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  1. Something tells me this was part of the plan all along. This Tetris piece has landed. What interests me is what is the blue piece going to be?
  2. And bring your own so you can join the party.
  3. EE is at 9, Dragster isn’t on early entry so it opens at 10 (maybe) Not sure what time they open the main lot or if it is really closed at all. You should be able to park there by 8:30 at the latest. Perimeter Rd. and at least one booth is open 24/7. Pro tip: getting out of the main lot at close is a nightmare on busy days (Every day this season). If you can’t leave early best best is to be Clark and park in the overflow lot to the left and walk a bit more. Getting out is a snap unless there is an actual jam on the causeway or on the mainland. See all where all these smart Griswalds parked? They are going to be home 1/2 to 1 hour earlier. One right turn and they are out on the causeway.
  4. A spiral dive is what I envision in the next evolution of dive machine. I don’t see 5 degrees noticeable enough to be a game changer. I can barely tell on Maverick though it is a short drop.
  5. Saturday prices went to $199 recently and just read they jumped again to $225 Not saying they shouldn’t raise prices if the demand is there but to pay that and still have to wait 45-1hr is something.
  6. I have been to one Monday and it was very busy. So is any day that ends in Y this season. FLP lines have crept north of 1 hour occasionally on the big 5 most weekdays I have been so far. The main lot was looking pretty good this morning when we pulled in at 10:30 but have been in CPS, will let you know about the dry park after a bit.
  7. We are going to need some more speculation and decoding threads to hit that Immortal status.
  8. Just getting bored with the old one? Still trying to figure out what the small square photo intersecting our round avatar photo is all about. Some have something and some just have an opaque frame.
  9. I am told it is more like Jiggly Jell-O moves.
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