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  1. Maybe KI never upgraded their 64 kbs modem from the 90s and that’s why the “software update” is taking so long?
  2. Of course the moment we have all been waiting for begins the day the webcams go down. How long does it take to do a “software update”? It’s been almost 24 hours since they went down.
  3. This is from page 81 on this thread. The crane in the parking lot is much larger than Cleo and friends. I drove by when Cleo was in the parking lot and it is noticeably larger.
  4. That is not correct. There will only be the two large cranes currently assembled. The large white one in the parking lot will be used to bring up the coaster workers to bolt the pieces together.
  5. Some good closeups from WildGravityTravels update yesterday. The one photo has what appear to be the roof trusses and the yellow thing I predict to be the basket for the workers to bolt the pieces together.
  6. Looks like Artemis is almost complete. They have reached the road. I would think he’ll be up and moving this afternoon.
  7. How far of a drop would the top of the drop drop if the top of the drop did drop?
  8. Yes. I just checked the cams for the first time and I was wondering how Zeus got on the other side of Artemis. They have all the other pieces already delivered on the other side of Artemis boom by the first large lift support. I watched them deliver and store this yesterday. I don’t think Zeus could reach the far areas without moving to its current spot.
  9. @sixohdieselrage What post are you referring to? I just checked all their social sites and couldn’t find anything for today.
  10. That crane is coming along quickly. If all pieces are on site we might see it completed today.
  11. Looks like they are connecting the first boom piece to Artemis. Should come together quickly after this.
  12. I think they will assemble the 4th one on the other side of the ravine at a later date. They should be able to assemble the lift hill with Artemis Zeus and the white one currently in the parking lot.
  13. Another brake run support is up. I don’t think they can go much further with the brake run until the is built after this piece. I definitely see a bunch of new crane parts being moved in. There’s 4 or 5 pieces stacked by the next lift hill piece.
  14. Zeus looks like it’s over top of the backbone now.
  15. How about this. Instead of coming to the forum and looking for updates on the construction of this coaster, maybe look at the webcam and see what it looks like? I think this would solve your “problems”. I personally am amazed at how that tiny little vehicle can lift all that weight in the air.
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