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  1. Along the lines of being ready to be checked when the ride ops get to you, especially on belted coasters is having your hands up in the air, making it easier for them to check.
  2. I have a google sheet that breaks down our per visit and per meal cost as well.
  3. There are more records than just height that could be broken....
  4. We were in that boat 2 Sunday's ago when the park was packed. We didn't ride a lot, but we had lunch and dinner and did about 5 rides in between and had a great time! Hope you have a good day Saturday!!!
  5. Good luck with the crowds...
  6. Next Tuesday!! Always save my last personal day for the last week of school!
  7. I'm not really excited about the new way they are doing the night rides. With only doing 1 and having it on a Friday night, I imagine the crowds will be disastrous. The Thursday nights always started really busy, but by 11 or so, most people were already leaving. The night rides in June last year with Woodstock and DB were really good. We did Woodstock twice and DB about 5 times during the 2 hours.
  8. April - June: Autos, Beast, and select Planet Snoopy July - October: MT, DB, and select Planet Snoopy ...now, will we get ERT at night this year?? The first one would typically be next Thursday...
  9. I'm sure they probably did, and that is fine with me. It is just way cheaper than we could have done by packing lunches or eating outside of the park.
  10. We are in the same boat. When we got the meal plan last year, our number of trips greatly increased. Like this past Sunday, we ate lunch, rode about 5 rides, ate dinner, and left. At the end of last season, we had purchased enough meals that our per meal cost was $1.43. Very happy with that! Plus, having the meal plan, I feel like I have the freedom to try some things that I normally wouldn't try.
  11. There were TONS of Indy area schools that were there for their "after prom" event today.
  12. This is a first for me. Coney bbq is completely out of chicken.
  13. I believe there are some school band trips today. My brother in law and nephew are there in a trip.
  14. Totally agree. We were eating dinner in the Festhaus Friday night, and after finishing up, we were sitting a talking before throwing our trash away on the way out. As we were talking, an employee came over and asked if he could take care of our trash for us. We told him that we would take care of it, but it was something that was very much appreciated
  15. Please bring corn pudding on the dry side of the park!!!!! Other than that, our food experiences were fine this weekend. Chicken Shack was good. I had the shrimp from Coney; I think it has been sitting for a while, but it still tasted good. Did Tom+Chee on Saturday and it was excellent. Planning on shooting for the Brewhouse in the coming weeks!
  16. Got 2 rides in this morning during ERT. Fantastic addition to the park!!! It was a blast having our boys drive us around the first time through While I do miss the location of the original Antique Cars, and I really wasn't too sure what to expect with the smaller space, KI made use of every single bit of area they had to work with. Amazing theming, license plates were a nice touch. Also, I was blown away with what was done with the Kill Mart building!!! I won't say anything about it, but it adds a bunch to the area. All in all, well done KI!!!!!
  17. We were out there too. Nothing Oh well, I'm sure we will see it later in the season.
  18. Except Good Friday 2017, which was preview night when MT opened....
  19. Me!!!!....and Saturday too!!!!
  20. Looking at the weather, wait times may not be too bad this Friday and Saturday...
  21. Yeah, I wish that preview night was still only for fall renewals...
  22. Yeah, I am sure they will have Beast 40th anniversary shirts for sale. I am guessing just not that design.
  23. Kings Island replied on Twitter and stated they will not be selling the shirt in stores.
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