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  1. It is a deal, but the fact that people invest their day, their time and their $$ to go to KI, then spend hours waiting for food (looking at you, Panda Express, among others)....that is mind boggling to me. I mean you have 8, maybe 10 hours to be there...?! Grab a pizza slice and ride The Racer 4 or 5 times instead
  2. This wasn't just for closing day. Maybe it's just me, but I noticed this throughout the spring and summer at there were usually some empty seats or areas. We'd use this as a bit of a "park hack" if you will. Step in on a hot day and relax in a vacant area, maybe watch an inning or two of a Reds game...get recharged so to speak, then marathon some more coasters. They could care less and it was nice to get some a/c.
  3. The park about the largest smoking area in the midwest is hilariously true and sad at the same time. What a waste of a cool space. Make that a KI historical walk through exhibit!
  4. Wow...talk about a brain fart. That's some funny stuff, dictat...I mean chugh43
  5. Rivertown is going to be packed as is, as Dictator mentioned. Train + MT + Beast + DB + Snoopy next to it...madness!
  6. Visually stunning, and as many already said, it is a go to when the park is too busy. My biggest annoyance is I seem to almost black out for a second after the 2nd loop. And my kids say the same thing. That's uncomfortable. I can handle it being a little rough but the blackout feeling is not fun. Plus, the park has tons of free space. No need to remove it unless it becomes a maintenance hassle.
  7. The original seller of these first sold them at the Burlington Antique Show a few years back. He has LOTS if them circa 2014 (+/-). Reaching out to them might help in seeing if the original seller still has any. https://www.facebook.com/burlingtonantiqueshow/?fref=ts
  8. A random thing I remember from this ride was that during DOT (it may have changed during other incarnations), the seat cushion was velcrod on to the seat, so after each ride, you could peel it off and find a small pile of loose change. The 16 year old me love "making money" by checking this after each ride.
  9. I'm no expert (but the more I hit this site that might change, lol), but I just can't imagine how Paramount can make the decision to remove something so popular as the antique cars for a coaster that has such a terrible capacity. Great ride, but to wait 30+ minutes most of the season for it isn't worth it. I'd love to see a locker system for Diamondback. And the more I think of it, Rivertown is going to be packed this season...more than what it usually is.
  10. Anything to shorten lines is a positive. I am all for it. Now, how can we add a couple cars to BLSC and make Firehawk loading quicker?
  11. I'm also really appreciative of your FB page (as well as this one!). The fact that we have one of the best parks in the country, with such a rich local history and memories for anyone local, is a privilege. I'm surprised at just how much it continues to evolve and change over the years. Looking at pictures and reading about it's history is awesome. This site and contributors like you have really enhanced my knowledge and turned me into a KI junkie! It would be nice if the park embraced its history more and had a "museum" type of attraction some day. Like what the Paramount Theater tried to do with it's films back during the PKI days. A history / walk though of KI, enhanced with pictures, maybe pieces of older attractions, etc. History and local tradition can go a long way, and something like this would be cheap to do.
  12. Looking at that google image really shows there is a *ton* of space for expansion back there if they ever wanted to. Building a path back there to another area, thus opening up the closed-off X-Base area, would be nice.
  13. Working there in '96, not a big Nascar guy but always dug that Days of Thunder ride (hence the profile image). And rarely a line IIRC.
  14. You'd think it would get some more love for it's 30! Anything 30 years old is nostalgia, and nostalgia SELLS! I expect to see more 1987 themed Votex logos on shirts, etc, this season.
  15. Wow, it has changed big time. A few up close seconds of King Cobra at the end was nice. In this age of youtube and smart phones, it is crazy to this that footage like this was hard to come by in 1999. 1999 was darn near 20 years ago. 20 years! Insane.
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