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  1. Obviously it will be a little more fun on 4/20 [emoji847]
  2. The following footers/footings have been poured based on wildgravity’s photos from Friday.
  3. My theory is that we are going to see a full retheme of FoF and Xbase in general. This would explain why the que is getting an overflow section. It would also explain the trademark of both Polaris and Orion. Also the large Xbase sign was removed recently.
  4. I agree those definitely look like they have been set out of the way for a while. The light blue track you can see tall grasses growing around it. The purple piece is in a terrible place to start stacking new track. Probably just a screw up. I think all the rust pieces on the side of the building are ours. I’m counting 40 plus pieces in that area. I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen the Hershey pieces being moved yet. They are well along on their footers so I’m not sure what the delay is.
  5. You’re good man. Great insight!
  6. I’m sure this link is helpful but I have no idea how to use it. What should I click on and what should I search for? I remember during MT decoding there was a site that was much easier to use. Anybody have advice?
  7. Does anyone know how to search for Cedar Fair trademarks?
  8. In this picture am I right in my assumption that they are able to adjust the supports prior to filling with grout. Is this gap left there to help fit and adjust track pieces together?
  9. Very interesting stuff and it all kinda makes sense. You should be a teacher! Here is a link to Carowinds Fury construction photos. Lots of good stuff in there. https://www.carowindsconnection.com/fury325.php
  10. Here are photos from Fury 325 footers being poured in progressive stages. I was wondering if BSBMX could explain what we are seeing in these pictures. Specifically, what is the pink stuff and why is there a gap with the metal plate and bolts on the finished footer.
  11. The following footers are confirmed poured based off current photos/video
  12. A closer look at the poured footings. Moving along quickly.
  13. Yes this was posted earlier and is nothing like what the blueprints detail. It’s a good dream coaster but hopefully nobody believes this is real and gets their hopes up.
  14. I predict we will see teasers this weekend. As a marketing point I think they would try to capture the large audience they are expecting for Carnivale.
  15. We have blue track out front. Likely the previous gray primed station pieces.
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