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  1. Have fun while you are young. Take a look and some retired Football players or boxers to see what your future holds.
  2. Taking a year off from adding rides and focusing on food service would be my choice.
  3. Never seen so many pictures of bolts and crates. Other than that those are some awesome shots.
  4. Raougarou and Gatekeeper have bins for shoes only. No bags, cups etc. As others have stated just avoid the front of the park until 1 or 2. I peeked in at Raptor around 11 last Friday and it had a 1 1/2 hour posted wait time and the que was half full. Of course by 3 it was a 5-10 minute wait.
  5. ^ You can be 5' 6" and weight 105lbs like my 12 year old and still get beat to all hell by Vortex and ruin your whole day. Some people can handle it and some can't I guess. Science tells us repeated blows to the head are less than healthful for cognition so we will be avoiding that one for the foreseeable future.
  6. Talk about roadblocks. Not to often will restaurants will give you the recipe. Good luck with that.
  7. In one and half seasons and at least a dozen trips we have not been on KI's WindSeeker once. Every time we are back there it has been down. Every time. Slightly better luck at CP and have been on it only 3 times. We have had 3 times as many rides on TTD.
  8. If you count the toxic petro chemicals they add to it for the blue color as food. I guess so.
  9. 20 minutes? I have never taken it either and maybe it has been reformulated but 20 years ago when I read up on it before a cruise the instructions from the cruise line was to start taking it a minimum of 3 days before the trip. I don't get sick on coasters but occasionally get a bit uneasy on the spinning rides. Sitting down with a cool drink for 10-15 minutes seems to work well for me. Reading in a car also can do it after awhile (as a passenger )
  10. Interesting. So a boneless wing doesn't need to made from wing meat. I guess that makes sense because there is no ham in a hamburger.
  11. I should hope it is not breast meat as it is supposed to be a boneless wing.
  12. I don't argue with anything said here but..... What on earth is a boneless chicken wing? I have never seen a chicken without bones in its wings. Sausage, nuggets, hot dogs, deli meats, hamburgers, McRib etc are all Frankenfoods. Less than best quality cuts of meat and are going to have what many of us find to be the nasty parts in them often not disguised as well as planned. This just goes with the territory. These kinds of foods are manufactured and with ANY manufacturing process there is a certain failure rate.
  13. Have you thought about having the ceremony at Winterfest?
  14. They will push down within reason and will sometimes try and get a stronger op to help. I nope out that, I really don't want to be so stuffed that if they was a malfunction and I had to sit on a lift for an hour I would go bonkers. The belt on Magnum is really close for me. I couldn't get it to click last week for some reason, gave up and was half out of the seat when a ride op told me to sit back down because I was so close. He was able to get it to click, so I would say *most* of the time they will do what the can to get you in.
  15. Tip for using the test seats. Make sure the adjustment on the belt is extended out all they way. I discover a couple of weeks ago I fit fine on Maverick with lots of room to spare while previously it was a no go. I did loose weight but not that much.