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  1. Vortex was my first rollercoaster ever. What an awful way to start my Friday. Really hope we get a dive in that spot, but even then I dont think that will make up for it. Bad move, Cedar Fair.. Vortex will be missed
  2. It could be TEOTWAWKI. And that seems pretty likely. But if they rearrange the letters it could also be TOWERTOKI. That would also fit with the airport looking hangar of the station. And the hangar queue building. I wouldn't mind a flight themed coaster. Probably not though, considering all the posters are space themed.
  3. I'm currently at the park. Blue left side racer isn't running and circular footers are being poured for that building between racer and Flight of Fear. One thing that interests me is that the X Base sign under racer is gone. Has the removal of the sign been talked about yet?
  4. A pier is a name for the footer and column is the support itself. Heres a handy little image I found.
  5. That's what was bothering me as well! In the leaked layout, the track lines up fine but then the DA path to the north doesn't line up. What gives?
  6. I found it in r/rollercoasters on reddit. I believe it was posted here first, before being taken down. Are leaked layouts allowed here?
  7. Sorry about that. Thought it would upload here it is on youtube:
  8. It might be just a picture from the full park plans. The full park plans shown in the Banshee layout leak video was topographic if I remember correctly.
  9. Thanks! And yea I've seen the leaked layout from the subreddit. Looking to be a great ride so far
  10. Does anyone have an album or a one stop place for all the leaked plans so far? I'm a bit new to this forum and might be a little dense but I cant seem to find the post with them? Even when I use the search function. I'm currently a civil engineering student and I would love to see some of the plans! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. Another Outpost 5 teaser spotted outside the The Beast station and in the queue! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. While not at Kings Island, someone onced asked me "Does Super Duper Looper go upside down?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said "maybe".
  13. So did any one ever find what was under the train bridge?
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