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  1. I remember them saying they would never do that. But money talks, the customer is always right, never say never, yada, yada.
  2. If they were smart it could be per cap boost as well. Sell individual nicotine patches or lozenges for $5 in the gift shops. Not the gum, parks wised up and stopped selling gum awhile ago. I think I would rather walk through a cloud of cigar smoke than step on chewed gum that has been baking in the sun.
  3. But none of that is relevant to how long the lines will be for this ride opening year when nearly everyone in the park will want to ride it and multiple times if possible. My guess is 1.5 - 2.0 on a typical day as once a line approaches 2 hours most people won’t get in line and move one. Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as rain delay, dead park etc. I don’t see it getting much shorter than that especially with KI’s general FL+ policy of walk-on at all costs. Of course that policy has a lot of variance but in general that seems to be the case from my observations.
  4. Diamaondback and Banshee have nearly the same capacity. What were those lines like opening year? I would expect similar lines if the popularity is the same. I guess a lot will depend on FL+ policies as well.
  5. That sounds wonderous. Despite living in Omaha for 10 years I never made it to the Iowa State Fair to try deep fried butter on a stick. One of my major regrets in life.
  6. @Voicetek Dynamic staffing is how these parks run just about everything so the best thing to do is just call park and ask. The half dozen times or so I have called about something has only taken a few minutes. They aren’t the cable company.
  7. @FreedomPenguin The website is pretty clear that a 2020 Platinum pass is good for all parks in 2019. I suspect miscommunication between you and the associate. Speak with someone else or even call CP customer service to verify. No offense meant to KI Guest Services but I have found CP reps a bit more knowledgable. As LuvingKI said 2020 meal and drink plans are not good for 2019 and you will have to wait until next season for those. I go to CP once every week or two so feel free to ask any questions about it you have.
  8. Jack Dorsey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Dorsey
  9. Depends Capt. Lisa Nowak see also : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_Absorbency_Garment
  10. @FreedomPenguin I suggest you make a trip planning post as there are many members here that have made similar trips and could offer some good advice. I think you will get more responses and this thread can stay on topic. Can also search on the other parks and read some trip reports to get an idea how they compare to CP/KI.
  11. I am not qualified to argue the matter, but RCDB has Orion as a Hyper. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Just like last year the park insisted they had no plans for the Dino area. It’s not happening “now”. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen ever.
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