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  1. So it was a "new to KI train" on Invertigo? Because yesterday may have been the worst ride I've ever had. I swear it was running on square wheels. You could hear the wheels thump-thump-thumping when the train was on the course.
  2. To be fair, I eventually gave up on the non-franchised food. Chick-fil-A is identical to what you'd get outside the park, as is Skyline. I'm not a Subway fan, but I'm going to assume it's similar to what's available outside the park. I worked close by, so it wasn't anything to just pop in.
  3. It has been my experience that this is how terrible the food service has been all year. I've over 110 visits for the season and have experienced poor food quality, inconsistent portions, and many more issues well over 50% of my visits. It's become a running joke between the wife and I as to whether it'll be an "issue free" meal. In fact, just earlier this week I was served 1 (ONE) slice of smoked turkey as my dinner. The excuse given was "it's a thicker slice that's why you only get 1". I have spoken to the VP of Food and Beverage (Mark B.) and both chefs (Nathan and James) repeatedly throughout the season. Their reactions to feedback at this point are solely lip service. I can't even begin to count the number of meals that guest services has had to "credit" me (aka give me a free replacement meal) this year. The changes needed to bring food service up to par has to start at the top, and frankly, those in charge at the moment clearly aren't up to the task. I started taking photos of the meal, timing how long I stood in line while my "hot" food got cold, and interacting with other guests in line to get a feel for their impressions. I stop in at guest services regularly to share all of this and the front line folks always say "we'll pass this on up". However, if management doesn't bother to look at the data then they are just sticking their head in the ground and ignoring the problems.
  4. I wouldn't call that nerdy my man. Educational. Might even go as far as to be put in the illustrious "For Science" category. We are FAR from the days of daisy chaining lights together to cover the front bushes eh?
  5. Is the Fast Lane entrance at FoF the single rider line? Gonna try to put some laps on her tonight since the wife went shopping. Edit : by her I meant the coaster...
  6. Can confirm. Queue is full. I hope y'-all have your FL+ passes. Edit: I almost feel bad for putting 4 laps on her in about 30 minutes while everyone else is waiting. Edit 2 : not really lol
  7. Is that the min operating temp or the min startup temp? I seem to remember a discussion last season where it was stated that the temp had to be at x degrees (I think it was 45, but not certain) to "wake up" the ride, but it could operate at lower temps once it had been woken up.
  8. I ended up going up late last night (from 11p-1a). Invertigo, Banshee, and Vortex were all closed. Each one had the chained sign across the entrance and no ride ops out front or inside the stations. In fact, the area by the restrooms and Invertigo was completely empty.
  9. KI website says it's in the low 40s. I was under the impression they could run the rides in the mid 40s, but I could be mistaken. How are crowds up there tonight?
  10. Gotcha. My mistake, I thought you were at the park.
  11. You're saying it's packed tonight? I was going to pop in late for some night rides but i can't tell crowd size from the webcam.
  12. I got mine as well. Silly question though, I registered both my wife and I using the same email address and obviously the emails weren't personalized so does that mean we're both in? Suppose I could email Don and ask, but I'd rather not bother him if someone else has the answer.
  13. Looks like tri tips is back on the menu.
  14. I know this. I'm just reporting what they've served me. I did get the email for the VP of Food and Beverage. It's a fella named Mark BXXXX (last name redacted for obvious reasons). When I get the time, I'm going to send him the pictures I took and offer my impressions. I've eaten at Coney BBQ probably 12 times and there are many shortcomings in my opinion.
  15. Loved Beavis and Butthead, still watch South Park and Simpsons on the regular. I'll have to check ye olde trusty interweb and see about this Rick and Morty.
  16. So my wife and I noticed this gem inside one of the claw machines in the arcade. I am unsure what to make of it. Is this a thing or am I having an old man get off my lawn moment. Please enlighten me.
  17. This was my brisket today. They are now slathering the brisket with BBQ sauce. I assume it is to try to keep moisture in the meat and keep it from drying out.
  18. It's pretty crowded. FOF/Beast closed. DB = 45 minutes. Mystic Timbers 45 minutes.
  19. This is what my chopped brisket looked like today. That definitely looks more like chopped brisket than what I received yesterday. It even looks different from what Liz and I got yesterday It still dries out super fast but it's definitely chopped and not shredded.
  20. The problem, at least IMO, is that the minute the meat is removed from the heat lamps it begins to cool. Waiting any length of time to "check out" allows the meat to cool even further which results in the dry, tough texture that I and a few others have reported. Edit : I should note that I've encountered this myself when I was learning to smoke meat. I dropped by guest services Friday and got the email of the VP of food and beverage and I intend to email him with my observations.
  21. Noticed this today and can't seem to figure out where Diamondback uses "brakes that squeeze the tracks surface."
  22. I said it in the other thread, but I'll say it again. Can confirm it tastes like shoe leather. Could barely get it down it was so dry.
  23. I did. But it took nearly 20 minutes to check out, so by the time I actually got to eat lunch it was about as edible as shoe leather. Also, according to the area supe, tri tips are being permanently replaced by the brisket.
  24. It appears tri tips have been replaced by "Texas Chopped Brisket."
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