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  1. That is where I got it from, I must have misunderstood.
  2. They are not missing it, they just don’t care or care enough to be inconvenienced in any manner. If they get sick or a positive test result they will isolate, but they simply don’t care that they may be spreading it to others for days before they get symptoms or a positive test.
  3. Death and full recovery increasingly appear to not be the only two possible outcomes. More Known Unknowns below. https://scitechdaily.com/Delirium-brain-inflammation-nerve-damage-and-stroke-linked-to-covid-19/
  4. That one time I stumbled upon and open Rivertown Coke Freestyle Stand.
  5. KI should have a taco truck on every midway. (On the meal plan, of course)
  6. I think many would say the answer to many of those questions is compliance and that masks alone will not solve the problem. Masks are on of many methods that need to be employed including hygiene (something many countries are not known for). Social Distancing, testing, robust contact tracing and isolation (not the same as a quarantine). As to the last paragraph: New Zealand
  7. Also regarding not enough activity on this site. Unless you have the most recent post in every thread, then the way I see it you are part of the problem and really don’t have anything to complain about.
  8. Well he does have a valid point. We could be in a thread arguing about drone morality or the evils and perils of FastLane Plus.
  9. Some people like the open exchange of opinions and ideas. My question to you is if you do not like this thread why do you read it and post in it? There are threads on this forum I do not like, so I ignore them.
  10. Cool. How exactly does that work? Not being flip, these types of viruses usually make a jump from animals to humans. So how does knowing what kind of animal or even the specific one help us find a cure? Even if it escaped from a lab, I don’t understand how that helps.
  11. How does pinpointing how COVID started help with the current situation? There is certainly value in knowing that answer so we can help minimize the risk of it happening again but other than that so what? It is here. If the building has an uncontrollable fire the concern is not with determining if it was caused by arson or faulty electrical equipment, the immediate concern is extinguishing it. That is unless your implication is there is some conspiracy involved here and thus looking to affix blame. No reputable scientist I am aware of has found any indication this is a man-made or in
  12. An interesting thought experiment: At what point is this kind of BS the equivalent of screaming “Fire!” In a theater?
  13. The marketing photo and what you actually receive are never quite the same are they?
  14. What is also interesting is the website says the park is closed after Labor Day for the rest of September and there is no October schedule.
  15. I don’t get it. The forum has topics and for the most part conversations stay on topic so if one doesn’t want to read about NASCAR or MLB or Food or Rona or anything else just don’t click on those topics. Are there people that just don’t have the ability to not read a topic they are not interested in? That seems really strange to me. I don’t really care about golf but it’s not like I want to cancel my TV service because they carry the Golf Channel. I don’t think I have ever clicked the NASCAR thread except by accident and it was really easy to bail, I mean seriously easy.
  16. They are not hiding that data from you BJ, they don’t really know with a high degree of confidence. Why? No robust testing and contact tracing protocols. In many cases it still takes 5-7 days or more to get test results if you can get a test. 4 and a half months into this. You have already stated your objection to robust contact tracing. So how exactly do you propose we gather high quality data to form a more coherent understanding of this virus so we can fight back? Right now we are just sending waves and waves over the trench walls into the machine gun nests and results
  17. If this country doesn’t substantially change its policies very very soon and take this seriously the parks are going to look substantially similar next season as well. This is a slow moving ship and changes need to happen now, not 7 months from now.
  18. KDD who believes any discussion of any food item at a CF park is negligent and incomplete if it doesn't stipulate if it is on the meal plan or not.
  19. It very well may but providing those numbers could hurt them as well. Past precedent and business practices indicate broadcasting current attendance hurts more than helps. When has the park ever sent out a Tweet, “Come on down, nobody is here today and everything is a station wait!” This is an unprecedented situation so nobody really knows the impact until they try it.
  20. Is that your expert legal opinion? Can you site precedent? It isn’t that simple. Just because a contract says something doesn’t make it so and binding. Contract law is a large part of our legal code and case law. Provisions in a contract must conform and courts can invalidate sections of contracts and routinely do. Both parties are expected to make good faith efforts to honor the terms of the contract. If one party does not or cannot all bets are off. As a practical matter even a Platinum Pass and Platinum FL+ are small potatoes in the world of litigation even though it doesn’t see
  21. Lower cognitive ability linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus outbreak https://www.psypost.org/2020/07/covidiot-study-lower-cognitive-ability-linked-to-non-compliance-with-social-distancing-guidelines-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak-57293
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