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  1. Went last night and spoke with the associate working the lounge. He told my wife and I that the word among the associates is that there are talks of having the lounge in a permanent building next year. He agreed that he was upset about the removal of the bottled drinks. He also said that the word is that there may be fountain drinks next year. Again, take this with a grain of salt. Also, lounge issues aside, I do have to say that we have enjoyed the heck out of our prestige pass FOTL ticket for Haunt night rides on The Beast.
  2. This 100%. Speaking of fog, did anyone else notice the fog bubbles in Coney Mall?
  3. He was back last night! On the path behind the Tower toward Rivertown.
  4. For my family, it is always the drinks and dining.
  5. 10:30 show of Monster Rock! Great as always!!
  6. In the lounge eating dinner right now. Still have the infused water and non-Frito Lay chips. I did notice the phone charging (power strips plugged into the tent lights) are gone. Edit: confirming the lounge is closing at 8. Sitting here at 748 and everything is being closed up.
  7. Cutbacks in the VIP lounge after selling Prestige Passes.
  8. So, heading to the park now. Who else is ready to play “Spot the Newest VIP Lounge Cutback!” ?
  9. 100% price increase on hot chocolate refills. Now $2. (first night is still free after paying $13.99) For that price, it might be better to just buy a new mug each night, especially if you are sharing with your family.
  10. You can get them from the “check your height” stand behind the FastLane booth. That stand is usually open into the evening.
  11. So, since the park isn't open to the public this weekend, does that mean we should expect to see double the amount of downgrades next weekend?
  12. This. I think up until the Prestige Pass came out, the lounge was perfect for the amount of people. We did the lounge one day in July (paid the 39.99), and there were 10 people all day. I am hopeful that we will see some good things come next season. If not, I'll just go back to Gold for 2024.
  13. ^Ugh, that stuff was disgusting. Tried all the flavors last Friday. All I could think of each time was it tasted like fruit flavored water diluted after 20 minutes of ice melting in your cup. I was pretty p***ed off Friday night with the changes. I am holding out hope that next season we will see better things with the lounge. #FingersCrossed
  14. Add me to the list that has become displeased with the lounge. The removal of the bottled water was a big hit for us. The infused water was disgusting. It tasted like what’s left in your cup after the ice melts. I didn’t have a chance to try the chips. By the time I wanted some (around 930), all the flavors, save for one, we’re gone. I asked about it, remembering that in past trips they were restocking the chips until close. I was told that they don’t get anymore until the next day. If this keeps up, they can kiss our 4 Prestige Passes goodbye for 2024, as I will just go back to Gold. On our next trip, if there are more cutbacks, I’ll be visiting guest services.
  15. Have you tried getting your front of the line at the check your height stand behind the Fast Lane stand? That is where we get ours. It is usually staffed into the early evening.
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