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  1. The finish line in the race to the bottom is bankruptcy.
  2. Well it could reach “the end of its service life”, if someone wanted it to.
  3. A family with children that do not meet height requirements on some of the bigger rides or just just not otherwise ready for them.
  4. Impressive numbers. I wonder how much of that 40% is season FL and new SPs.
  5. No mistake about it, that is clearly Fred and Alan up there.
  6. Nah, not good enough. Off to the quicksand pits for you. My minions will be along to escort you shortly.
  7. I will need to sleep on this but won’t dismiss it outright. Never had a strong brand preference. I take Snake at his word. Old fashioned is intriguing but kind of labor intensive.
  8. Each truck holds 7-9 passengers that all have to be buckled into a 5 point harness type thing. Incredibly slow loading, I bet Monster beats it. Expect very long waits even with a short line. CP had several demo trucks out that the kids could climb into and sit in and sold $15 wood models the kids could build there as well. I would say KI has a good chance of being one of the other 2 CF sites yet to be announced. What is left: WOF, MA, CGA, CWL, KI, CW They can bolt on whatever type of muffler they choose to achieve the level of noise they desire. EDIT: Just saw Carowinds is getting it so only one slot left.
  9. @Snowball Lower frequencies travel farther. That said sending these Bozos to the moon would go a long way to solving this problem.
  10. To all having issues, you are just holding your phone wrong. (The teens may not get this shade) APay&Pay here and I have not had any significant issues at KI or CP, however the WiFi at both parks has been nearly useless this past season. I hope the webcam downtime was worth it to “upgrade” the network.
  11. It’s like people that build their houses in a flood plain because the land is super cheap and then expect a bailout every 5 years when the their house gets destroyed.
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