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  1. I'm wondering the same...can't use the live cams anymore to check on crowd size.
  2. I've got to ask, are you a returning employee or new employee? My source is a returning employee that was making in the mid $10/hr range. They were bumped to $12 and told the remaining $3/hour (to take it to $15) was contigent on them meeting all the asterisked criteria.
  3. I hope every one of them resigned. Edit: before I get banned I want to make it clear that every single one of these issues we are seeing at KI/CP and other CF parks can be traced back to incompetent senior leadership/Management. IMO it's time for a complete overhaul.
  4. I'm hoping someone here can confirm, but I was told that they aren't even really paying the $15/hour. That it's $12/hour with a bunch of asterisks attached to it, that if you stay the whole season THEN you get a payment for the extra $3/hour based on your hours worked.
  5. I Intend on sending an email this weekend asking those very questions. -Why aren't potential offenders removed from line immediately? If it's an honest mistake, you can easily re-insert them no harm, no foul. -Why can't your "poor man's Jerk line" receive photos or videos. The park is already wired for video and audio surveillance so they can verify submitted footage independently. -Why is only 1 security guard dispatched when a complaint is received? Most of these calls will involve groups....and you're sending 1 guard? Buddy system anyone? I have many more questions...but I told Leslie and Carl I expected answers to these questions given I was accosted for "Keeping the park safe"
  6. I left for the day shortly after leaving guest services after talking with Carl and Leslie. I had zero desire to be there as my day had pretty much already been shot. This all happened around 1130, and I didn't leave guest services until after 2pm. By that time it was packed and I was pretty hacked off so...
  7. My thoughts exactly. I told them I thought everything they did was reactionary, and the least amount they could get away with doing. They just dont act or operate in a proactive or anticipatory manner in my opinion. It's all knee-jerk reactions.
  8. The park suspects it's because I knew the security guard they sent and he and I were chatting prior to them being removed. Edit: according to the park their text reporting system isn't capable of receiving photographs just fyi
  9. That was one of the concerns I conveyed to the park. I was stuck in the queue on a stairwell...not exactly an ideal place to be. There are a number of ways it could've ended up worse. Ffs, one of them was trying to take a photo of me. I told them I felt like I was going to have to watch over my shoulder all day watching for the others. I left.
  10. Ya. Thats one of the reasons I sat and talked with them for so long. Trying to understand how this happens and quite frankly the answers I received to my questions did not fill me with confidence.
  11. The one that attempted to assault me was removed. 2 of the remaining 4 were removed from the queue. The remaining 2 were the ones who verbally harassed me afterwards. Only one was ejected per the park. The remaining 4 were "talked to". However after I met with Leslie and Carl and explained what happened afterwards I was told they would search them out and remove them. But initially only the one that came at me was removed. The rest were sent along after a "Stern talking to". Also. This was a group of 3 adults, 1 later teen, 1 early teen.
  12. I debated on posting this experience, but after more than an hour spent with Leslie (dir. Safety and security) and Carl (area manager, security) I feel like it needs to see the light of day. I used the this line to report some line jumpers this morning. Sent pictures (their system can't receive pictures) and descriptions in addition to location information. AAAANNNDDD...nearly got assaulted for my troubles. As the single security guard that responded (he did everything he could in this situation) tried to remove them from the line, one of the offenders charged at me aggressively, swinging his phone around at me and yelling. I should note here that I had zero interaction with these guests. Didn't talk, speak, anything to them. He got to within a few inches before the security guard was able to yank him back. Security only removed half the group, so I was then subjected to verbal harassment and threats from the remaining group members. Needless to say I was and still am really ticked off. I went immediately to guest services and sat with Leslie and Carl to discuss the events. To her credit (and she is the first person in dir. level position to do so) she acknowledged KI failed in this instance and apologized for it, personally. While I appreciate the sincerity and honesty from her, I am left unsatisfied with the resolution. That "zero tolerance" policy... isn't really that. It's more "they'll get a stern talking to." Furthermore there are so many holes in their security and safety policies that it might as well be a sieve. Make of this what you will, but I think I may be done after this.
  13. I agreed with you until you got to the part I bolded, underlined, and italicized. If the issue/s still persist, then I don't believe it's laboring the point. Now, it'd be another thing if the park fixed said issues and the conversation was still continuing to the point of beating a dead horse. Drawing attention to issue/s that still exist/s should continue until the park fixes them and they are completely resolved. They shouldn't get a pass because they are "trying". Even moreso since the park has been caught being less than honest with us, the GP, and the media. I would straight up call it a lie, but I don't want an infraction over it. Why should they get a break from criticism? Especially when it's warranted.
  14. I shouldn't be surprised...but I am. I can't believe they cut hours on a holiday weekend less than 48 hours in advance. Wonder what they are doing for the paying ticketholders that got bait-and-switched? The fact that it was an email only and they aren't actively getting the message out is....sad. I've said it before and I'll continue to beat that drum, but Senior management is a joke and the lot of them needs to be replaced. Far too many bonehead moves to give them the benefit of the doubt or my money any longer.
  15. Says the statement was made Sunday morning, so it's the the same statement the other news outlets received.
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