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  1. An extra 40 feet in height will need significant reinforcement on the current structure.
  2. My concern with current queues is the lack of accurate wait times. If I don't know how long I could be waiting, I can't start planning the next ride until after I exit.
  3. I'd estimate about 2/3 finished with the lift hill. The rest should go up pretty quickly. The crossover is the last "tall" part of the ride.
  4. I inquired about sending a resume and they responded with a child t-shirt and a couple pictures.
  5. You mean like Face/Off and then Son of Beast? Different park but, if it happened one place, it can happen elsewhere also1989 Magnum 1990 Disaster Transport (conversion) 1991 Mean Streak Compare to 2015 Rougarou (conversion) 2016 Valravn 2017* RMC MS (conversion) So, it's not completely unheard of...
  6. Well, this one comes to mind... https://firstsliveone.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/cedar-point/
  7. It has been working for me all day. There are some nice pictures posted over at TPR from today.
  8. As the hills get smaller, the crane should be able to reach out further without losing balance. And that's assuming they need it very much before the turn.
  9. So, I found this on Facebook, but I don't know who originated the photo... but I-Box confirmed on site: http://i.imgur.com/lcUlYUl.jpg
  10. Sorry if I misled. I know they are. I was suggesting that someone interested in the development of Mystic Timbers may want to check out the work being done to Mean Streak for themselves.
  11. Be sure to check out the work being done on Mean Streak. Word on the street (in pictures) is that they are attaching steel cross beams to the pre-lift section already.
  12. I'd bet my Platinum pass that it is just a generic crane truck. There's no reason to assume RMC would be on site.
  13. He has stated in interviews that he prefers the smaller rides, because he can do more without worrying about exceeding stress levels. Larger rides require larger pullouts and transitions between design elements.
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