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  1. Here are a couple of pics I got from the corner of the VIP area.
  2. Our son had the hush puppy stuffing. It was really good.
  3. Also the Lays chips are back!!! Lounge is open until 9.
  4. Rotisserie Turkey Breast, Corn Pudding, and Drop Biscuit at Coney (Blitzen’s) BBQ.
  5. Interesting, so does Blitzen's Brewhouse mean no buffet there this year?
  6. International Restaurant Winter Buffet Returning for 2022 However, it is already booked for private events for 8 of the 23 nights. Hopefully this is a sign that we will be getting food news soon!
  7. Excellent!!!!! The track out to the turn arounds is so great!! I dread the returns every time we ride it. This is a most welcome surprise!!
  8. I read it as those 2 establishments are being rebranded.
  9. Looks like some new theming for the Adventure Express Entrance!!!
  10. Curious to see the Dining Plan upcharge for the Brewhouse Buffet this year. Hopefully still only $10.
  11. Great time with Monster Rock again today!
  12. Had the Apple Cider Donuts today. Very little apple flavor, but very good cinnamon/sugar flavor. The caramel sauce was amazing too!! One of our favorites of the fall!
  13. Went last night and spoke with the associate working the lounge. He told my wife and I that the word among the associates is that there are talks of having the lounge in a permanent building next year. He agreed that he was upset about the removal of the bottled drinks. He also said that the word is that there may be fountain drinks next year. Again, take this with a grain of salt. Also, lounge issues aside, I do have to say that we have enjoyed the heck out of our prestige pass FOTL ticket for Haunt night rides on The Beast.
  14. This 100%. Speaking of fog, did anyone else notice the fog bubbles in Coney Mall?
  15. He was back last night! On the path behind the Tower toward Rivertown.
  16. For my family, it is always the drinks and dining.
  17. 10:30 show of Monster Rock! Great as always!!
  18. In the lounge eating dinner right now. Still have the infused water and non-Frito Lay chips. I did notice the phone charging (power strips plugged into the tent lights) are gone. Edit: confirming the lounge is closing at 8. Sitting here at 748 and everything is being closed up.
  19. Cutbacks in the VIP lounge after selling Prestige Passes.
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