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  1. The Beast will beat you up, but it won’t kill you.
  2. I've ridden it once. The song was "Maneater" - didn't realize that changed too. The ride itself was too rough and too short for my liking. I'll hit it again I'm sure, but I was a bit disappointed the first time.
  3. Thank you for the details. That makes a lot of sense. I didn't realize the metal thing was replaced - it seems the same! They did a great job there. Also, I might have been thinking primarily of Kenton's Cove because I remember it in a slightly different spot in the park. EDIT: I was primarily thinking of Kenton's Cove! The rotating platform...the gondola...the really tall drop at the end. Seeing photos brought it back. I'm not sure I even knew at the time that the other flume existed. I had remembered a water ride in the main park that had a rotating platform, but I had thought it was just the whitewater-rafting ride. Guess there were two. I remember that when I went there in 2001, something felt a little...off in that part of the park. Guess now I know why.
  4. Thank you! I was beginning to think maybe this was some other place I was thinking of.
  5. The Holiday Inn ad refers to it as a 1,600-acre park...per Wikipedia, the current is 364, and it's grown a good bit. I'm guessing the 1,600 includes the campgrounds?
  6. You know what I don't miss? Waiting in line four hours to ride Son of Beast in 2000.
  7. Are you talking about the train to the waterpark? I haven't been on it this year. It just used to always play "Kokomo" and I'd sing along, regardless of other people's reactions.
  8. Le sigh...call me old-fashioned, but I wish they still played Beach Boys songs in the waterpark.
  9. I'm referring to Timberwolf. I wasn't aware of another. Timberwolf isn't visible from ground level, is it? I pretty much only remembered its existence when I saw it on the way up that blasted Drop Tower.
  10. Btw, you seem plenty knowledgeable about '90s KI...you should see my post about red soft-serve ice cream. I'm pretty sure I remember getting it in the mid-'90s...it was a dark red color and either cherry or raspberry in color. It briefly either supplemented or replaced blueberry. Unless I'm thinking of another park...who knows?
  11. Thank you. I feel like I played it once either with or against my dad. Was it two-player or four-player? I remember thinking it wasn't all that cool, really.
  12. So aside from being moved, what specifically changed about the log ride? I was under the impression that Race For Your Life was a totally different ride until I rode it with my younger cousins and realized it was more or less the same track (and same track material) from the old one. I feel like maybe the drop isn't as far now?
  13. I have many fond memories of the original Water Works too! They used to play Beach Boys songs and you could hear them from the Lazy River. For what it's worth, I still enjoy KI's water park (I find it awkward to call it by its generic official name), but sometimes I miss what it was in the '90s...luckily The Beach has a similar feel to that and I have passes to both. *shrugs*
  14. There still IS an in-ground amphitheater there, it just isn't used anymore. I saw it last year when I reluctantly rode Drop Tower. (Love drops, hate to be surprised by them.) @CoastersRZ, I thought Drop Zone was the original name of Drop Tower. What is EXtreme Skyflyer? Is that the bungee-jumping thing?
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