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  1. I think it would be cool for at night time if they had LED lights forming the Orion constellation between two of the lift supports. Another idea would be to have LED lights at night strung from a wire throughout the entire course. To give you the sense that you’re flying through the stars. Lastly, a permanent impact crater or two off the side of the ride line would be pretty cool. Lots they could do to theme this up nicely!
  2. Thank you for using one of your 5 posts to enlighten us all on what the definition of a Giga coaster is. We can all rest easy now that we’ve read your great contribution to the community.
  3. Does anybody know if and when we will get a construction camera?
  4. Final prediction even if unlikely... 316 feet tall 321 drop 5920 long 94 mph
  5. Looks like Fury 325 had 3 cranes.
  6. Anybody from here at the park today? I’m interested if the crane we saw yesterday has started being erected yet.
  7. I would say wayyyyy less than that per track piece. Maybe $25,000 or less. When pricing stuff like this you have to take into consideration all the trades that are involved. You have the Design, Engineering, track, supports, footers and concrete work, grading, clearing, crane and machinery cost, drainage, electrical, plumbing. The track is just a part of the cost of a potential $30,000,000 investment.
  8. I may have missed something but what is the significance of this coded box?
  9. Does the code correspond with the letters on the posters somehow? If you go through TEOTWAWKI the available letters in each category would be TETAK
  11. I don’t think we will be just getting a Giga. I think it will be a whole plaza overhaul which includes restrooms and maybe even a restaurant. The reasons are as follows... 1. Last year, Carowinds did a whole area makeover adding a restaurant and flying eagles and retheme to Blue Ridge Junction on top of their pricey new Mack coaster. 2. KI has been prepping the entire Coney Mall area for additional attendance the past two years. They’ve added Coney BBQ, King Mills Antiques, and a new Racer lighting package. 3. I don’t think they would build all of coney mall up and not do anything with the infrastructure IN Xbase with this huge new investment. 3. The recent CF 2nd quarter earnings conference mentioned they were spending similar capital for 2020 as compared to last year. Last year they spent $130 million and built 2 pricey coasters. This is the only coaster known expected this year for CF and expected to cost roughly $30 million. That leaves a lot of extra capital for themeing and plaza improvements. 4. They’ve built a giant new barn back in the woods. They may have even built two by now (Our spy plane could sort this out cough cough@sixohdieselrage ). This could replace the current plush barn and maintenance building. This would open the whole area for a plaza. 6. None of this would be shown on the Project X blueprint as they are separate projects. We never saw blueprints for the new barn in the woods for the same reason. 7. Everyone calm the F down and get along. Let’s decode, try to stay on topic, have fun and stop being A holes. This is directed to the board in whole. Let’s speculate and not berate. K I’m done. Three more days!
  12. Nobody has stated the obvious that asteroids caused the Dinosaurs to go extinct and ties in with Dinosaurs Alive which this runs through.
  13. I don’t know what to think anymore?!?! I’m wondering why they have included stats with any of the teasers like was done for Copperhead Strike.
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