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  1. I saw an article about Slingshot being removed and Chad was quoted in the article. What flat ride do you think would fit in this area? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Don’t worry he’s already updated his click bait website with more conspiracy theories [emoji1787] Credit: coasternation.com
  3. No we have “seen” a single marker at an electrical box that somehow led you to SOB station being torn down and a new coaster. Then lights being on have confirmed it along with an open electrical box. All you do is try to drive traffic to your conspiracy theory website. If anyone forgets you did confirm a Giga coaster based on a drainage pipe. Credit:@gforce1994 and his conspiracy website.
  4. Call me stupid but all this conversation seems like nonsense in the midst of a pandemic. Literally the only thing we have seen is markers on Columbia Rd. Now we’re talking about a new coaster spanning from SOB station? Based on an open electrical box apparently we’re getting a new coaster. There is literally nothing to suggest this except one member pushing views to his site and another one that must be a fanboy of his. It ain’t happening!
  5. Vertical construction confirmed Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasters/comments/ij6z44/kings_island_electrical_lines_being_removed_from/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  6. Yep you totally predicted a Giga coaster based on a drainage pipe. Well done sir! You’re a crack shot at this predicting business. Maybe you should start a website for all your predictions.
  7. The only thing@gforce1994 is engineering is another BS story/prediction to drive traffic to his website. This guy has zero credibility on anything he’s ever predicted and has nothing to back up his nonsense.
  8. You’re telling me he saw those from The Bat from over 700 feet away while looking over his shoulder? You might buy that bridge also! I believe nothing out of his mouth. Honestly those that operate independent sites that spam this fan forum for clicks shouldn’t be allowed to be here. Edit: removed unnecessary anger
  9. I call complete BS. I think you are just trying to drive more viewers to YOUR website. You’re telling me you were able to see all these markers from riding The Bat and tell their colors and if they were stakes or paint. I’ve got a bridge to sell you. You do realize that’s over 700 feet away from your “marker 4” on the map. Plus you would have to be looking over your shoulder and likely have other cars in your way. Can you get a better picture with a drone lol.
  10. @gforce1994 don’t you contribute articles to coaster nation? Do you run that site?
  11. I think they are missing a huge opportunity with Winterfest. Why couldn’t they operate a drive through lights display like Coney Island has. The walkways and paths around Kings Island could easily handle vehicle traffic. It would be awesome to be able to drive through Kings Island and see a Christmas light display. Just my thoughts.
  12. Could we get away from B&M for a while? Not that there is anything wrong with them, but there’s so many other great manufacturers out there.
  13. Man they have made a lot of progress this weekend. I count six large supports up. Only one more large one based on the rendering. We should see a lot of track go up this week!
  14. So how exactly does a trim brake work? Is it manually set to on? Is there a sensor before the trim that measures how fast you are going and then activates the trim?
  15. I went through the various names and looked at what each company does. The ones that are interesting are the following: Ride Entertainment Systems- sales and installation of rides. Recently installed two coasters at Nickelodeon Universal. They work a lot with Gerstlauer but do all types of attractions as well. http://www.rideentertainment.com/news/ Daniels Wood Land- They create all kinds of interactive play areas and specialize in heavy themeing. They did the themeing for Mystic Timbers. They would likely be involved with whatever themeing comes to Area 72 and Orion. https://danielswoodland.com/ Greater Coasters International- Possibly listed for additional retrack work on Racer but were not listed on last years notice when the turnaround was worked on. Aqua men Waterslide Restorations- Resurface and restore various water slides. They have worked with CF before. http://www.aquamen.net/ PSS Contractors LLC- Commercial pool installation and refurbishment. They do large commercial pools and splash features. https://www.psscontractors.com/
  16. Interesting... I looked at the aqua men company listed and they only do slide restorations. They have worked with CF before and have some nice before and after to look at. The one that interests me is GCI. Were they listed last year when they did the retrack of The Racer turnarounds?
  17. I got the opposite from watching that. Don gave a big diatribe about deciding to remove it during the summer and how it was a maintenance problem yada yada. I’m sure they already have an exact plan on what they will be putting in or at least have started taking bids and designs.
  18. Better picture of the mysterious cleared land from wild gravity travels. Note flag markers are present. http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/orion-kings-island-update-32-behind-the-scenes-tour/
  19. Okay so watched the Wildgravitytravels video and took some screen shots. Things of note... They have taken a large hill and trees out along the right side of the entrance to area 72. Could we possibly see bathrooms here?! Honestly think this is a possibility. They have removed the concrete in front of FoF entrance. Not sure why. They have extended FoF que structure as seen in the blueprints. Here is an overhead google maps showing the cleared land and area of the extended que. I’m most curious about that cleared land space as it’s not on the blueprints and we have no indication what it might be. Things are coming along nicely! Here is wildgravitytravels video
  20. I expect we will get a new coaster in Vortex’s spot in 2022 for the 50 year anniversary. CF is investing HEAVILY into KI as evidenced by 4 new coasters in 11 years. I don’t see them sitting with this property empty for long as it would be an eyesore and anger people. They have a plan as this was not a last second decision. I hope they don’t move the cam and we can see the destruction of this beloved coaster in real time.
  21. It looks like the next support is going up.
  22. My guess is they are assembling a crawler crane to install the 200 foot turnaround. Putting that together along with the wood platform took a week or two for the drop. I remember earlier there was a Facebook post from the crane company saying they would use one back there.
  23. I would retheme it around the Reds and have them do that race through the city thing they show on the scoreboard with Gapper, Mr Red and Rosie Red. Would be a good nod to the hometown team!
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