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  1. Lucky for you, all the information about food is on their websites. Both Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom have their menus, prices, and locations listed. http://www.holidayworld.com/park-tickets/food-snacks/ https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/experience/dining/ As for the question of safety at Kentucky Kingdom... the location is not the greatest. Keeping valuables in the trunk would not be a bad idea. But then, keeping valuables in the trunk is never a bad idea at any park.
  2. I am a ride operator. I'll keep the park nameless for now. There is a flat ride with only a lap bar that I manually check. Right before the ride starts, I'll sometimes say, "Make sure your seat belt is buckled! Enjoy the ride." The really funny thing is there is a slot in the car that looks like it used to have seat belts... We have a swinging ship, so (voice allowing) I'll do the spiel in a pirate voice or sing (slightly off key on purpose) a shanty... usually Alestorm There's a pendulum ride that I wrote a Rock-A-Bye lullaby parody for. The old antique cars: Welcome to the
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