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  1. Outlaw Run costs 10 mil. That ride is pretty short but I feel like with a budget of 15 mil KI could build a great ride. LR was very expensive because of terrain and the launch
  2. Maybe they could play it up as a rival to The Beast? Like some new creature in the woods of Kings Island? I think that would be cool Sorry for the double post
  3. Maybe they could play it up as a rival to The Beast? Like some new creature in the woods of Kings Island?
  4. Oh I thought Thunderhead had good ejector air time. I rode it 4 yrs ago tho. The other one was the new White Lightning at Fun Spot
  5. If it is GCI it will absolutely have ejector air time. I have ridden two GCI's one big and one small. Both had great ejector air time. I think GCI would be a great fit I just personally prefer RMC and would love to see one at my home park
  6. Nice pictures. I still think this coaster looks fairly large in scale. I don't really buy the small GCI idea
  7. And yea metal structure GCI looks more and more likely. That said I think it will be a fairly large GCI. More in the 100-120' range. Also I think it will still be a great ride. I rode white lightning this year and that ride is still great even though it is very small. I'm hoping ours is larger tho
  8. Question.... does TPR get money from the views the video has, or the amount of "likes" it receives? I think it is views, but I also think a lot of the time the parks themselves pay TPR to come and do footage of the ride for them. I could be wrong about that tho
  9. Gosh I still can't quote correctly. Anyway that sounds like a lot of crap to me.^ I mean I get the argument but I can't believe u won't be a team player over $15. Whatever man
  10. I think it would be awesome if KI got an RMC woodie and CP got an Iron Horse
  11. Those survey markers go back a ways. Whatever they build I think will be pretty large in scale. I can't wait til the announcement
  12. Sorry everyone that was the first time I tried to quote and my phone froze and next thing I know I triple posted :/
  13. I'm not saying GCI is bad. The only GCI I have ridden is Thunderhead and it's a great coaster. But let's be honest RMC is the hot coaster company right now and most non enthusiasts aren't gonna be all that excited by a GCI woodie. I personally would be happy with a GCI
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