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  1. I'd be ok with that idea of "original" / non-franchise places on International Street. But good luck getting rid of Starbucks! Why it's there in the first place blows my mind...
  2. Holy crap! Can you IMAGINE what the line at the INSANELY SLOW (painfully inefficient) Skyline in Coney Mall will look like now??? You could tell Subway was on the way out, but super shocked at ChickFilA. It was ALWAYS packed! Except on Sundays...
  3. https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45121-kings-island-announces-adventure-port-for-2023/&do=findComment&comment=911495
  4. Wow. Totally "backwards" (upside down?) direction on this one in my opinion. As dilapidated as Adventure Express has become on theming, would it really have been that hard to re theme it to some German/Black Forest idea, simply change the burrito place's food, and revamp/reincorporate this area as "Oktoberfest"?? I mean they are even putting the spinning beer barrel ride back in for God's sake!! Hello! What a missed opportunity rather than creating a completely NEW area. I feel like someone in Sandusky (or California?) came up with this idea and had no concern for what is already right there... Just silly. I'm glad they're doing SOMETHING, just such as ass-backward decision on how to do it.
  5. Not sure WHY. But ORION was shut down again at ~9:15 last Friday night and I don't think it re opened that night. We got in line for it about 9:05. They only had the first set (right hand side) of turnstiles open, but they were full. After being in line but maybe 5min, we heard an announcement that it would close at 9:45 for the fireworks, but the way the line was moving we thought for sure we'd make it. At ~9:15~9:20 the stopped ruining trains and announced they were having technical difficulties. At about 9:30 I saw an operator (maybe it was a maintenance person) walking out on the track side walkway over to the break run. I was directly under that area and couldn't tell if a rain with passengers was stopped there or what was going on. We abandoned the line at that point and headed to the Eiffel Tower to watch the fireworks. I kept looking over at the lift hill, I don't think it ever ran again that night. I assume it was open on Saturday? Btw, it was GREAT how moderate the crowd was on Friday evening!
  6. I hope they repaint all the FOOTPRINTS for the re opening! They are VERY faded...
  7. 99% of the time they have let my son use MY pass (with the drink plan on it) to get a drink. Even on days that I haven't gone with him to the park. BUT there was one time last year where someone would NOT let him and told him it had to be ME to used it.
  8. They couldn't have "thrown it" in the gigantic CRYPT building instead???
  9. Yea! I was shocked on the prices too! How about the $10 PER TICKET "service charge"!?! Makes 2x $20 tickets cost $60! Honestly, with the names they have coming, all the shows SHOULD be FREE!!! I'm not complaining at Kings Island, I know the bands are charging them...
  10. Don't know why they let the line spill out into the plaza in front of the ride rather than opening the right side turnstiles??? Even yesterday when it was packed.
  11. I found the TOTAL OPPOSITE of The Racer crew at 1:30pm. The left side turnstiles were full and it took over 30 min to get on. They were dispatching trains at LEAST 4min apart (I timed it several times). Many times it was 5min. The "GateKeeper" who lets you up on the loading platform would only let the next group in after "the gates are closing" announcement (so you couldn't just grab an empty row on the previous train because it was too late) AND on top of that wasn't counting people! So 1/3 of the rows would be EMPTY on most trains! They had PLENTY of workers on the platform for seatbelts and checks (and managers standing around) but no one would yell down and tell him to let more people in to fill in the empty rows! If they would just let more people up there than it holds (like double the amount) the problem fixes itself because people say "oh look! We can get on NOW if we go in that row!" They didn't care at all about moving the line. It's such stark contrast to Orion or Banshee, etc where they are TIMED on how fast they can dispatch. I will say The Racer looked GREAT! (except there's still a lot to paint after the split) and it is INSANELY smoother/better than it was before the retrack!! I HOPE The Beast TURNS OUT THAT SMOOTH!!!
  12. It was a madhouse yesterday at the park! Spent one HOUR total in line at Coney Mall Skyline on Friday between 2:10-3:10. The Skyline had one person making fries, one person doing 3 ways, and one person making coneys. They were the SLOWEST moving people I have ever seen. Honestly it would take them 1min or longer to make 1 3-way! Then at the cash registers they would alternate between 1 or 2 registers being open based on how big the backup got at the"waiting for your food" window. When it backed up past the drink machines they'd go down to one register to slow things down. It was crazy. Obviously wouldn't have waited in that line if we'd known, but it's one of those "I can't get out of line NOW, I've already committed 15 min, then 30min, etc". Miserable. Couldn't get a drink anywhere after that because the lines even for those places was 30 people long. Finally about 4:30 you only had to wait about 10min for a drink (over by Diamondback). Of COURSE most of the drink places were NOT open. I know they never would want to discourage MORE people from packing into the park, but I SO wish they had a parking lot camera so we would know when to not even bother going before we left home... Yesterday was gross and so discouraging to me. It looked like a Saturday in July (which I would never consider going to). Hopefully the season pass day next year goes back to a Friday late afternoon/evening again and NOT on a day when everyone is off school and a lot of people are of work. Can't wait to hit the park on a weekday in May!
  13. A friend of mine and I were also trying to remember, and were pretty sure, The Beast only had a single, all the way across, flip down lapbar in the 80s as well?? No seatbelts, right?
  14. They have 2 (maybe more?) designated "bring a friend" days scheduled throughout the year for season pass holders. I know there was one during Haunt last year because we took advantage of it.
  15. I think it's SUPER generic and pretty lame to be honest. BUT glad they put up some banner rather than none...
  16. I remember in the 80s riding it and always saying to my friends that you could totally fly out of it. Maybe it had seatbelts, but I don't remember them!
  17. I still think a single rail coaster like Jersey Devil would be great there. That ride is really fun and a massive "line eater" due to never stopping in the station. Constantly moving... Plus single rail coasters seem like "the next new thing" now.
  18. What a terrible "promotional" video that basically shows nothing. I'm supposed to be enthralled by how much water is blasting off those people's feet for over 30sec at the beginning? Hilarious they show people stopped, playing in the lazy river. Sitting on the side, splashing in the mushroom. So bad..... THANKS FOR SHARING THOUGH! DEFINITELY one that not many people ever have seen!
  19. Yep, it's all over all the business/stock websites. Also read Cedar Fair turned down an offer of $4 Billion from Six Flags in 2019...
  20. I think a single rail coaster like Jersey Devil is kind of "the thing" right now and would fit great in that area.
  21. We just visited Six Flags Great America on 6/3, 6/4, & 6/8. Wow to Goliath!! I SO wish that KI would have gotten a ground up RMC ride just like GOLIATH rather than Mystic Timbers. It is so FUN, so smooth, so flippy, and so many headchoppers. What a blast! Six Flags Great America is a HOT park (all black asphalt everywhere)! Also very annoying you have to walk the whole "loop" to get anywhere. NO "cut throughs" in the middle... The landscaping/maintenance at Kings Island totally destroys Six Flags Great America! Almost every bush and tree are WAY overgrown and spilling into the que lines, tons of weeds on every flower bed, and many unmowed areas. LOTS of painting needed and dilapdated looking structures in a lot of places that need repair. If no one was there you'd sware it was an abandoned park... Pretty bad in that area. Raging Bull DEFINITELY rivals Diamondback. Very different. My 13 son likes it better than Diamondback. Maxxforce is awesome but wouldn't wait more than 20min for it again. Also had major staffing problems at concessions and drinks. Long lines, and only about half of the places open.
  22. YES!! That's the PERFECT word! I've been saying "too smooth" but I love smooth coasters. So that's not the right way to say it. GRACEFUL is perfect. ORION IS TOO GRACEFUL! That's it's problem. No excitement, no thrill. And the STRAIGHT part of the drop is too short. (bottom curve out of drop is too pronounced/long)
  23. They still have one just like it at Carowinds! Pic 191 in this collection shows the KI one really well. This is what they paid homage to by making the new one at the new entrance to White Water Canyon a few years back.
  24. Assumed (hoped?) they'd honor the drink plan on to next year like the passes and the dining plans, but wonder if I can change to a bottle next year?
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