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  1. Hopefully everyone goes today and not tomorrow
  2. Excited to try it out! We love using Mobile Order at Disney. The first time I was able to bypass the 30 minute line at Aloha Isle and get my Dole Whip in 2 minutes, I was hooked!!!!
  3. Yep ribs. And the darkness was super seasoned bark, probably the best ribs I’ve had in the park.
  4. They were south of the park. We saw them from the Tower.
  5. Orion is doing boarding passes today. They are in 30 minute intervals now. Wonder if they are trying to cut down on the number of people waiting for their time. Put a wrench in our showing up at the end of our time and having a walk on. We had 2-230. Showed up at 220 and waited 20 minutes. Still not bad though.
  6. Passes being used today. Going on 30 minute intervals now. We got 2-2:30.
  7. It will be interesting to see if they still open parking tolls at 10:15 and allow rides on Orion from 10:30 - 11:00.
  8. Every season I give Hanks 1 shot to see if it is better. Yesterday was my 1 shot for the season. I swear that the rice at Chipotle has more seasoning than the chicken at Hanks.
  9. Actually, according to KI's website... "Each passholder may unlimited active reservations, subject to reservation availability." :)
  10. Those were both open today.
  11. My wife, boys, and I had rows 7 and 8 this morning. Whoa buddy!!! That drop was great!! I have to stay that I enjoyed Orion more than Fury, not sure about Millennium Force. Gonna take a few more rides to decide. Honestly, I didn’t mind Orion being shorter than Fury. I would rather a ride be shorter and snappier than longer and meandering.
  12. Just rode. Thank you sir, may I have another.
  13. So, they are letting 10:30 reservations on in?
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