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  1. Racer and AE were both just walk on. So is The Bat.
  2. Just got off Orion. Only waited 30 minutes. MT right before that was 15. After getting off Orion, it is looking closer to 45-60 now. Really happy we gambled on the weather tonight!
  3. Yes! My wife and I will go ride this every time we go. The Beastie at night in 84 is my first KI memory!!
  4. If you can get to Haunt at opening, you can knock the 4 indoor mazes out by 7ish. The one outdoor maze, we got in line right at 8 and were out by 8:15. Eating our second meal at 11 is one of our favorite parts of Friday night Haunt
  5. Probably the least crowded Friday Night Haunt I have ever been to in the past 5 years. Came over to Cornered right at 8, remembering the Field of Scream lines right at 8. No where near that long. It’ll be probably a 10 minute wait.
  6. All 4 indoor haunts done and sitting down to some Coney at 7. Successful first hour.
  7. My wife and I agree as well. Honestly, since riding Orion, we don't even ride Diamondback anymore.
  8. Looks like the Lunch Box Tarts from Woody’s Lunchbox at Hollywood Studios!
  9. Also of note, Don said they are planning on more Meet Ups next season. Once a month!! He specifically mentioned Orion, Racer, the Train, and Soak City.
  10. No, but since it isn’t, we can get pics like this…
  11. I hope He's back up and running for the Blog Meet Up next Saturday!!
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