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  1. Yeah. We did get to ride it twice. We waited almost 3 hours on Tuesday. We were in the line when it shut down for the rain. On Thursday we got in line pretty close after it opened, and waited about 45 minutes. On that note, I do find it pretty sad that Cedar Point can't get the Best Coaster of 2018 opened before 1.
  2. Yes. We have our passes in our Apple Wallets on our phones and it works perfectly!
  3. Was that the last week of May? We were there Tuesday-Thursday that week. Wednesday and Thursday were amazing! We went to bed the night before expecting a wash out the next day and woke up to nothing!!! So dead on Thursday that they were letting us get off Dragster and get right back on
  4. I can tell a huge difference in the row assigning practice this year as well. Last week one of our boys was at camp, so my wife and I took our other son. When we have done this in the past, I typically let the two of them sit together and I'll ride alone. Not this year. On every coaster, except The Racer, I had another rider paired up with me. I know that some people don't mind, I am one that does. My wife and I are both very introverted people, and sitting right next to a person I don't know makes me very uncomfortable. As far as row assigning, the only 2 rides I really mind it on are Beast and Banshee. On Beast, we can only stand the seats not over wheels, and on Banshee, if we aren't in the front row, my wife's stomach can't take it. We have been okay with Beast, because when we have ridden this season, we weren't assigned a specific row. On Banshee, yes I know there is a sign that says row preference not guaranteed, but this is the first year in the past 4 years that we have been denied waiting for the front. The two times that happened, we walked out down the Fast Lane entrance. In all honesty, row assigning works very well at places like Disney World, I totally get it there, it is very efficient. I can even see it at KI on weekends. But when you go to ride AE, on a Thursday, and it is a 4 minute wait, assigning rows is a bit ridiculous.
  5. My wife and I use running belts. They are very slim fanny packs. Enough room for a phone, key, and a few other items. When we ride Banshee or MT, we simply put them under our shirts and never have any issues. The only time we have had to put them in a locker is at Cedar Point for Steel Vengeance. They asked when we got in line if we had fanny packs, and told us they had to be in a locker. I'm glad we did. Once we got to the metal detectors 2 hours later, there were a group of guys in front of us that got through with a fanny pack that had to leave the line and exit because they brought it with them.
  6. ...also considering that passes get you 10% off food purchases....
  7. It has an entrance for Gold/Platinum pass holders.
  8. At Cedar Point for the week, thought I’d post a couple pics from Hugo’s. Really good Italian restaurant. Something I would LOVE to see come home to KI. I had the chicken parm sandwich and my wife had a cheese calzone. Both with garlic knots for the side.
  9. Here is the link to the official park page for Pass Perks: Kings Island Pass Perks
  10. Along the lines of being ready to be checked when the ride ops get to you, especially on belted coasters is having your hands up in the air, making it easier for them to check.
  11. I have a google sheet that breaks down our per visit and per meal cost as well.
  12. There are more records than just height that could be broken....
  13. We were in that boat 2 Sunday's ago when the park was packed. We didn't ride a lot, but we had lunch and dinner and did about 5 rides in between and had a great time! Hope you have a good day Saturday!!!
  14. Good luck with the crowds...
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