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  1. Outrageous. Next they will come for our cargo shorts and soon after pockets altogether. Eventually even us men will have no option but to wear yoga pants and it will be the scariest most terrifying Haunt ever!
  2. Given the history of that word I am really surprised it is used for a coaster name.
  3. You weren’t always looking into the sun and even then if you wore sunglasses with a strap it is fine or just close your eyes. It was a flyer so a completely different experience than every other coaster except for launched.
  4. You must have missed the memo. There is only one way now. Allegedly.
  5. Cool. Did you get the 6 or 9 gallon card? Looks to me like the 9. Did you pay cash for it or have to use the cash to card kiosk? I keep seeing reports on social media that the park is still accepting cash despite what they say.
  6. No…but something even better is in the works. The park is busy developing “Paintings” cards that allow the guests to actually be a part of the experience and history of this unique event. The cards come in 6 gallon and 9 gallon denominations and sell for $49.99 and $74.99 respectively. ($5 discount for passholders). Once the guests have finished with either card they will unlock the ability to purchase a limited edition “I Painted It!” T-shirt for just $34.99 ($5 discount for passholders). Be sure to get your early once they go on sale as they will sell out quickly and prices are likely to go up.
  7. New for Fall 2021 Watching Paint Dry: The Ride
  8. I like to make the argument Cedar Downs is the best ride in the park because you actually have to actively ride it, not just be along for the ride like everything else. I boggles my mind that it is still allowed to operate given everything else has you so strapped in one can barely move. CP has been odd this season with food portions, mostly it has stayed on the traditional leaner side but a few places have been serving absolutely ridiculously large portions like Crystal Rock (Island Smokehouse) and Hugo’s. Still have not been able to ride SNE despite 8 day trips this season and spending 4 nights at Breakers last week it is never up when we pass by. It has taken over the Rivertown freestyle and WindSeeker curse for us.
  9. CF: Worst Decision: Keeping Rivertown freestyle SBNO for years and years Best Decision: Opening it this season.
  10. I wouldn’t be opposed to a freestyle Express.
  11. Nah, looks more like a Dragster footer to me.
  12. The link is to the CP menu, do we know if the KI menu will be the same?
  13. I have not purchased a SF pass/membership in several years but when I did this is always the way the seasons passes worked. IF you processed the season pass in person by a certain date then it would be upgraded to Gold and include parking and all parks.
  14. However ACME technology has existed for ages and who would’t pay a $75-$100 a pop to ride Dragster the old fashion way?
  15. Isn’t that kind of what you are doing in a loop? You don’t mean lift hill do you?
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