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  1. That's just food. Good anytime.
  2. What is a Winter food?
  3. One potential problem with spieling is it can give the impression it is slowing down intervals. Especially on typical a "Thats not loud enough!" type of game prior to dispatch. 5-10 seconds per dispatch does make a difference. Hopefully the ops are trained well enough to not actually slow the dispatch down, but in certain circumstances it does give that perception.
  4. So they hired of bunch of people whose attitude is "That's not my job"? If you can run a register at a shop, food stand, dipping dots stand or whatever you can scan bar codes at a refresh station.
  5. ^^ We all have different experiences and expectations and as I have said the spieling does not bother me much except in the more extreme cases but I have to go along with Silver on this one.
  6. But how they allocate those limited employees is a very conscious decision. I have certainly seen no shortage of beer stands open with absolutely no lines, while at the same time only 3 drink stands open in the entire park. A conscious decision to not service the commitments they have already made.
  7. First thing is you need to realize KI is not a theme park, it is an amusement park with a heavy emphasis on thrilling coasters, not dark rides or water rides. Manage your expectations, this is definitely not Orlando. In my opinion KI excels at two things, a lightly themed kids area with lots of ride options for them and thrilling coasters. Two things you did not mention are your favorite things. We have seen lots of posts from first time visitors, "WDW is so much better" Yep, and your credit card balance backs that sentiment up. Although White Water Canyon is an excellent raft ride and a ton of fun, it is just a trip through the woods and now has a coaster running over it. Degrading it in my opinion, enhancing it in many other's opinion because they somehow "interact" with each other, but I still haven't figured out how exactly. If you go to Soak City it opens at 11 and the rides to hit first before the lines get out of control are the large family raft ride and the tornado raft ride. If you want a chair by the wave pools you must get there at rope drop because all the season pass holders were let in 1/2 hour earlier. You may have to settle for the grass. The drop pod slide will get a long lines as well. I find the other tube and body slides to generally have reasonable waits. There is also a surfing simulator that looks really cool and I would check out if you are the well balanced type. I just get banged up and limp away.
  8. Just don't go on the same day I do. I am convinced they close it down as soon as my pass is scanned in at the toll booths.
  9. Right after Maverick Kiefer started complaining about his foot hurting. Ryan and I did a couple coasters then bailed, already home. Seems like half my park visits are cut short from someone not feeling well for one reason or another. I need to plan a solo trip like you. Relying on other people sucks. I so wanted to ride Maverick a few more times.
  10. Just did Maverick! I fit with room to spare! Awesome ride! Silver, yes it is muggy but there is a good breeze that helps. Stay hydrated! I brought my sodium and potassium pills.
  11. Provide power is restored we will be up tomorrow at CPS until 1-2ish and then hit the dry park.
  12. I tend to agree. Just like on an airplane it is all wonk, wonk, wonk to me anyway and I just ignore it. I know keep my hands in the car, just push the button and let's go. Rides like the train is where I start getting annoyed.
  13. The route I would take is once off the causeway take an immediate right on 1st St. (before you hit Breakers Express, Thirsty Pony and such) that turns into E Monroe at a slight bend (Sail Inn), follow that until you hit Columbus Ave., take left for 1 block, then slight right on Route 4, it takes you straight to Route 2. I would come in that way as well, just ignore all the signs pointing you in a different direction to CP.
  14. I rarely ever watch them for more than a minute or two. I will say I similar problems last season with my old iPad 3 choking on them but my iPad Air 2 handles them just fine.