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  1. Yeah, that’s what my wife and I love about The French Corner. If I want something light, this is it!!
  2. I was referring to yesterday in my post. But if it is open now, get some food from there!!!
  3. Hey, just a heads up for any French Corner fans. If you are there on a slow day, like yesterday, make sure to eat lunch there if you want to eat there. We walked by around 3 to grab a snack and they were closed.
  4. The “do not use” stickers were removed from the tables in the Festhaus at some point during the afternoon today. The benches for those tables have not returned, but hopefully soon!
  5. The park will now be closing at 8 pm on: Friday, June 11 Saturday, June 12 Friday, June 18 Saturday, June 19 The next 10 PM close on the calendar is now Friday, June 25. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/calendar-and-hours
  6. Nope, but isn’t that pre-COVID conditions??
  7. Just had the muffin tips at The French Corner. Chocolate, Banana Nut, and Blueberry. Quite tasty and a nice priced shareable snack for 5.99!
  8. Train station is back to Pre-COVID condition (minus the benches). Also, now loading every row on the train!!
  9. So far a really excellent day! Low crowds as of now.
  10. Views of the growth on the tunnel from the train!
  11. A couple of distanced meet and greets in the old petting zoo building.
  12. We are having a blast today. Rain looks to start in a few and only last for a bit.
  13. Squishmallows store is walk in
  14. New Mystic Timers tshirt design!
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