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  1. From the faq Elsewhere the park has mentioned and has been extensively discussed on KIC the intent to monitor the location of guests to assist in crowd control. The main problem I see with this and have complained about for years is with location services enabled the app (both KI and CP) drain the battery at an alarming rate. I have noticed greater than 20% per hour in the past. This is a result of poor programming and utilization of GPS/Wifi and the app being unnecessarily chatty with the servers. Perhaps they have rectified the problems with the new updates this year, but if you choose to have location services enabled I would monitor the drain closely.
  2. What about the one by Diamondback and behind Jukebox?
  3. So they don’t have any drink refill stations open on 90+F days?
  4. Get ready? Its July! They have had months. Besides who doesn’t have an old T-shirt, napkin, bandana or rag they can use while they wait for their Etsy Bejeweled Mask? I saw them at the gas station today. SMH.
  5. Hmmm. Maybe they should jack up all the posted food prices on the menu boards but only make you pay the old price.
  6. Then there is Invertigo or that yellow thing on the beach at CP. My two cents.
  7. Corporations are people too. Where have I heard that before?
  8. @BB1 Why can’t every location have a Dinning plan option? Why can’t most options be on the Dinning plan unless of course they are significantly more than the standard food basket price?
  9. So much for that supposedly non-existent line for Dback.
  10. I don’t mind the constant updates on cycle times, keep them coming! But a separate thread for that would be better.
  11. So nothing has changed at the park I see. I take it there is no security to be found anywhere?
  12. Roughly 300 Teens Exposed to Coronavirus After Attending ‘Pong Fest’ Party in Texas Town, Confirms Mayor https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/roughly-300-teens-exposed-coronavirus-040339878.html
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