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  1. I love all different kinds of cheese but have never tried Buffalo, didn’t even know it was a thing. How does it compare to something like Goat cheese?
  2. It appears there is an update, not sure this fixes the issues but it is something.
  3. Some kid probably has been trying remote codes on every MT ride for a few years and finally found it.
  4. With juveniles about the worst you can expect is the judge throwing a short short story at them.
  5. I see another Q conspiracy bubbling up here. Covid was the Karen Neighbors!
  6. Probably just providing better lighting for the TikTok videos unfortunately. How crowded does the pickup area get? Never really payed attention to it. I guess they could put zip tie cuffs on all the teens until their parents arrived.
  7. Canada’s Wonderland is expecting to open for Passholder preview July 5th and 6th with GP on 7th. Splash works on the 12th. Reservations required for both.
  8. What a stupid question Silver, the only response you are going to get is Harmony Hall.
  9. My oldest is very similar. I learned long ago not to take Mom on hikes in the woods where they might find a fallen tree to climb on. If he fits the specs of the ride nothing bad is going to happen. The “better to as for forgiveness than ask for permission” rule applies here. My oldest has it all. ADHD, ASD and has a BMI that on the charts says “you are dead”. Been riding coasters since he was tall enough, the other one is as stocky as a linebacker and was the one that was scared until age 11. Vortex beat the hell out of “linebacker” and we had to go home, “bean pole” did fine a
  10. That’s called “feature creep”.
  11. By the time this is all done the only thing SF is going to handing out is Got2B hair gel coupons.
  12. INB4 “No matter what the mobile app did you'd find something that wasn't right to you.”
  13. The park is called Six Flags St. Louis not Six Flags East St. Louis.
  14. I remember when the “fingerprint” was introduced at SFSTL the park literature insisted it was not capturing a “fingerprint” but used some other method but I never really understood how the technology worked and wasn’t that interested in learning about it at the time. It was kind of a PIA as it didn’t work all that well especially with my kids and their grubby little fingers.
  15. Maybe all US parks, but shouldn't be a problem at Canada's Wonderland.
  16. Wise and intelligent Dad you have there, I would keep him. There is no need for a locker just for keys. Have pockets? All you need is a $0.02 safety pin and you are not going to loose your keys on a ride. Have an issue with nice roomy cargo shorts? Well then, I have the product for you.
  17. Those are fighting words @FUN&ONLY!
  18. I hope to make it there this week so 2 things are almost certain. Don't get used to it. RFS will close down at least the day I am there. WindSeeker will have intermittent down time as whenever I get within 100 yards of CM it shuts down.
  19. They knew I went to CP yesterday so it was safe to open it up!
  20. I don’t think this kind of stuff can really be put on the park, as I said tons of people hanging out in the parking lot is completely normal and even if dozens of security guards were patrolling the lot it would be really hard to spot nefarious activity. A robust CCTV system would be nice but likely only useful for evidence after the fact.
  21. Think leaving my fob on my driver’s side front tire is still safe?
  22. The thing is people loitering around in an amusement park lot is not and has never been an uncommon sight. Checking Amazon reviews on The Club and other anti-theft devices right now. The whole catalytic converter thing is getting out of hand as well and not so easy to prevent.
  23. Think Guest Services will refund them the $10 Preferred Parking upcharge?
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