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  1. Quick question, did they used to serve purple "Banshee" ice cream at the ice cream shack in Action Zone next to the Banshee? I recall getting it last year, but today it was only blue ice cream.
  2. I was on it as well today and everything seemed fantastic! Only complaint is that there was no music during the ride.
  3. I'm guessing it is probably mostly nostalgia since it was the first hyper coaster. Diamondback is for sure a much better, smoother ride.
  4. I agree. I have every right to argue that one park is better than the other just as other posters can do the same. It's all a matter of personal preference.
  5. I saw people in this thread discussing Disney Parks so I thought I'd comment. I guess I should have added that I also greatly enjoy Kings Island as well. I'm a Disney fan that is trapped in the Midwest (which I do love!), and Kings Island is the closest thing to Disney-level entertainment. I think it's possible to like both, yet acknowledge that one is better. Really? How many gigas or stratas does Disney have? Please list them. I thought we all agreed that stats don't define how good a ride is. To me, the best rides are the ones where I am completely immersed in a story or theme. Pure thrill is for sure awesome from time to time, but it can never touch a well made Disney ride.
  6. Just came here to say that any Disney Park is better than any Six Flags, Cedar Fair, or family park. But I know I'm probably in the minority on this website
  7. I personally kind of like the name. I think it fits the level of intensity they are going for with this ride. For sure better than the dumb name of Valravn.
  8. And as people have said time and time again: Stats mean NOTHING. Read my post again. I'm not saying stats define a ride. I'm not saying Mystic Timbers won't be a good ride. I'm not saying I won't enjoy the ride. All I'm saying is that this ride really does not fill any "gaps" for Kings Island.
  9. The Racer Drop: 82ft Length: 3415ft Speed: 53mph Mystic Timbers: Drop: 109ft Length: 3265ft Speed: 53mph Obviously ride stats don't define if a ride is good or not, but I think this shows that Mystic Timbers isn't really filling any gap in Kings Island's coaster lineup. Mystic Timbers will probably be better than The Racer; I would have just prefered this ride to be different.
  10. Have to say I'm a little disappointed. I fail to see how this ride is any different than The Racer (plus a few more curves).
  11. To me, Kings Island feels like much more thought was put into the park. Commonsense things such as an easy to navigate layout, some theming, and more indoor spaces. The last of these is one of my biggest problems with Cedar Point. There are no indoor rides which I think every park needs at least one. Also, there are very few restaurants with indoor air conditioned dining areas. These problems are further increased by the unwieldy layout of the park. I always feel much more exhausted after a CP trip than KI trip due to increased walking and more time out in the sun. All Kings Island needs to please me is a giga and I'd never have the urge to visit CP again.
  12. You seem like you know something...
  13. Anyone else think it's kinda awkward how they always are talking about how much Diamondback and Banshee cost? It just seems weird to me.
  14. One thing I've noticed is that on the maps they no longer separate the "lands" with colors. The paths are all white on the map and there is only small text naming each land. I wouldn't be surprised if one day they stopped marking each land.
  15. When I was at the park a few weeks ago my sisters and I had to grab 4 of those little cups each to feel even slightly hydrated. Would it kill them to just give a decent sized cup?
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