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  1. I had the boys on either side of me and yes they started screaming begging to be let down. I told the ride-op to keep going but he wasn’t having any of that and they lowered us down. He said they have to stop if the guests asked.
  2. I got a refund for Xtreme Skyflyer once when my kids started screaming half the way up.
  3. I expect a few thussies will start camping out this weekend.
  4. You related to 420 Guy? No! The Ho Ho guy is still a big Meanie FTFY
  5. At least one semester of Monty Python should be a foundational requirement of any liberal arts education.
  6. Not necessarily, they can throttle the number of cars getting through the toll booths. For example 10 cars per minute would stagger how many get to the 1st security tent.
  7. The voucher may have the pass number if it is a New pass, but if it is a renewal it doesn't. Just looked up mine as well because one of my kids has misplaced his pass, again.
  8. If you do not have the pass or paper voucher the quickest way to get it is call guest services, otherwise use the contact us page from the website. Your parents *should* have the email receipt, but I know how that goes.
  9. You left out the Blue Ice Cream or is that the 12th Commandment?
  10. Have to agree with you there Spooky. While the front gate might not be the worst place it is pretty high up there on the list.
  11. So what is going to happen to all of us that find ourselves living in Flavortown?
  12. I suppose the same could be said for the roads and highways. We all had to pass a written test, driving test and vision test; we know the rules. All the turn lanes are marked, stop lights working, speed limit signs everywhere. They did what they could, no need for moving violation enforcement, it’s up to us as humans to do what is right.
  13. @stashua123 what about Zoom Flume for FL or was it removed from FL?
  14. “Social media” is just not a statistically representative sample. It may give you a sense of how your hardcore fans view things but not the general public. People also tend to complain online about this or that but that doesn’t mean they will actually cancel you. I am personally much less concerned about comfort wearing a face covering on a ride than just being in the park in general. On a ride there is generally a cool breeze, not so much huffing it on a midway or standing in queue.
  15. So let me get this straight. You think they will be able to reach that limit if they change their policies? What policies? Face coverings? When all polls show the majority of the US supports face coverings?
  16. Fortunately KI does not want as much attendance as possible right now. If they did they wouldn’t be limiting capacity.
  17. I am not attacking you. I am adding context to misinformation. Nothing kills 100%, that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. You are the one that said whatever they are using is more for show. That is a serious allegation. The Novel Coronavirus is not listed on the can because it wasn’t a thing when the can was manufactured. Try using some more up to date information. https://www.lysol.com/healthy-home/understanding-coronavirus/ What makes a product effective or not is the formulation. Just because it is generic or packaged for commercial use does make it ineffective.
  18. Latest Fox News poll Favorable opinion of people who wear Face masks: 80% https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-voters-say-yes-to-face-masks-no-to-rallies
  19. Is there anything that kills it 100%? The concept of viral load is important here. 63.2% > 60% so meets the the test, what difference does the marketing label make? So you have evidence Dollywood is using ineffective sprays? Or is that just your guess? Is that based off anything more than just a “tiny label”? That is a strong charge to make against Dollywood with scant evidence.
  20. I think you just proved my point. If the park was forthcoming the truth is rather boring, by not being forthcoming it leads to speculation and sensationalism.
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