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  1. Tickets secured!! 5th row, meet and greet Saturday night with Skillet and Newsboys!!!!
  2. Yes!!!! We will be just getting back from Universal on Wednesday, so all 3 nights are out, but definitely going Saturday!!! Skillet is our son’s favorite band and we missed them last year so he will be super excited!!!
  3. There is one stand alone refill stand next to Island Smokehouse. A refill stand would be nice at the wave pool. You can refill at the Skyline Express when they are open, but this would be a good option.
  4. Based on the lines I would see, when they were open, a lot of people eat Subway. Our son frequented it quite often as he is a very picky eater due to sensory issues. On a related note, I’ll be curious to see what will go in the Subway location at Soak City. While on the food topic, can we PLEASE get the Pommes Frittes back at The French Corner????
  5. Just be sure to give us more than 2 hours warning.
  6. The park is closing at 8 tonight.
  7. Yes, as long as you have an active 2022 dining plan. If you did not have a dining plan for 22, but purchased one for the 23 season, it will not work.
  8. Here are a couple of pics I got from the corner of the VIP area.
  9. Our son had the hush puppy stuffing. It was really good.
  10. Also the Lays chips are back!!! Lounge is open until 9.
  11. Rotisserie Turkey Breast, Corn Pudding, and Drop Biscuit at Coney (Blitzen’s) BBQ.
  12. Interesting, so does Blitzen's Brewhouse mean no buffet there this year?
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