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  1. If you go and check the Diamondback webcam you can get a good idea. Oh, wait.....nevermind….
  2. I imagine it is horrible today. The line looked like that last night at about 8:30 or so.
  3. It is definitely a YMMV situation. 2 years ago the worker checked passes and put them on each of us. Last year they scanned the passes and just handed us the bands to put in ourselves. At that rate you could go and sell them if you wanted to.
  4. Vortex is closed as of now. They don’t know if it will be open tonight or not.
  5. Early ride times will be Saturday and Sunday.
  6. It is sad that we are loosing the only looping coaster that 48 inchers can ride.
  7. Agree. Urgent scare was crazy slow on Friday. They took a group into the first room and talked to them for a minute or 2. It was probably 3-4 minutes in between each group.
  8. I haven’t seen one yet. Although I did see one with Chef Majors name on it.
  9. I guess to be positive, even though there is a buyout, at least the park is opening to the GP at 7 for Haunt.
  10. If you are planning on a Friday night early in the season, probably not. If you are planning on a Saturday, especially in October, it is very possible. Our plan of attack is to (on Friday nights) hit the indoor Haunts right at open, getting those done by about 7. Grab some dinner, and get in line for Field of Screams about 7:30. After that, we usually hit the Bayou later in the night due to its line typically not being bad.
  11. I would love to see Invertigo and Congo Falls taken out (maybe movie CF to Rivertown if possible) and put in a Maverick type coaster up front.
  12. ...you kind of took my statement out of context. I said its is a great price considering that it is the same price as season Fast Lane for just Cedar Point. Yes, it is still expensive. I was simply stating that if you are planning lots of trips to multiple parks, it is a good deal compared to the price for only Cedar Point season Fast Lane plus this year.
  13. No there was not an all parks FL for 2019. And it is honestly a great price considering that it is about the same price as the CP all season FL for this year!!
  14. You can also add all season dining (2 meals a day) for about $100 per pass, and all season drink refills for about $30 per pass.
  15. Well I’m sorry I offended you. I didn’t intend to demean anyone. In my original post I even stated “no problem” about waiting for them to load. What I have a problem with is when someone thinks they are above the rules. I am equal opportunity when it comes to calling out someone with a cell phone on a ride.
  16. Real nice. By they way, I have a child with a disability. So, thanks for that... And for the record, I wasn't trying to be a "d" as you so nicely put it. I was simply stating a fact of the situation.
  17. I sure hope so. That is the only way to fix this problem.
  18. We were on GateKeeper this morning. There was a group of 6 with a handicapped rider that they held the gates for so they could board. Fine, no problem. We then get on and head out of the station. Halfway up the hill we stop. A member of that party had a phone out and a worker walked up and took it from them. I’m sorry, but after being told on every ride that you can’t have them out, these incidents should result in an automatic ejection from the park.
  19. Just got out of Spider Man, be there in 20 minutes!!
  20. Awesome review! How does the Falcon Ride compare to Flight of Passage? I know they are different types, but in terms of sheer "wow-factor"?
  21. Definitely! My wife got it the last time we went and I couldn't believe how much pork was on each of those sliders!!
  22. Yeah. We did get to ride it twice. We waited almost 3 hours on Tuesday. We were in the line when it shut down for the rain. On Thursday we got in line pretty close after it opened, and waited about 45 minutes. On that note, I do find it pretty sad that Cedar Point can't get the Best Coaster of 2018 opened before 1.
  23. Yes. We have our passes in our Apple Wallets on our phones and it works perfectly!
  24. Was that the last week of May? We were there Tuesday-Thursday that week. Wednesday and Thursday were amazing! We went to bed the night before expecting a wash out the next day and woke up to nothing!!! So dead on Thursday that they were letting us get off Dragster and get right back on
  25. I can tell a huge difference in the row assigning practice this year as well. Last week one of our boys was at camp, so my wife and I took our other son. When we have done this in the past, I typically let the two of them sit together and I'll ride alone. Not this year. On every coaster, except The Racer, I had another rider paired up with me. I know that some people don't mind, I am one that does. My wife and I are both very introverted people, and sitting right next to a person I don't know makes me very uncomfortable. As far as row assigning, the only 2 rides I really mind it on are Beast and Banshee. On Beast, we can only stand the seats not over wheels, and on Banshee, if we aren't in the front row, my wife's stomach can't take it. We have been okay with Beast, because when we have ridden this season, we weren't assigned a specific row. On Banshee, yes I know there is a sign that says row preference not guaranteed, but this is the first year in the past 4 years that we have been denied waiting for the front. The two times that happened, we walked out down the Fast Lane entrance. In all honesty, row assigning works very well at places like Disney World, I totally get it there, it is very efficient. I can even see it at KI on weekends. But when you go to ride AE, on a Thursday, and it is a 4 minute wait, assigning rows is a bit ridiculous.
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