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  1. chad_1138

    2019 Season Passes

    Yeah, after doing a bit of thinking, i think we will just stick with KI for getting the Platinum Passes and do CP next year.
  2. chad_1138

    2019 Season Passes

    So, here is my questions then, KI is our home park (90 minutes away). Is there going to be a disadvantage to purchasing our passes from Cedar Point (4 hours away)? @malem @IndyGuy4KI
  3. chad_1138

    2019 Season Passes

    Thanks. I just got off the phone with KI. That was actually what they suggested. I think that will be the plan then.
  4. chad_1138

    2019 Season Passes

    Quick question. We are currently GP holders and are upgrading to PP for 2019. I know that we will technically be new passholders. Here is my question: Can we use the free Fast Lane Plus at any Cedar Fair Park since we are purchasing Platinum Passes? Thanks!
  5. chad_1138

    2019 Season Passes

    I think we are going to go ahead and get Platinum for next year. Make a trip to Cedar Point in October over fall break and get Fast Lane + on a Friday night. Sounds like a win.
  6. chad_1138

    2019 Season Passes

    I am hoping that the free Fast Lane for renewals will be good on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend this year. I love using that Fast Lane when the park is packed.
  7. chad_1138

    2019 Season Pass Auto Renewal

    I'm curious to know this. We are going to upgrade our 4 passes to Platinum as well.
  8. chad_1138

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    So, my wife and I got on DB this morning and the guy behind us sees my KI Central shirts and was like, "Hey, you're on KI Central?" I said, "Yeah." So after the ride as we are pulling into the station, he sees a couple of his friends waiting in line and points at me and says, "Hey! This guy runs KI Central!" My wife and I kind of laughed, I looked at him and said, "Um, no."
  9. chad_1138

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Don’t forget that while we are at it, we need the Ride Marshals to check for sidewalk chalk too...
  10. chad_1138

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    Got the pork loin today. Very good. No turkey at Coney.
  11. chad_1138

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I really wish that Coney would get the corn pudding too.
  12. chad_1138

    Season drink plan questions

    That is probably one of the main reasons for the 15 minutes. If you have a family of 4 and want to get 4 drinks at meal time, you need to purchase 4 drink plans. My family has 1 plan, and we do share it, but we take turns. Sometimes my wife and I will share a soft drink at dinner, sometimes on of our boys will get it. We just share it around, and if its not one of our boys turn for a soft drink at dinner, they know that and are fine with water. It is just like if you have 1 bottle drink plan, you don't get 4 drinks at one time. I have no problem with the 15 minutes drink plan. Whether there is a 15 minute time gap or not, unlimited will never mean an infinite number of drink refills. It will always be a finite amount. Complaining about a 15 minutes gap between drinks that you paid $30 for for the entire season = #FirstWorldProblems
  13. chad_1138

    What do you ride?

    The only coaster that I typically don't ride is Invertigo. I usually try it once a season for kicks, but it bangs the crap out of my head. Everything else (coaster wise) I will typically ride at least twice. Mystic Timbers and Diamondback are usually 5-6 times, especially with the crowds being low this season.
  14. chad_1138

    Park closes at 5:00 today (7/20/18)

    Definitely agree. We typically wouldn't go to the park on the 90+ degree days, but after getting back from Florida, it was kind of like, might as well. Some of those almost 95 degree days were some of our best of the season in terms of crowds.
  15. The shirt on display makes for a nice touch of irony