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  1. That's interesting. Thinking about a weekday trip this summer and was leaning towards Carowinds. So KD is better? How about NJFTP? What would your order of preference be?
  2. Never been in one and no burning desire to try one out. Can't recall ever hearing, "Wow, that ride was awesome!" Usually it is "ouch" or "meh". Dont fix what ain't broke.
  3. If I happen to eat there I would still tip. But sure as hell won't be 15-20%. If the only service I am getting is carrying a tray 30 feet to my table, that might be worth a buck. Maybe two if is my whole family.
  4. Just checked and KI does not currently mention anything about soy. CP does say this about soy. "All french fries served within in-park foods contains soy" & "Hamburger, Hoagie and Hot dog primarily used throughout in-park foods". Would think they use the same vendors, but maybe not.
  5. As long as you are hitting your protein macro to preserve LBM going under on calories just means you will loose some fat. If you want to maintain I highly suggest some BACON! Have you tried Bullet Proof Coffee?
  6. I am more inclined to go with Magenta's theory. In general they don't use dynamite or C4 like in the movies. The charges are shaped thermals designed to melt through the steel beams and rebar and don't make a huge boom. I watched a building implosion once and was very surprised how quite it was.
  7. Carbs are cheap and taste great, that's why 90% of the food is carbs. Coney Potato Works is GF and is not supposed to be contaminated, buy if they are using soybean oil that can be a problem for some. To bad because I think the strips there are better than Rivertown. I think the time she had wings at Reds cross-contamination from the fryer was the issue. Not blaming the park as it is not labeled as GF. Stoan my 20% deficit is 1700 as well currently, but for the past 3 days I have been running Lyle's RFL which brings me down to 900, essentially just cutting the fat down to 20-40g/day. Goal is to be able to staple into a few more coasters this year. Short term maybe 4-6 weeks, as it is not sustainable with the activity level required for a day at the park. Surprisingly it has been much easier than I thought, but I miss my bacon. Keto on!
  8. On normal keto I would be fine with the levels of fat but I can see it being a problem for some especially females. My current plan has my protein at 158g/day for an active day (I am big), which is nearly 30oz of meat so would need like 3 burgers or grilled chickens per meal. That would be outrageously expensive. For you the anti-pasta salad may work, maybe the chicken wings at Reds (if your fat macro can handle it) In theory a burrito bowl at Hanks would work but I have not checked out what fillers if any are added to the meat. It is not listed as gluten free and if it were clean meat it should be. I am bit leary of their guacamole because it is nothing like a mashed up avocado. Will be requesting some additional details from food service soon to see what they are jazzing it up with. Something else I noticed poking around the website is they use soybean oil in a lot of stuff. My wife is celiac and although on both her visits she ate gluten free she still had issues. For her soy is just as bad, so that may have been the culprit.
  9. Oh stop complaining! KI is perfect! On on a more serious note anyone that has a teenager knows they are trainable, but frequently it takes a long time span for it to really sink in. 1 day or even a whole week of training isn't enough and despite all this they are still going to mess up every now and then. Sure some mature a lot faster than most but they are really the exception. KI can't really function without them so there we are.
  10. Yep, basic keto with moderate fat for dropping the weight. Cholesterol numbers have been the best in 15 years and I would need to take a bunch of meds for blood glucose if I went high carb/low fat. That finally went critical last year. Wife is celiac so it fits well with her, the only problem is I have a severely underweight son so we still have to keep all the simple carbs and sugars in the house. CP has some better options like Pinks,
  11. No water cannons? Disappointed.
  12. All the ops could dress like this guy and have Wagner playing on the loudspeakers. I would be good with that. Name the three trains Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot.
  13. With lots of weather balloons.
  14. Just consider yourself lucky you were spared and don't speak of it again.
  15. Was it black?