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  1. ***insert some Spongebob gif here***
  2. Probably somewhere in between due to Orion. Drink lines will move very slowly with all the vouchers to process and customer service that goes with selecting from the choices. There are a lot of passholders, this is really more like opening day. Even more so if bring-a-friend tickets are sold. I wouldn't show up at 6 and expect an Orion ride. It will be a great experience if you can get there early, enjoy the show, accept whatever snafus happen and know you will come away with a story to tell.
  3. I am here for all in inevitable “What is the weather usually like on April 10th.” questions.
  4. The announcer is only presenting a binary choice when entering the park. Left or right side of IS. That is it. Just working with what was presented here.
  5. KI has a location that can do all that? Coney BBQ gets close but the sides are really carby, except for the greens possibly.
  6. But if i wanted to ride Banshee first I had to go to the right down International Street? Just doesn’t make any sense.
  7. So he was announcing this to everyone as they entered the park? How does sending everyone in the wrong direction help with the chaos?
  8. A park employee really said that? Was he fired?
  9. Not that I get them anymore but I usually hold on to them to use as disposables. There are occasions when I want to take a large drink with me but do not want to be saddled with keeping track of a good water bottle.
  10. I think that is very possible. My guess is Orion has made the proposition of a buyout more enticing, and if so that is great for the park. I could also see bundling of buyouts so it is UPS/Mercy Health Day. Seems a bit odd to me that with such a major investment and expected demand revenue opportunities would be scaled back, but as others have said, they know what they are doing. Once employee schedules start coming out we should have a better idea.
  11. There may have been a plan like that but currently the $32 drink plan has free refills all season, paper or plastic.
  12. Most any date does. Though February 29th has significantly less history to it.
  13. April 11, 1965 40 tornadoes strike US midwest killing 272 & injuring 5,000
  14. I am overjoyed with the new calendar and the biggest improvement I have seen in years. Finally they dropped that stupid color coding and just put the hours in the box so now I don't need to use color filters to figure out what is going on.
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