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  1. Some pictures from FRIDAY (Jun 14) around 4:30pm. Can't believe how crowded it was today!? Looked like a Saturday...
  2. stupid $2 lockers...
  3. Pictures from today (Jun 6) right around noon. Rode on The Beast this morning and there is only about 20ft of woods between The Beast track and the CLEARING for the new coaster. There was a bulldozer parked at the edge of the clearing and it was VERY easy to see from The Beast. The actual supports and track will of course be a little further away, but it's much closer than it looks from overhead plans.
  4. The sledgehammer ride is really fun! I had never ridden anything like that until a couple years ago there @ CW. I really really liked Skyhawk too. Got to where I could get it rolling so fast and so much I had to stop cause I was blacking out... Where else can you do that?! Super Fun! Soaring Timbers is a major YAWNER...
  5. Wow! That looks really cool! Not as fun/exciting looking as Fury325, but different and pretty neat!
  6. Ummm... Ok.. it's that "better"?? Or even different in a way?
  7. Oh?! Is that the "corn stalkers" maze? I've never been back there... I thought the fireworks were set off in that clearing??
  8. Boy, the end turnaround sure gets close to The Beast track! Wonder if that part of The Beast won't seem as "back in the woods" as it does now? Also, I always thought this area shown in the satellite photo attached was where they shot the fireworks from... I guess that will have to move?? Or will they shut this big new ride down before/during the fireworks like they do with The Beast at night?! That area is shown in the blueprints but I can't read what they say on the scans on the imgur site...
  9. Agreed. Doesn't make any sense why they would "cut it short" by just a few feet... Gotta be a (bigger) drop into a valley or something as others have said to make it "taller" on the drop height.
  10. Does the big slab of concrete behind The Racer (behind the Monster & Subway) have anything to do with the new coaster? Pics taken 5/21...
  11. Ok. This is a little out there, but someone may know... I currently have a GOLD pass from KI. If for 2017 I buy a Platinum Pass from CP, do I get a fastlane pass for CP to use this fall? Can I ALSO get in to Carrowinds this fall once? Related... I went to CP this year (bought a ticket) and my KI all season drink bottle worked there just fine! Anyone know if dining plans work at all parks like that too??? I.e. Would a CP all season dining plan work at KI? Thanks!
  12. Rode TARON @ Phantasialand in Germany several times last week! It is an AMAZING ride! SO insanely better than Maverick @ Cedar Point! Super fun, with the desire to ride again and again. I have tons of photos and videos but probably nothing different than what you can find online... That entire park is just absolutely amazing. Just as good or even better theming / appearance as any Disney park! So much time and money spent on making things look amazing. It's a shame KI didn't continue that after Paramount sold.
  13. Wow... out of the country and just got to some internet to see the info. SUPER LAME NAME! And very "boring" looking ride according to the rendered video. Boooo. On a better note though, I'll be riding Taron at Phantasialand next week! Looks a billion times better than "some thing timbers"...
  14. Sorry if it was said already, but I think the name will have a "wolf" type reference...
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