anyone know if i can use my 2019 meal plan.
  2. so will this be a one day only ride or will they let us ride it untill the haunt is over
  3. hello how is everyone doing i have a question does anyone know if the food trucks are at the haunt this year
  4. Kings Island is not getting a giga ride i dont know why people think thats what Kings Island is getting people are just guessing they dont know they would feel dumb when they find out its not what they thought it was
  5. i know guys but when i moved to ohio from wilmington delaware and my wife took me to pki and saw rides named after the movies i was like wow
  6. my top pick is to bring back. are paramount Kings Island
  7. ive got a question please dont make fun. i know its to early to tell or ask but is Kings Island going to be having winter fest this year i saw the the calendar only going up to oct.
  8. here are my top worst haunt actuation number 1 black-out i hated it i went though it lastnight didn't like it not scary enough kill mart not scary enough its boring madame fatales dumb. but also here are my best haunt actuation i love chaos urgent scare slaughter house pumpkin eater backwoods bayou i think Kings Island can do better on the inside haunt actuation's
  9. im betting its either The Beast or Flight of Fear
  10. It sounds like Kings Island Is going to rest in peace maybe their saying its a coaster to throw us off tract just saying but who knows anymore.
  11. my guess its gooing to be dinosaur alive think about it guys and girls its big its gone what else could it be
  12. my top picks on what Kings Island need to bring back. number 1 king cobra number 2 screaming Demon number 3 phantom theater number 4 Son of Beast number 5 tomb raider. this is all i can think of right now
  13. jtro223 thank you jcgoble3 also thank you i cant waite
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