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  1. I expect we will get a new coaster in Vortex’s spot in 2022 for the 50 year anniversary. CF is investing HEAVILY into KI as evidenced by 4 new coasters in 11 years. I don’t see them sitting with this property empty for long as it would be an eyesore and anger people. They have a plan as this was not a last second decision. I hope they don’t move the cam and we can see the destruction of this beloved coaster in real time.
  2. It looks like the next support is going up.
  3. My guess is they are assembling a crawler crane to install the 200 foot turnaround. Putting that together along with the wood platform took a week or two for the drop. I remember earlier there was a Facebook post from the crane company saying they would use one back there.
  4. I would retheme it around the Reds and have them do that race through the city thing they show on the scoreboard with Gapper, Mr Red and Rosie Red. Would be a good nod to the hometown team!
  5. Not sure why you are so concerned about this. He hasn’t done anything illegal. He seems to have a legit photography business and this was likely to get clicks to it. I wouldn’t personally do it because I don’t have a drone or drone license but he’s free to do what he wants legally. Just don’t post it on KIC.
  6. I wonder how they would go about banning you? It’s not like you would have to give an ID if they caught you doing it from off site as it’s not illegal. Would they have a wanted poster in every ticket booth? I wondered this to when the young ladies were thrown out for flashing at the World Series game and subsequently banned from all stadiums. Seems like a very empty threat.
  7. Yes and it looks the same as it did from ET a week and a half ago. It’s sad that the best views of this coaster construction are from Great Wolf Lodge by enthusiasts that care enough about this coaster to keep us updated. Huge let down
  8. That’s a pic we’ve had for over a week. I wish they would at least post something we should be able to see on the webcams but can’t. I may be in the minority but I sure miss when Don Helbig was in charge of PR. I feel things have gone downhill since Chad took over.
  9. I’m not sure how Wildgravitytravels got this pic but it looks like we have drop backbone and second lift hill support and track in place.
  10. As annoying as the great webcam blackout of 2019 has been, I must say work has been much more productive so far this week.
  11. Of course the moment we have all been waiting for begins the day the webcams go down. How long does it take to do a “software update”? It’s been almost 24 hours since they went down.
  12. This is from page 81 on this thread. The crane in the parking lot is much larger than Cleo and friends. I drove by when Cleo was in the parking lot and it is noticeably larger.
  13. That is not correct. There will only be the two large cranes currently assembled. The large white one in the parking lot will be used to bring up the coaster workers to bolt the pieces together.
  14. Some good closeups from WildGravityTravels update yesterday. The one photo has what appear to be the roof trusses and the yellow thing I predict to be the basket for the workers to bolt the pieces together.
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