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  1. YEA...there isn't going to be ANY talk of REFUNDS for season passes... "In the past MONTH Cedar Fair, which drew 25.9 million visitors in 2018, dropped from $53.97 a share to $17.34 — a 68 percent loss." - Theme Park Insider
  2. Was just going to ask what the going odds are that the media day and opening day gets postponed!? I'd say 50/50 right now...
  3. Would have thought they just would have used crappier looking chain link fence or something... darn... One of the really cool things about Fury325 is being able to get close and take some awesome pictures.
  4. So THOSE 2 pictures SURE make it seem like you'll be able to walk way back along the ride. Why else would the fence (and pathway) be there? Maybe it will eventually lead to another area of the park they'll add on...
  5. Is Vortex gone? Or is that it's hills just to the LEFT of the Eiffel Tower? I THOUGHT it was to the RIGHT of the tower from this camera angle? https://www.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=MSNKS
  6. Seems like at my house the satellite images update about every 18-24 months...
  7. Same thing happened up on the north side of Columbus at Polaris. Concert Amphitheater was there for 8 years or so, then people started building neighborhoods behind it. Within probably 2 years they had complained enough that they got the amphitheater completely demolished! Such a shame... It's not like those people didn't know what they were doing building a house there!!?? BTW, what does a coaster with sand in the track sound (and FEEL) like??
  8. AND that wasn't the "correct" photos of it being finished! That was the "fake" finish... so funny. He even says "you can SEE it RIGHT there! " like he knows it wasn't really the REAL finish.
  9. Awesome find! Wow. Son of Beast was insane....
  10. Did WildGravity take all their tweets down?? I went to go see the "war" you mentioned, and there is NOTHING posted today from them about Orion? They DID post a YouTube video of the "fake" finale....
  11. It's THIS the little concrete building (photo booth?) that you would walk through when LEAVING Firehawk?
  12. Anyone have a photo from "mostly" same angle as the webcam of when Firehawk was there? Seems like someone would, being it's just a shot from the Eiffel Tower more or less...
  13. I swore I just saw two people in white RUNNING like there was no tomorrow across the dirt...?
  14. I don't see no stinking media..
  15. I honestly had a dream last night that I was watching a news story on TV where they were reporting they couldn't finish the last piece because they didn't have the correct bolts!!
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