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  1. Actually, according to KI's website... "Each passholder may unlimited active reservations, subject to reservation availability." :)
  2. Those were both open today.
  3. My wife, boys, and I had rows 7 and 8 this morning. Whoa buddy!!! That drop was great!! I have to stay that I enjoyed Orion more than Fury, not sure about Millennium Force. Gonna take a few more rides to decide. Honestly, I didn’t mind Orion being shorter than Fury. I would rather a ride be shorter and snappier than longer and meandering.
  4. Just rode. Thank you sir, may I have another.
  5. So, they are letting 10:30 reservations on in?
  6. 10:30 spot on Saturday. Same plan for us. We will honestly probably just take some time in the afternoon to just stroll around the park.
  7. The health screening is for your party. It states, "In the past 14 days, have you or anyone in your party..." I take this as you do one survey per party.
  8. Same here. Steel Vengeance and Maverick are two coasters that actually blew my mind the first time I rode them.
  9. I've seen and heard that Universal Orlando is doing a really good job about mask enforcement.
  10. Just got our second. Thursday, July 9 @ 10:30.
  11. Not to mention when parents let their kids hop the fence and mess with the giant troll by The Racer.
  12. And, honestly, I really feel like they should give people ride times for Orion. They have to know that almost everyone is going to head there upon entrance. Maybe have ride time tickets for people to show and then throw away after they enter the que for Orion?
  13. Yeah, I'm hoping for a nice MT marathon on the 4th.
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