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  1. Official: WinterFest 2017

    It all looks amazing. The operative question is what is frontline KI Food disService able to produce? Fingers crossed.
  2. Funpix

    In addition to the weekly photo contest we should have a weekly “Worst Funpix Photo” contest. I know we have some really bad ones.
  3. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    So who was saying KI couldn’t serve Smokehouse offerings in the dry park? Looking forward to the upgraded serving baskets at Hanks.
  4. Closure of Dinosaurs Alive and opening of lots of land.

    Transporting could also be an issue. Wouldn’t want this to happen.
  5. Payment Plan

    This past year I didn’t renew until late March/early April (before KI season open) and the payment plan was already down to six months. So if you want the 9 month plan I wouldn’t wait to much longer.
  6. Winterfest Questions

    Per the website: “Currently time sessions are 5:00-6:30pm, 7:00-8:30pm, and 9:00-10:30pm. Times are subject to change.” That’s 1 1/2 hours.
  7. Winterfest Questions

    ^ You bring up a very good point. Large clumsy novice adults and small clumsy novice children mixing it up on a crowded ice rink. What could go wrong? Just how limited they make it is key.
  8. Winterfest Questions

    I wonder what they mean by can’t leave the ice and return during your session? As I recall skate fitting is very finicky and frequently needs adjusting. To tight and your feet are in misery, to loose and you are unstable. Most people are not going to be experts at This and I sure would be mad after paying $15 if I couldn’t sit down to adjust my kids skates or use the restroom.
  9. Official: WinterFest 2017

    ^With a $6 processing fee?
  10. Winterfest Questions

    I skated a lot when I was a kid but never had enough stability on figure or hockey skates so stuck to racers. Ryan went to a birthday party about 7 years ago at a skating rink and they had assists that essentially look like granny walkers, hopefully they have something similar. I wouldn’t mind learning again but not sure KI is the place to do it, would rather be closer to home for an ER visit. For all those prone to blisters. Wear wool socks if you have them and also wear a thin (silk or poly) dress sock as a base layer. This will help to greatly reduce friction. If you do feel a hot spot STOP immediately and apply some moleskin (not made from moles) before a blister starts. Alternatively duct tape applied directly to the skin works very well. In Scouts we always wrap our nalgene water bottles with 6 or 7 turns of duct tape so it is handy. Can do the same with a disposable.
  11. Fan Created Themed Attire Events

    Might need a diaper if one wants to wait in the line for Mystic Timbers at Winterfest.
  12. Does KI compete with area parks?

    ^ Assuming $80-100 for a hotel room that helps but not by much. Admission and feeding 3-4 people on the road is what kills it for me. The wife isn’t going to camp anyway. I guess my point is HW is a tough sell to the GP with such great options here in OH. Don’t think I have heard anyone claim HW is better than KI or CP and we are a long way from getting bored of them.
  13. Does KI compete with area parks?

    I left St. Louis in 2015 and had never heard of HW except for forums. I have heard they have started to advertise some in STL since, but at that distance it is not a day trip (about 3:15 from west burbs, except for you-know-who). 4:30 minutes from Columbus even worse. Would like to go sometime however it is hard to justify $500 (admission for 3-4, gas, hotel, food) to take a one day trip when my incremental cost for a day at KI or CP is only $30 in gas. A trip to any of the other CF parks east of here would be less expensive. The out of state discounts at KK are a smart move otherwise I would never consider it for such a small park.
  14. Souvenir cup question!

    Yellow is not a holiday color and red is?
  15. Fan Created Themed Attire Events

    Slovenly Smelly Entitled Enthusiast Day?