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  1. So that begs the question. Why is NOT topping the ET so important?
  2. I believe they were $24.99 before Season Pass discount.
  3. Not sure if this was posted. This is the black shirt on a fat guy. Edit : not gonna lie. Was hoping the stars would glow in the dark, but alas....no dice. Edit 2: so there's no confusion. I am the fat guy.
  4. That's the same dj from the Coca-Cola area during Winterfest.
  5. Just bumped into Chad with a Fox19 Camera crew. The excitement is palpable. He seemed a Lil nervous...but a good kind of nervous. Like a I can't wait to tell you kind of nervous Edit: sorry for the 3 handshakes Chad. I am just as excited as you apparently.
  6. @Magenta Lizard you're killing me Smallz
  7. I got you fam. I'll ask Don when I see him. Whether I get an answer or not...well...
  8. Is there a post 530 meetup? I owe @Magenta Lizard a Dorothy card. Although I'm devastated...I left her lovely poop gift at home.
  9. Correct. And I would expect assembly to start soon. Those cranes are expensive and don't like to just be sitting around unused.
  10. So does that really mean the brake run sits 60'ish feet above the station?
  11. I wasn't trying to hate on you. It just seems like the hive dive is more of a speed-bump. No offense intended.
  12. Well I have absolutely zero use for it lol. Please feel free to grab it tomorrow.
  13. @Magenta Lizard, I know you are all about the Wizard of Oz game. Find me tomorrow at the announcement and reclaim your Dorothy card!
  14. Wow. That hive dive right before the 9000' tall brake run seems really shallow. I thought it was much more pronounced in your other video.
  15. Well. Maybe I should continue the trend and put your prize in another box.
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