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  1. Maybe a Tang Freestyle machine and Moon pies.
  2. Nah, it’s Skyride that keeps it on the map.
  3. Oh cool! A place where parents can hide from their kids and get smashed. Sign me up.
  4. Apple to bring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts to its streaming service STEM content with astronaut Snoopy will be an Apple exclusive. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/12/apple-to-bring-charlie-brown-and-the-peanuts-to-its-streaming-service/
  5. But those 800 steps hurt 10x more than all the 15,000 you took!
  6. There is no consensus. Some like it some don’t. It is interesting but GearVR is not the right technology for it and I am not convinced coasters or VR are enhanced by combination. The upcoming Quest, Go or Odyssey+ may be better fits, but you are still left with fitting headsets which is never going to be a high capacity operation. To many issues: glasses, hygiene, comfortable fit, alignment, pupillary distance plus many more.
  7. I for one don’t think CP needs to expand its current boarders, it is big enough. We never even bothered to walk through Dinos.
  8. No disrespect meant towards local tastes but I would put Subway 3 or 4 tiers above either of those. So...I guess I am with you on that.
  9. So the meal plan upcharges have you blessing now? Good to know.
  10. Homemade cookies at an amusement park? Whose home were you expecting they be cooked in? @VortexBFForever’s? @BoddaH1994 what are your thoughts on $5 upcharge buffet at Reds?
  11. One of the many reasons I like KIC is becuase for the most part it is Real. Members can share their Real experiences both positive and negative with few exceptions. I understand that some do not like to hear negative comments about something they feel passionate about but the alternative in my view is much worse. If every post reads like it came out of the PR Departement why even have a site like KIC? Just read the PR blog and Twitter feed. Those have their place but so do people’s critical take on their experiences. There is truth there. Sometimes it is highly biased but without different viewpoints what you are left with is very distorted. That is not what I want and it concerns me that there are those that do. There have been many occasions that my critical viewpoint on an issue at the park has been changed or at least softened by my interactions with other members here. I highly respect our moderating team and feel they get it right the vast majority of the time but I also do not agree with all the decisions and that is okay. The day people stop criticizing and complaining on this site is the day it becomes meaninless to the free expression of ideas. I hope that day never comes.
  12. I always find it interesting how cloned coasters are generally frowned upon but the same does not apply to flats. Why is that? After a Giga I would still say RMC but would likely be something more in the “family” category and I couldn’t really argue with that.
  13. And once you are through the gates it is not always clear to me (given the paint striping) if I am on the right side of the cones and and where I am supposed to go. I kind of have it figured out by now but it was really rough my first season. Here we are complaining about stuff and driving all these KIC members away that just want daisies and roses.
  14. It’s like the boxes in your basement. If you haven’t used it in the past year or two it really needs to go. I have tons of apps I can’t even recall what they do. Must have sounded like a good idea at the time. (I think I still have the Siri app from before Apple bought it).
  15. If the mobile app came with a Season FL+ I might use it, but other than that I don’t know what a dedicated app can do better than the site can do now or something like tapatalk. I personally don’t like any forum software on a phone and only use a phone when I don’t have a tablet. Maybe those that want an app or a different forum platform could link to some examples of something they think is better? Not everything needs an app, I have way, way to many apps as it is. An app needs to bring something major to the table a browser can’t.
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