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  1. I've had a more lost in the woods and no way to get out at night on rides like Boulder Dash and Outlaw Run than I have on The Beast. To the person that said it would cause maintenance issues to get rid of the trims, Millennium Fliers are lighter and can handle turns much better tha PTCs can. Also, to the person saying it drops because there's a drop in the terrain there, the shed area is a good 30+ feet off the ground, so add a dip there because the terrain is lower, to use your argument against you. I never said to change anything with the double helix other than removing trims because Millennium Fliers can handle the turns better. If something can be done to improve The Beast for the better, why wouldn't you do it? The ride is far from perfect. It's not even in my top 10 woodies. (Which is actually a pretty strong list.) The ride can definitely have some changes done to it without changing the core of what the ride is. I don't think, no, rather I know adding another dip and removing trims will not change anything the ride is about. It is a ride through the woods, and unless the ride was shortened to the point where it was the double helix and nothing more, that will not change.
  2. I'm still shocked that people become so defensive over some very small, relatively nominal changes, like removing trims, making the tunnel into another dip, GCI retrack, and reprofiling turns to make them smoother. Honestly, it will not change the core of what makes The Beast a good ride, but it builds upon the good to make amazing. Imagine how it would be with no trims. Just imagine how much better those night rides would be flying through the trees on what would be one of the fastest, if not the fastest wooden coaster on earth. Just take a minute and picture it. Imagine if it had actual airtime after that turn following the drop. The core ride is still there. There are next to no changes. The only ones that would be changes to the structure to itself would be adding an extra dip or airtime hill, and reprofiling a few turns to make them smoother. Just think, you have what was once the unquestioned best wooden coaster in the world, then you have some very small changes that make the ride that much faster, that much more interesting, that much better. Other than nostalgia, there is no reason to not wish for this.
  3. You guys aren't getting it. Millennium Fliers are much lighter and can navigate turns easier, as well as reprofiling turns to allow The Beast to be able to navigate the turns more quickly and gracefully. And, as I daid, don't mess with anything after the second lift other than the sudden snap into the helix.
  4. Nor am I saying to make anything major happen to it. I'm saying have GCI retrack it, maybe add an airtime hill or double down, like legend, and get rid of the trims, and it's better than it ever was.
  5. I'm not saying it isn't as fast as it ever was. I'm saying make it better and faster than it ever was.
  6. Honestly, I'm starting to view The Beast as I view Magnum at Cedar Point. Was once one of the best rides ever, but is becoming more overrated and possibly worse each year, but if work is done to it, can potentially be a much better ride than it ever was.
  7. The Beast is a great ride, don't get me wrong. I've loved the ride since my childhood, but after being able to go on other great woodies and terrain coasters, I realized how bad The Beast needs some updating. It is much rougher than Gwazu was, it's trimmed to death and there are a couple of brutal turns. The helix I don't believe should be modified at all, except maybe making the entry less jerky. The PTC trains are terrible as well. I would love to see really long millennium fliers on it or something. Maybe even add an airtime hill or double down, such as The Legend fro this past year.I would absolutely love to ride a version of The Beast with no trims, some airtime, millennium fliers, and possibly given the Ghost Rider treatment with GCI stripping the track and redoing it.
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