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  1. My wife and I agree as well. Honestly, since riding Orion, we don't even ride Diamondback anymore.
  2. Looks like the Lunch Box Tarts from Woody’s Lunchbox at Hollywood Studios!
  3. Also of note, Don said they are planning on more Meet Ups next season. Once a month!! He specifically mentioned Orion, Racer, the Train, and Soak City.
  4. No, but since it isn’t, we can get pics like this…
  5. I hope He's back up and running for the Blog Meet Up next Saturday!!
  6. Received our confirmation email today!! This will be our first Blog Meet Up.
  7. Just registered my family of 4. Thanks for the heads up!!!
  8. 1. I would love an Italian option similar to Hugo's at CP. 2. Can we please get Meteor Canteen added to the dining plan?
  9. We are at Disney right now. They are going to begin requiring masks indoors and on attractions starting Friday 7/30. Glad that is our last park day.
  10. Parking tolls open at 10:15 AM.
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