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  1. King Ding Dong

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    No kidding! I only expect that from Six Flags parks!
  2. King Ding Dong

    Lockers at all rides

    A bit harder for women to secure their key but I agree with Malem. SC generally requires you bring more stuff but as long as you can ditch your phone in the car and bring old towels and a cheap bag I don’t worry about my stuff. If you arrive early enough you can park really close at SC. Your clothes are not likely to be stolen but shoes maybe so I change those in the car.
  3. King Ding Dong

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    Yeah, what is a rollercoaster but entertainment and KI has many high quality entertaining coasters. Now if it had started with high quality food service on the other hand....
  4. King Ding Dong

    Maximize # of Rides in a day. Advice?

    My father (72) went with us to SFSTL Wednesday and first ride got Batman. He was done, poor guy. It was hot and muggy and we all ended up leaving after a couple of hours. The park was dead as everyone was at the waterpark.
  5. King Ding Dong

    Kings dominion Soak City

    Have not heard of it being removed (yet)
  6. King Ding Dong

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Any chance they will have some Rivertown Freestyle ERT?
  7. King Ding Dong

    Maximize # of Rides in a day. Advice?

    No kidding Goble. One trip last year I had to bribe my 12 year old with a pack of Mambas and the promise of ice cream on the ride home to get him to take another lap around CP.
  8. I don’t necessarily agree with it but that is what some other parks are starting to do and unfortunately I fear that is the direction this whole issue is taking. My unscientific observation is the problem is just getting worse and is just a matter of time before people start getting gravely hurt more frequently. Eventually parks are going to have to spend more on enforcement or convenience solutions such as that bar code ride bag mini-Skyride concept system I saw someone post on here a year or so ago. Who knows, maybe the laws and courts will come down on the side that it is a individual versus individual issue and the parks have no responsibility for ensuring guests do not bring loose articles on the rides. I doubt it though.
  9. King Ding Dong

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    @upstop last I heard the answer is no, but they are having some sort of night slide event I think. I do beleive CPS is having some dive in movies this season.
  10. King Ding Dong

    Yelling at ride ops??

    Even if there is a greeter/separates at the entrance doing their job line jumping is an issue. The ride ops have a responsibility to make sure if it is questionable. There needs to be a better system especially in the case of paying an adult admission due to height and then being told you are not that height but I have no idea what that system is.
  11. King Ding Dong

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I have little experience with tri tip but with brisket there is a fine line between done and overdone where it just falls apart like a pork butt. It takes skill and experience to test them becuase time and temperature are not the same between one hunk of meat and the next. I cooked a 16lb brisket last week and it was done in about 16 hours (actually a tad overdone) but I have had some take 28 hours. Same with pork butt but it is more forgiving. This has to be even tougher when you have 50 of these cooking in those big rotisserie’s.
  12. King Ding Dong

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    This one isn’t close enough for you?
  13. King Ding Dong

    Peanuts Sketch School

    We have a few guys here that I am sure would love to teach a class on Giga Concept Sketching.
  14. King Ding Dong

    can you wait to buy Fast Lane when you arrive?

    @harmony29 did you miss Walt’s reply to your post with several links? https://pointbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/queue-photos
  15. Just noticed this in my latest SIX email. $20 entry to the newly managed parks and same for passholders at this parks for existing SIX parks.