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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. When did they open it for sale? I must have missed it because it says sold out now. Ran thru my emails fron KI and didn't get one that said they were available.
  2. I went to KK yesterday for.their opening day. Here's what I posted on another forum. I was there yesterday. Ops were painfully slow with 1 train only (except Kentucky Flyer). Storm Chaser they mandated exiting 1 row at a time and they only sat 4-5 rows in a train. I counted just over 4 minutes from the time the train pulled in until the next dispatch. Storm Chaser went down at about 3 and didn't come back up. Drink stations - 1 employee will fill your cup. Guests are not allowed at the dispensing machines. (Interestingly the employee that was filling the cups didn't wear
  3. Thanks! I've tried calling the parks info center but it's closed, and have gotten no responses to the emails I sent either.
  4. Have you been able to get clarification from the park as to what will constitute an acceptable face covering? I've been planning on wearing neck gaiters but can't find any info from the park.
  5. This is the first I've heard about that limitation. Was that restriction just announced today?
  6. Did I read that correctly, only 1 visit between July 2-11, and only 1 active reservation at a time for pass holders?
  7. And mine has just showed "hours not available" the whole time.
  8. Found this on a reddit thread. Credit to u/a_better_reddit_name
  9. I miss the webcams because it let me see if it was raining at the park. I don't like the thought of diving 35 minutes to find out if it's raining.
  10. Not trying to be contrarian, but I wasn't dealing with MB or anyone from F&B I was dealing with the head of Guess Services (or whatever they call it). SHE is the one who called Sandusky and had the IT folks investigate.
  11. They told me that the option to have a paper and a souvenir cup on a single pass is "intended". In fact, that was one of the "concessions" they offered to try to fix the problem because they said the cup is not actually tied to the pass, it's tied to the barcode on the cup itself. Having 2 paper cup plans on a single pass is not "supposed to be able to happen." At least according to the gold tag who is manager of the entire department. (Not wanting to name names).
  12. Well mine wasn't for "no reason". I PAID for two drink plans on my pass for a reason. It worked the entire season until they pushed out the upgrade for 2020 gold passes. Although the park claimed that the second drink plan was never used and then blamed it on the hourly employees for screwing something up. They couldn't even figure out how to change the interlock (for lack of a better term I mean the length of time between drinks which is currently set at 15 minutes). So I'll say it again. Reeks of incompetence.
  13. I ran into an issue last time they "upgraded their system" which was around the time the 2020 Gold Passes went on sale. I'd had 2 paper cup drink plans on my pass the entire season. When they did the upgrade they "turned off" my second drink plan. It was laughable. No one knew what was going on. They made claims that I never should have been able to have two drink plans on my pass. The gold tag had to call and it took their IT team in Sandusky the better part of 3 full days to figure out what they broke. Then they said it was "working as intended". Based o
  14. Is it just me or does it look like they already drained the fountain?
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