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  1. Picked up a half dozen Sweet Spots on our way out of the park before the rain yesterday. Very worth the 3.99!!
  2. WindSeeker is running this morning.
  3. Props to The Beast crew tonight! Lower and mid queues were full, waited only 58 minutes. The ride was worth every one!!!
  4. Just got off a few minutes ago. Rode row 14. It was everything I was hoping for. The helix was amazing, and the speed going into it was insane!! Can’t wait to ride it again!!
  5. Next Friday, Friday the 13th. Perfect day to re-open!!
  6. What kind of seasoning is on the potatoes?
  7. Hopefully they are fixing the hole in his head.
  8. Man, I wish I was going to be in town for 3 Doors Down and Skillet!!
  9. My theories on WindSeeker are: 1. Waiting in parts due to supply chain issues. 2. Keeping it closed until The Beast work is done to keep it hidden as much as possible. I am leaning more towards #2.
  10. Please make sure you check the park calendar for today (Friday), don't be Clark Grisswold.
  11. Yeah, the banners are amazing!!! I would love if the park would sell a print of the large banner at the entrance. I would buy that in a heartbeat!!
  12. My wife and I are loving the little touches of love given to the park this season. We spent most of our day on Friday just walking around the park and taking it all in!!
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