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  1. Benjamin22 posted the current items in a spoiler tag and the park usually has a printed Dinning guide you can pick up on the way in. That may be different this year with no printed park maps. Don’t think the app listed menu items in years past, but hopefully they will this year. Keep in mind items are “subject to change” and in years past they have yanked things around or had ill trained associates. Issues I can recall are changing the entree options at Panda mid season and some salads listed on dining plan menu but associates saying it is not on the plan. I don’t recall hearing any major
  2. What Benjamin22 said but realize not every item is on the menu and usually just the basics. The value proposition is a bit different with kids especially if they are picky or don’t eat much. With limited items on the menu it can make it harder for a family to all eat at one place and sometimes all a kid needs is a cheaper snack and not a full basket meal so the math is not all 1:1. Portion sizes are different between parks as well, CP in general has smaller portions than KI. (1 pizza slice instead of 2, 1 Panda entree instead of 2) Also you can’t use the basket price to do the math as the
  3. KI has been backing away from a lot of long standing traditions the past few seasons. This is not what I wanted to hear today. Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China https://www.bbc.com/news/health-53218704
  4. Are you sure that is how they are handling it? I thought we had a discussion recently about the toll booths not opening until 10:30 and that would naturally stagger the arrival of guests at the front gate depending how fast they let vehicles through the booths. Of course at the expense of a possible traffic jam who knows how far outside the toll booths.
  5. I am having a tough time squaring these two seemingly in-congruent statements.
  6. Whoosh (Unless we hired former East German engineers it wouldn’t even be possible. Our newly minted Wall is easily thwarted with a $100 saw from Lowe’s.)
  7. Mocking a poster with “learning disabilities”. Keeping it classy I see. Facts are not your strong point clearly. Look at at Europe. You anti-maskers IMO are the problem.
  8. Can you provide those statistics to prove your point?
  9. I am a bit surprised @BeeastFarmer is not railing on you for being an “expert on coaster rattling”. We need more cross threading around here. So.... why are they rollbacks bouncing now when they didn’t before? Is this a maintenance or design issue? @DonHelbig obviously agrees, maybe he can answer.
  10. Closing the Indiana border would seem a higher priority right now.
  11. The B&M rattle will show up soon enough. It always does.
  12. Not only that it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear and then more time before they become severe enough to warrant a test. On top of that contact tracing is not very robust in most areas in the US and where it is cooperation is very limited. Then if there is information is not in the public domain and aggregate data is sporadically released to the public if at all. It is also only done within a state and the virus does not respect borders much less state borders. The US for many reasons does not have a robust nationwide contact tracing system.
  13. The soap and water trick requires a very light rinse and preferably an air dry. Soap with moisturizers probably won’t work as well just like the tissues with moisturizers like aloe are poor for cleaning. The goal is to leave a slight clean soap film on the inside of the lenses. Rubbing with saliva will help and there are many commercial products available as well that may work better. For swim goggles Jaws Liquid Spit worked well for me if I let it air dry. The Jaws brand doesn’t seem available on Amazon anymore but if you search anti-fog for glasses there are many options includ
  14. That’s great and all but still begs the question of who gets let in the line. If the queue is cut off because it is full how does one get in the queue when they open the queue back up? Just the few that are standing around the entrance? How do you get to be that chosen few? Do they force everyone out of Area 72 and set up cattle pens to keep people out then make an announcement that it is open and have a running of the bulls? Wouldn’t people then start congregating in Coney Mall so they would be the first let in? I don’t understand how any of this works without some sort of virtual q
  15. Great and then who monitors the big crowd outside the main que entrance trying be the next person that is allowed in line?
  16. It is not just CNN. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20200625/ohio-coronavirus-cases-up-892-thursday-highest-since-april https://patch.com/ohio/cleveland/ohio-coronavirus-spike-continues-892-new-cases-confirmed
  17. Take a look at the age distribution of new cases.
  18. For most people getting a 2021 extension is just fine for others not so much, depends on your Individual circumstances. Too many to list but many military are on 2 year rotations, students may not be in the area next season, some are in niche careers and if you lose a job it requires relocation, could have an elective surgery planned for 2021 such as knee or hip replacement. If all you have invested is $100 on a Gold Pass it is not a huge loss, but if you have some or all of the add-ons or are family of 4+ one could have major money on the line here. I have about $1450 on the line,
  19. Maybe the masks will muffle the screams this season.
  20. Just regular dummies, nothing special about them.
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