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  1. Except Good Friday 2017, which was preview night when MT opened....
  2. Looking at the weather, wait times may not be too bad this Friday and Saturday...
  3. Yeah, I wish that preview night was still only for fall renewals...
  4. Yeah, I am sure they will have Beast 40th anniversary shirts for sale. I am guessing just not that design.
  5. Kings Island replied on Twitter and stated they will not be selling the shirt in stores.
  6. Yeah, we were thinking the same thing last night. I'll be anxious to see how they handle that.
  7. The fact that people still think The Beast Unleashed giga is an official park announcement.
  8. A couple thoughts from our first ever trip last weekend: -Harmony Hall BBQ place was really good. Had the brisket sandwich and mac n cheese. Good amount of food. -Avoid Papa Luigi's pizza. It was one of the most bland and tasteless pizza's I have ever had. -The Carolina Skytower is a really good after lunch/dinner attraction. Really great views! -Fury, Fury, Fury!!!!!!! -Definitely ride Intimidator. It looks like Diamondback, but it has some really nice features, especially what happens after that first drop!! -Definitely get back to Copperhead Strike first thing in the morning. We had like a 5 minute wait first thing in the morning. During the afternoon it was like 2 hours. We went back around 7-8 pm, and it was only about 20 minutes, so maybe hit it up again then. Hope you have a great trip!!!
  9. Just rode CS. Fun, fast, lots of hanging air time. Excellent job on the theming and an all around great addition!!! I will say the 2 shoot outs have a bit more force than it looks like in the videos. Definitely proves that a new ride doesn’t have to break all the records to be fun!!!
  10. Making our first (and second) ever trip tomorrow and Saturday. Cannot wait to ride this!!
  11. Interesting that Chicken Shack is getting the smoked wings...I was really hoping they’d get the chicken and waffles like KD.
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