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  1. Webcam looks like it has Vaseline on the lens today...
  2. This was surely already brought up, but doesn't Kings Island have ANYONE under their employment that knows how to change the NAME of the cam from "Kings Island Banshee" to "Orion"???!! Also, "Diamondback cam" is down/not working for me...
  3. Wait and go the first Monday they're open and ride it 20 times!
  4. Yea... I guess so. I've ridden the 4 other Cedar Fair gigas and the Orion station just seems smaller. Maybe it's just the pictures and how BIG everything else around it is...
  5. Doesn't the "station" seem incredibly small? Is that all of it? Just the one "hangar" shape?
  6. Beautiful day (cold but SUNNY!) and nothing going on seems like... Maybe they got the whole week off?
  7. You mean we WON'T SEE....right? The track is almost off the edge of the webcam right now.
  8. Gaaack! It looks like seafoam green in that video! Must be yellow lighting. Much more "blue" in the photos above. I hope KI has one of these trains sitting at the ENTRANCE to Winter Fest to see up close in person! They USED to do that all the time when a new ride was coming...
  9. I keep forgetting that after the uphill spiral at the end there's a "head chopper" run right under that tiny space at the bottom of the drop! Looking at the webcam images seems pretty tight right in there! Super cool.
  10. When something gets moved from this discussion to another one can you PLEASE give a link to what that other one is??
  11. Here's the views at 6pm Thurs evening.... Btw, the BIG white crane is NOT in the parking lot.
  12. Ha! Guess not! I just thought he was just really confused...
  13. Uhhh... They're nowhere close to topping the hill...
  14. Just drove by Kings Island at 8:45. Both cranes at the construction site are vertical right now so they must be getting ready to do something... Btw, the giant white crane base is still in the parking lot. Didn't realize there was no webcam or I would have taken some pictures for all the "hungry" people out there...
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