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  1. I hope you didn’t take my post wrong. Kings Island and the employees has done an excellent job and better then any public place I’ve seen. I was just referring to the fact that we have a lot of people who can’t follow rules and how they could possibly make them follow the rules better.
  2. And as I seen every day I was there the person puts on the mask and as soon as they walk off it comes back down. As far as I’ve seen the only protocol is beating a dead horse. If they want to keep these guidelines enforced and the park safe they will need to figure out how to actually enforce these things. I was thinking something that may be possible is anytime someone is caught blatantly not wearing a mask staff request to see their pass and report it to a team. If someone gets three strikes I feel like they need to be asked not to come back until the threat is over. But I honestly don’t see that or any discipline happening at all.
  3. Ok so the girls and I were talking about this today while in que for Orion and I’m curious for your all’s input. In Orion’s station on the wall by the first row their is what appears to be a memorial of sorts. Numerous plaques with the names and dates of fallen rides. However the very bottom plaque is none other then our only beloved launch coaster FOF. So is KI hinting around to us that FOF days of flight are numbered or is there some other tie in????
  4. Wasn’t sure where to post this so hope this is ok.... I received a health screening questionnaire for our visit on the 2nd. However I only had one to fill out and there is three of us going. Does the one screening work for everyone or how do I get to my two daughters health screen? Thanks in advance guys!
  5. It appears they are going to attemp to do the haunt. On the site they added an update under it just like they have done to Soak City, early ride times, and bring a friend.
  6. Apologies for the double post. someone please tell that this incorrect. If not that means the only way for me to reserve two days is to buy a two day ticket.... even though I’m a season Passholder????
  7. ^ Thanks guys. That sucks but I understand too. I totally overlooked that link and was checking everywhere else
  8. So the park itself has stated it’s a one day maximum reservation July 2-12? Im not trying to doubt everyone but I need to know for sure because I need to cancel vacation time and everything.
  9. Not doing so hot on their Social distancing huh?
  10. Where did you see this... from what I read there isn’t a limit or if so it’s at least two days
  11. The swim up bar at Cedar Point is great as well.
  12. Any word or speculation on how many days can be reserved at a time?
  13. Yea..... unfortunately I think it’s in abundance in every state. Smh
  14. My only issue with this is I’m a season pass holder and live in WV. I would be really upset to Take days off and make the trip up and have a chance of not gaining entry the next day. I completely understanding limiting it, i do, but one day is really unfair.
  15. Ok so off the bickering at each other subject, just curious as to what everyone think CF’s rollout will be? When do you think they will open and when do you think they will announce their opening date? Everyone make their guess
  16. Ok so I’ve been absent from the site for a lil while... I’m not sure if y’all are messing around or not. Is dbackdreams actually Terpy or something?
  17. He’s a really good guy.... every Christmas he sends me a box of snacks.
  18. I was honestly hoping that they would fix it up somehow so it wasn’t so rough. RIP Vortex
  19. I like the fact they have sizes over 2x. Wish theyd keep the shirts in the park in bigger sizes. I like my shirts big and baggy and at 6'4" and 253 lbs a 2x is like a snug crop top on me after a wash. Some tall sizes would be nice as well.
  20. So it appears there will be no skeleton key again this year
  21. I'm going to Livestream on Instagram if KI's feed has problems. DubVLeged304.
  22. Woooooooow so like 6 1/2 hours of news?! That's crazy and upsetting. Thanks to the link provided on the last page I was able to hop on before I headed to work I hopes of catching a clue. No way I can keep an eye on it for 6 hours lol. Thankfully I have KICentral on my side! Speaking of work... This will no doubt be on of the longest days EVER, but afterwards the girls and I will be driving the 7 hour round trip for the announcement. Someone hold us a spot!!! Lol
  23. UUUUUGHHH. Ok so so far all she did was show she doesn't have much knowledge of the park and talked to Chad. No clues revealed yet. She did say she would check back in with him in an hour and a half..... How long is your all's news in Ohio????
  24. Hmmm.... So the lockbox is still on my mind..... Do we know who got the lock off (a guest or did KI remove it) and what was originally inside the lockbox. Anyone seen or heard anything more about it?
  25. @Magenta Lizard were you able to see anything in h lockbox when you were trying to crack the code?
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