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  1. It sure if it's a troll or someone who's new and just overly excited.... But I came in here to ask is there (I'm sure here is) a scientific break down as to which seats give more air time and exactly how does that work?
  2. Yea totally cool you have the same name... MDMC01 the series (even though it was a great cartoon) had nothing to do with the movies but the movies are great and still worth the watch! I'm totally ok with this. I really think the blue and white look great on a coaster.
  3. I have some really wonderful news for you! The Cedar Fair apps (there's one for each park if I'm not mistaken) under the "Me" tab has a place to "Mark your parking spot"
  4. Ok so I have to know.... And yes I'm aware this off topic but is Gordon Bombay your real name or a Mighty Ducks reference???
  5. Hmmmm.... could they possibly be using that piece of Firehawk track for the new arch and signage????
  6. Out of curiousity if the projected area of the lift hill is correct would they be able to use the terrain do make the drop bigger?
  7. This was put in by Paramount though as No Limits right?
  8. Wow!! That was intense.... LOL I pray it was Don or someone that got everyone this worked up.... that being said lets be honest. Does it really matter that its doesnt break every record??? Mystic Timbers didnt break records like that and is still one of the greatest rides ive had. A Giga will still have the huge drop everyone loves and the speeds and i dont think its length will bother you once riding it. And you never know with these guys there might be some surprises in store that will change your mind as well. Im still super excited to see what exactly is in store for us.
  9. Mr Helbig is that you???
  10. Its a reference to on going joke during i believe the Mystic Timbers decoding thread... we had a good bit of trolls throwing around false information and i cant remember who started it but someone said they ere getting the inside scoop from the dippin dots guy
  11. Hey is there a forum im missing that tells how KIC member ranking works??? Just been curious about it.
  12. Not sure how I didnt see that... LoL thanks so much
  13. Alright so while visiting the park this weekend my fiance picked up a little Kings Island Pamplet to look at while we were trying to get my phone back...... Upon reading it she asked me about Island Nights, I have never heard of it before but based on the description it seems like that glow party thing that they do at CP. So today with some extra time i jump on Kings Islands website to check it out some more but i didnt see anything about it on there. Anyone of any additional info on it?
  14. It took a bit to find someone willing to try and help me but i eventually got someone who was super helpful and did help me get it back...... however just as an FYI Lifeproof cases are good against getting crushed under a car lift, dropped into buckets of oil and sunk in water.... but..... does not protect against Diamondback. But at least im able to plug it in to the pc and get all my files. Thanks again for your alls help!
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