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  1. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/events/gold-pass-preview
  2. We went in late May and early July. We enjoyed it. It was much better in July. Not as long of lines of people waiting on food to be cooked. We really enjoyed the stromboli. One other small thing we really enjoyed at CP was the option on the dining plan of having a cup of fruit instead of fries all the time. And, yes, Backbeat is amazing all the time!
  3. I would love to see an eatery similar to Hugo's at Cedar Point. The Italian food option (other than just pizza) adds some nice variety.
  4. Yeah, my son and I rode Dragster front seat at about 8pm at the end of last May....
  5. I was thinking of Mystic Timbers.
  6. Looking at the calendar, if Saturday, April 11 is indeed opening day, Friday April 10 is Good Friday... Anyone remember the last Passholder Preview night on a Good Friday that had a new coaster opening? Ugh... Of course, I'll be there
  7. Here are the dates: April 24, May 1, 8, 13-15, and 22. Nice to see there are only 2 non-Friday education days for the season!
  8. If you go and check the Diamondback webcam you can get a good idea. Oh, wait.....nevermind….
  9. I imagine it is horrible today. The line looked like that last night at about 8:30 or so.
  10. It is definitely a YMMV situation. 2 years ago the worker checked passes and put them on each of us. Last year they scanned the passes and just handed us the bands to put in ourselves. At that rate you could go and sell them if you wanted to.
  11. Vortex is closed as of now. They don’t know if it will be open tonight or not.
  12. Early ride times will be Saturday and Sunday.
  13. It is sad that we are loosing the only looping coaster that 48 inchers can ride.
  14. Agree. Urgent scare was crazy slow on Friday. They took a group into the first room and talked to them for a minute or 2. It was probably 3-4 minutes in between each group.
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