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  1. Me: “Hi my name is King, and I have been webcam free for 12 days.” Group: claps and cheers Me: “ I just take every day one at time, it has been three days since my last outburst flaming others on KI, I think I am getting stronger each day.” Group: claps and cheers
  2. Watch it @Klabergian Empire, there is still concrete to pour.
  3. Sorry Brad, one does not get to name the location Area 72 and then claim there are no secret agendas. It is against the rules.
  4. edit: I knew I should have quoted that post.
  5. ^Out of my 8 or so CP trips this summer I found GateKeeper down, at least for some period of time, the majority of those trips not weather related.
  6. I look forward to watching this. Do you think there is any chance they will turn a Webcam on Vortex?
  7. Hopefully their annual ride announcement won’t the be so dreadfully bad going forward.
  8. I think yours has a few more rattles. Therefor more realistic.
  9. Yeah, 40 degrees less than a perfect 90 degrees.
  10. They are under a time crunch and have to work overtime to get the lift topped off before that software update finishes installing.
  11. Wow. Kind of surprised there aren’t age requirements on some of those mazes, especially that one. 3-5 is really young for that kind of thing.
  12. So the ride associates have a tougher time running up it to confiscate phones.
  13. Spanos, Thanos. I am not feeling so good about this.
  14. Next year? They don’t announce next years schedule so early.
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