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  1. I was honestly hoping that they would fix it up somehow so it wasn’t so rough. RIP Vortex
  2. I like the fact they have sizes over 2x. Wish theyd keep the shirts in the park in bigger sizes. I like my shirts big and baggy and at 6'4" and 253 lbs a 2x is like a snug crop top on me after a wash. Some tall sizes would be nice as well.
  3. So it appears there will be no skeleton key again this year
  4. I'm going to Livestream on Instagram if KI's feed has problems. DubVLeged304.
  5. Woooooooow so like 6 1/2 hours of news?! That's crazy and upsetting. Thanks to the link provided on the last page I was able to hop on before I headed to work I hopes of catching a clue. No way I can keep an eye on it for 6 hours lol. Thankfully I have KICentral on my side! Speaking of work... This will no doubt be on of the longest days EVER, but afterwards the girls and I will be driving the 7 hour round trip for the announcement. Someone hold us a spot!!! Lol
  6. UUUUUGHHH. Ok so so far all she did was show she doesn't have much knowledge of the park and talked to Chad. No clues revealed yet. She did say she would check back in with him in an hour and a half..... How long is your all's news in Ohio????
  7. Hmmm.... So the lockbox is still on my mind..... Do we know who got the lock off (a guest or did KI remove it) and what was originally inside the lockbox. Anyone seen or heard anything more about it?
  8. @Magenta Lizard were you able to see anything in h lockbox when you were trying to crack the code?
  9. Do we know what was in the lockbox?
  10. Super interesting... Maybe it's gonna be called The Great Escape and there will be theming to each area along the track LoL. Honestly though I bet all those spots have had "sightings" of some sort
  11. They seemed to.figure out a solution for that on The Beast 40th Anniversary t shirt giveaway.
  12. Hmmm... Closed for mechanical reasons or to keep things hidden for a short period of time???????
  13. This is quite interesting. There's definitely songs on there that dont play at the park. Wonder if there still some hinting going on.
  14. Ok well this officially sucks. I can't leave til after work which would put us there after 8 and since the park closes at 8 I'm guessing we would be denied entry right?
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