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  1. Singapore is an interesting case and is unique in many ways. It is a city-state so very small with tightly controlled access. They also learned from previous outbreaks like SARS that self-isolation does not work very well. It is very difficult to control spread within a household. So they have built isolation hospitals for this very purpose so even a mild case gets you quarantined, there is no choice. They are also very aggressive with testing and contact tracing. To a level that would not pass muster in most western countries. Despite all of that they are starting to see an uptick in cases and may have to take further measures.
  2. @Joshua. So sorry. Every time I hear about someone loosing a job it is heart wrenching. My wife lost hers in the months after 9/11 shortly after she found out she was pregnant and I had just graduated into (at the time) one of the worst tech job markets. I was a wreck. I hope you have friends and family that you can lean on. Things will get better but until then be as strong as you can and fight on.
  3. Both can be true at the same time. There may have been a huge drop (idk) and Kinzel used his corporate speak to convey “given the circumstances, attendance was excellent”.
  4. Get ready for an above average hurricane season. I would agree there is no manual for handling a stay in home order and evacuation order at the same time. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2020/04/02/above-average-atlantic-hurricane-season-predicted-including-possible-major-hurricane-strike/?itid=hp_hp-more-top-stories-2_cwg-predict-10am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory-ans We need to start planning for where and how we shelter all these people and maintain social distancing. Now. Are we going to? Given recent history absolutely not. A few months from now the talking heads on TV and politicians will claim, “How could we have predicted this? Nobody believed this was possible.” In order to hear, one must listen. The governor of one state “just found out” asymptomatic individuals can be carriers. Just found out. Let that sink in.
  5. For those that are unemployed and bought a meal plan the park might be a great place to hang out EVERY DAY.
  6. Do you really think gold Passholders are worthy? I was thinking platinum elites only.
  7. Premium usually comes with a upcharge. What should the all-season-butt-wash pass cost?
  8. Not to mention the all administrative offices closing until 4/4.
  9. Just be happy the Coaster Gods are not demanding a virgin coaster.
  10. Doesn't look the full map has been released yet just that low-res image on the blog post. It does have little boats going around the island.
  11. That is a possibility. Another strategy would be to sideline the brand for a time and launch some others to fill the void. Still making it for the true fans, but lowering production and the marketing budget substantially until this is all over. I know its sales are down, just not sure by how much. We need a cringe emoji.
  12. Think this coaster will get a rename? https://rcdb.com/6727.htm
  13. Oh yeah forgot about the up charges. We did get on Xtreme Skyflyer a couple of years ago at night when it $5 a head however the boys started screaming and they let us back down. Although I was on the one at SFSTL 25 years or so ago.
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