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  1. But everyone keeps saying that the Golden Ticket Awards are bought and paid for by the highest bidder. Are you implying that there is actually some legitimacy to them and quality (rides or food) actually matters?
  2. It is cheaper to just let it continue to sink. Come 3978 expect a movie scene similar to this.
  3. Interesting marketing concept. Reminding Dad that if he brings the family to the park on Sunday he will miss most of the games but hey, here is some foodie food to compensate.
  4. It would appear from this tweet CF is just trying to confuse people.
  5. As someone that has topped 300lbs in the past let me tell you all about the problems that causes. Tube slides I had to stop doing for a time as half my rides I flipped over and ended up on my stomach or back. It is the momentum and hydroplaning with increased speed, plus I didn’t fit down in the tube as well so the center of gravity is higher. Maybe someone 375 or more could complete the barrel roll on a tube slide but I couldn’t and would just crash down. Gets a little Acton Parky. If you do flip make sure to flip over to your back, I banged myself up a bit entering a splash pool on my stomach once. There was one slide at Zoombezie Bay if I managed to stay on the tube I would plane across the splash down pool and get beached on the concrete. Fun and the kids loved watching it but probably not the safest thing. Mat racers. A bit of airtime is fine but I would get so much I was landing more on the horizontal section. Absolutely brutal on the chest and knees to do that 2 or 3 times on my way down.
  6. You only look up half the time. The other half you look down.
  7. I see a late afternoon fireworks display in the works.
  8. @IndyGuy4KI please move this to “I Can’t Make This Crap Up”.
  9. Outrageous. Next they will come for our cargo shorts and soon after pockets altogether. Eventually even us men will have no option but to wear yoga pants and it will be the scariest most terrifying Haunt ever!
  10. Given the history of that word I am really surprised it is used for a coaster name.
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