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  1. Starting to suspect this is a ransomware attack. The likely perps are the minions at Kentucky Kingdom or those dirty elves at Holiday World. Any other suspects?
  2. Yeah probably more like Nintendo’s standard note with each system update: On another note has anyone here tried Google Earth in VR? It really is fascinating being able to fly around a park and look at stuff in 3D from whatever perspective you want. It really would be incredible if in the future the park could set up a camera system with a live VR feed of a coaster construction. Possibly could even be technically accomplished now on some level with a few stand-off drones hovering a safe distance away.
  3. Leave it to the IT guys to take the system down the day the lift hill is going to be topped. /s (hope this helps )
  4. As long as the park has staff to open the Rivertown Freestyle, I don’t care if have the whole cast of Hamilton barking in the midway.
  5. He said “This is last weekend”. Like in a week ago, not that this is “The” last weekend.
  6. I recently had to start back up with asthma meds after being off for 8 years, the allergies are starting get back bad for me again. FA will store any meds for your husband, you just have to pick which one. Try and budget FL+ for Saturday or if you are considering a beach day do it then. If you can’t pull that off, Saturday would be good time for your daughter to do the quests at Forbidden Frontier. My boys spent several hours doing that.
  7. July is when CP starts to get really busy but isn’t terrible most weekdays. 4 days should be plenty to get multiple rerides in and have some waterpark/beach time considering you will have 1 hour early entry with the PP. When we drive up for the day and want waterpark we typically get to CPS at 10:30 for early entry and then leave about 2 and chill in the car for an hour then head to the dry park. IMO CPS is not as good as SC@KI except for the Action River. Personally I would rather stay off-site and put that $200/night savings into FL+ for Saturday especially as you will have a PP and at CP you can get FL+ for FL price. After hearing how bad service has fallen this year at Breakers $300/night for dirty rooms would really cheese me off. (they can’t properly staff it). Having a close by room for naps would be nice however the car with AC is good enough for me. You will walk a lot more at CP than KI so make sure you family practices proper foot care and gets moleskin on any hotspots immediately. Carry some with you and know where the 2 First Aid stations are located. 4 days of 8-10 mile days is a lot.
  8. No, but if it makes you feel any better they shut down access to CP an hour or so ago. Kind of glad we just never seem to have the time to a park in October anymore. The season just gets shorter and shorter for me.
  9. I think that was in his book, which I have not read. What is difficult to measure however is its overall impact on the popularity of CP as a destination park. Without it would the public be as willing to spend $300/night on hotel rooms and make the costly travel arrangements? The fact that it remains certainly indicates management finds value keeping it despite the high maintenance costs.
  10. I hope the Intiman sales rep talked them into an extended warranty.
  11. If this were Twitter I would say enjoy the ratio. All woodies require more maintenance that the park’s “fiscal spending plan” will allow. (See what I did there. )
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