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  1. Well I just saw it for the first time (30+ visits this season) and wanted to give her a shoutout
  2. Anyone else notice @VortexBFForever on the Tv’s in the queue’s? I did. And I stopped to watch the whole dang segment. Awesome job Carolyn! (I think I spelled it right?). Thank you for giving us a behind the scenes look.
  3. Everything is slow. And I mean everything. Drinks. Food.
  4. I'm wondering the same...can't use the live cams anymore to check on crowd size.
  5. I've got to ask, are you a returning employee or new employee? My source is a returning employee that was making in the mid $10/hr range. They were bumped to $12 and told the remaining $3/hour (to take it to $15) was contigent on them meeting all the asterisked criteria.
  6. I hope every one of them resigned. Edit: before I get banned I want to make it clear that every single one of these issues we are seeing at KI/CP and other CF parks can be traced back to incompetent senior leadership/Management. IMO it's time for a complete overhaul.
  7. I'm hoping someone here can confirm, but I was told that they aren't even really paying the $15/hour. That it's $12/hour with a bunch of asterisks attached to it, that if you stay the whole season THEN you get a payment for the extra $3/hour based on your hours worked.
  8. I Intend on sending an email this weekend asking those very questions. -Why aren't potential offenders removed from line immediately? If it's an honest mistake, you can easily re-insert them no harm, no foul. -Why can't your "poor man's Jerk line" receive photos or videos. The park is already wired for video and audio surveillance so they can verify submitted footage independently. -Why is only 1 security guard dispatched when a complaint is received? Most of these calls will involve groups....and you're sending 1 guard? Buddy system anyone? I have many more questions...but I told Leslie and Carl I expected answers to these questions given I was accosted for "Keeping the park safe"
  9. I left for the day shortly after leaving guest services after talking with Carl and Leslie. I had zero desire to be there as my day had pretty much already been shot. This all happened around 1130, and I didn't leave guest services until after 2pm. By that time it was packed and I was pretty hacked off so...
  10. My thoughts exactly. I told them I thought everything they did was reactionary, and the least amount they could get away with doing. They just dont act or operate in a proactive or anticipatory manner in my opinion. It's all knee-jerk reactions.
  11. The park suspects it's because I knew the security guard they sent and he and I were chatting prior to them being removed. Edit: according to the park their text reporting system isn't capable of receiving photographs just fyi
  12. That was one of the concerns I conveyed to the park. I was stuck in the queue on a stairwell...not exactly an ideal place to be. There are a number of ways it could've ended up worse. Ffs, one of them was trying to take a photo of me. I told them I felt like I was going to have to watch over my shoulder all day watching for the others. I left.
  13. Ya. Thats one of the reasons I sat and talked with them for so long. Trying to understand how this happens and quite frankly the answers I received to my questions did not fill me with confidence.
  14. The one that attempted to assault me was removed. 2 of the remaining 4 were removed from the queue. The remaining 2 were the ones who verbally harassed me afterwards. Only one was ejected per the park. The remaining 4 were "talked to". However after I met with Leslie and Carl and explained what happened afterwards I was told they would search them out and remove them. But initially only the one that came at me was removed. The rest were sent along after a "Stern talking to". Also. This was a group of 3 adults, 1 later teen, 1 early teen.
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