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  1. Just tried it it makes a shape similar to Australia, so no it doesn't. in other news Orion will not be visible in the sky August 15th.
  2. ok I thought I'd throw a little bit into the mix. I did a quick search on the states (what I presume they are) that appeared within the posters for UFO sightings and got this. South Dakota : 34 Idaho: 11 Arizona: 6 New Mexico: 7 Nevada: 13 Kansas: 23 Oklahoma: 28 not sure if they'd mean anything but I did notice when placing Arizona and New Mexico together got 67 (obviously) which I thought was the rumored ride time after the lift, so if these numbers are true for anything they might help or I might be working up a wild conspiracy theory.
  3. 1. Refurb of racer. (paint, lighting, possible new trains) 2. Antique cars. 3. new flat ride (gerstlauer sky roller) I've been guessing that racer was getting some work this season and I think this is it. now I have also guessed that Coney mall was also due for some work and it seems perfect to do these at the same time. I chose to pick a sky roller for this area because of this photo (below) and the closest thing I can compare to zodiac is a sky roller. this photo basically locked up my guess.
  4. I personally can't wait to see what is up with Mean Streak, the last time I rode I came off with some sore arms (considering I was holding on for dear life as I didn't want to be split in half from the ride). personally if it is a RMC (hybrid) I think you'll see something new and off kilter, if its a GCI or any other woodie manufacturer your going to get a huge "super" twister airtime mixed ride, BUT if it's this way they WILL need to break a huge record of some sort, what I have no clue. my last idea is there is a T-rex track coming to the point and there will be a huge woodie going in the StR spot (most likely 2020). just my ideas.
  5. perhaps its a 4D experience with the vines and wind making it have a spooky and haunting theme to it as if the woodland has decided to "claim" you and the other passengers of the train, would be an interesting idea to see if they could do something like that.
  6. I'm going to say RMC because of all the markers I've seen like these. (I've seen two of these both fairly close)
  7. my guess Racer repaint and restore (LED's up the lift and original 1972 colors) Coney mall revamp (new sign pathwork etc...) Small flat ride ( one of the new Enterprises or a Zierer Star shape) Example: (the star shape is a bit different from a standard Frisbee (360 rotation and rotating seats) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvslg5Km5p4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUdeyc1GdEw
  8. personally can't wait to see this ride, it looks great! also can't wait to see #WhatsInTheShed!
  9. i think your fairly close here. this is my guess: Height: 122 Ft drop: 118 Ft Speed: 58 Mph Inversions: 1 overbanks : 2 ride time: 2:21 Track length: 3,088 Ft Manufacturer: GG
  10. when I see this teaser and countdown I thought immediately an enchanted forest style. so I went and searched enchanted creatures and found two really interesting ones in Satyr and Manticore. anyone else agree either of these could fit? also ironically they are both hybrid type creatures (not assuming just pointing it out)
  11. Hmmmm the only thing I have been picking up from this is the baseball references especially this last one, and what is the only baseball team that would fit a theme like this is the Texas Rangers. not only that "it's not easy being green" I think references to Park rangers of Ohio, after all they use a lot of green on the vehicles and uniforms. another thing Park rangers use axes to clear roadways. Am I right?
  12. just looked up the definition for Tomahawk and here's what I found, (via dictionary.com) noun 1. a light ax used by the North American Indians as a weapon and tool. 2. any of various similar weapons or implements. 3. (in Australia) a stone hatchet used by the Aborigines.
  13. when I look at the twine / rope or what ever it is it makes me think of a tomahawk, or a single handed axe (hatchet) maybe we're thinking something more to a native American theme? in fact even just the twine makes me believe it's a native American theme. Example: Native American Kings Island tease
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