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  1. So it is the new one but wavy. Me thinks that is to radical.
  2. Did CP paint the logo on the new water tower last year? I can't remember.
  3. My least favorite interview question is "If you were a tree what kind would you be and why?" Those kinds of questions are so stupid but the HR pukes with psychology degrees have to justify their jobs some how. Fortunately you have a great anwer at KI. "Any kind that gets cut down to make room for a coaster."
  4. What I if interesting is the Soak City burger/chicken stand ran incredibly well the half dozen or so times I used it. @sloan your experience obviously differes but I do find the *one* of the problems frequently is cooking of the food and I get it to a degree because breaded chicken does not last long under a warmer. They also don't have enough dedicated drink stands.
  5. Yah, there is no excuse for that nonsense. If you don't have the staff to feed your guests call in the food trucks, they will be happy to have the business. They caught a lot grief for it from what I hear. Hopefully things improve this year. I think the Meal plans are a great deal, but I don't do long waits for food. I didn't have any problems last year but I only went on weekdays early in the season. I would rather leave the park for fast food or eat out of a cooler and usually have a decent amount in of food in a cooler just in case.
  6. Midget wrestling at KI? I missed that. Really? I thought that was strip club and biker bar stuff. This is the first I have heard of this and only read the report in the OP. A bit confused over BoddaH1194's comments and questions more than anything. Scratching my head on how the park could possibly had anything to do with this or done anything to prevent this. Razor wire fencing around all park owned property not in a direct line of sight from security personnel? That is a standard I don't think this society wants or can possibly achieve. Again, sorry if I misunderstand your thoughts. As I said, I am confused. Several people have asked (paraphrasing) "Once she knew he was lying why did she go back and meet him again?" She likely had formed an emotional attachment to him. That's what predators do. They manipulate. They groom. Chris, it appears this is just coming out now because a) he was just charged b.) the victim did not report the incident, she was sought out by investigators after they discovered his contact with her while investigating an unrelated matter. In Boy Scouts we adhear to the Buddy System. We can operate in some rather isolated areas. You don't go anywhere without a buddy. Never.
  7. It will probably be like FunPix, only for the C & K Parks.
  8. They used to have a printable park hours calendar, I hope they bring that back. Color Blind and I can't tell any difference between the 10-8 days and 10-10 days in May and June. On another note it is definitely designed for mobile. Limitled information in portrait mode and expanded menues and layout in landscape on an iPad.
  9. I would like to change my answer to Three. Spring, Summer and Fall.
  10. I kind of feel this way about sporting events these days. My last few experiences have been less that stellar. There is always a group of drunk goons close by screaming obscenities the whole game. Not ideal even without the kids. Even if offered free tickets I usually pass.
  11. One. (I answered the question but don't want to get the ban hammer for one word posts)
  12. ^ News flash. You file a tax return. You (hopefully) receive a tax refund.
  13. Getting closer. Looks like we might be down to just an announcement about an announcement. Then again it could just be an announcement about the announcement of when the details will be announced. A clarifying announcement would be appreciated. Thanks jubjester for the announcement of the latest announcement.
  14. I know you all have been working really hard and it is much appreciated. This is very minor and not a big deal but the ability to change the text or your "rank" seems to be gone, at least I can't figure out how in edit profile anymore. On a lot of forums that ability is not enabled until after X number of posts so with the new software the counter may have been reset to zero.
  15. I heard a while back it would be just like the Marina Gate. Slow or Stop sign, I can't remember which.