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  1. I still think a single rail coaster like Jersey Devil would be great there. That ride is really fun and a massive "line eater" due to never stopping in the station. Constantly moving... Plus single rail coasters seem like "the next new thing" now.
  2. What a terrible "promotional" video that basically shows nothing. I'm supposed to be enthralled by how much water is blasting off those people's feet for over 30sec at the beginning? Hilarious they show people stopped, playing in the lazy river. Sitting on the side, splashing in the mushroom. So bad..... THANKS FOR SHARING THOUGH! DEFINITELY one that not many people ever have seen!
  3. Yep, it's all over all the business/stock websites. Also read Cedar Fair turned down an offer of $4 Billion from Six Flags in 2019...
  4. I think a single rail coaster like Jersey Devil is kind of "the thing" right now and would fit great in that area.
  5. We just visited Six Flags Great America on 6/3, 6/4, & 6/8. Wow to Goliath!! I SO wish that KI would have gotten a ground up RMC ride just like GOLIATH rather than Mystic Timbers. It is so FUN, so smooth, so flippy, and so many headchoppers. What a blast! Six Flags Great America is a HOT park (all black asphalt everywhere)! Also very annoying you have to walk the whole "loop" to get anywhere. NO "cut throughs" in the middle... The landscaping/maintenance at Kings Island totally destroys Six Flags Great America! Almost every bush and tree are WAY overgrown and spilling into the que lines, tons of weeds on every flower bed, and many unmowed areas. LOTS of painting needed and dilapdated looking structures in a lot of places that need repair. If no one was there you'd sware it was an abandoned park... Pretty bad in that area. Raging Bull DEFINITELY rivals Diamondback. Very different. My 13 son likes it better than Diamondback. Maxxforce is awesome but wouldn't wait more than 20min for it again. Also had major staffing problems at concessions and drinks. Long lines, and only about half of the places open.
  6. YES!! That's the PERFECT word! I've been saying "too smooth" but I love smooth coasters. So that's not the right way to say it. GRACEFUL is perfect. ORION IS TOO GRACEFUL! That's it's problem. No excitement, no thrill. And the STRAIGHT part of the drop is too short. (bottom curve out of drop is too pronounced/long)
  7. They still have one just like it at Carowinds! Pic 191 in this collection shows the KI one really well. This is what they paid homage to by making the new one at the new entrance to White Water Canyon a few years back.
  8. Assumed (hoped?) they'd honor the drink plan on to next year like the passes and the dining plans, but wonder if I can change to a bottle next year?
  9. I agree. I've ridden Orion in the back and barely feel any pull at all. That is what I usually love about the back row of every coaster. Don't know if it's because of a shorter train? Or more than likely, because it's half empty? Front seat is the way to go to feel the speed on Orion.
  10. I'd say it's a 99% chance they'll use the SAME ones next year. I opted for paper cup this year so I don't have to use a locker at Orion. Hope to "switch" to a plastic bottle next year.
  11. Orion hasn't opened yet today (Tuesday). Its been running empty cycles all day.
  12. Rode Banshee for the first time this season. It is INSANELY rattley/shakey compared to years past! The transitions are all still nice and smooth, but the entire run shakes the crap out of you now. It makes the ride a little more "intense", but in a bad way. FYI, this was a back row ride. I usually ALWAYS ride in the front row...
  13. Only a few days for Springboro. Not sure about Mason. But I'm betting it's Aug 17...
  14. Yea, once school starts they really can't be open during the week. No workers... Bummer. Summer's almost over.
  15. I do NOT understand why they don't clean it off!?
  16. Probably my most fond memory is the boat ride into the giant television full of Hanna-Barbara animitronics. It's so distant of a memory but certain things in there I remember so clearly. So glad I got to ride The (original) Bat as well!! Of course, the first ride for my son on The Beast and Vortex and Flight Deck all in one day when he was FINALLY tall enough (with napkins in his shoes) at age 5 was pretty fun for me too...
  17. I went on opening day and yesterday. 95% of people are wearing masks correctly. 75% of people are trying to stay ~6ft apart. The other 25% like to get up on you in line just like always. That annoys me during regular times! There are arrendants in the bathrooms constantly cleaning. I'd still clean my own table to eat at though. You just don't know when a worker last did it. I avoid the weekends at KI like the plague in the summer no matter what, so can't help you on the crowd sizes. It was dead yesterday (Monday).
  18. I'd love to see an Intamin multi launch "spider web" coaster like Taron at PhantasiaLand in Germany! It is a SUPER FUN, exhilarating ride that makes you want to ride again and again! Great theming like Taron would be awesome as well. Unfortunately it's probably going to be 4 years or so till they get anything new after this downturn...
  19. Got in KI at ~11:05 on Monday, went straight over and got an Orion pass for 11-12 time slot but the line looked long so went and rode Diamondback (10min wait). Got back over to Orion at 11:45 and there was a line running from the old Firehawk photo booth all the way back to the new Area 72 food place!? But I quickly found out they were all 12pm-1 ticket holders! Walked right by all of them, straight up to the front of that line, showed our tickets and walked all the way through the "themed hut" to about the middle of the stairs to the platform! Waited maybe 5 min to ride (front seat)!! The timed tickets are as good as Fast Lane passes (for one ride). Park was EMPTY at that time. Grabbed some dining plan food, and was gone by 12:30.
  20. Is my WALLET "an unsecured item"?? And why not? Do they make you give up your wallet?
  21. I got to ride FRONT row today, and it is a VERY different experience! SO MUCH BETTER!! Trust me, I am ALWAYS a "back row" person for coasters! I love getting PULLED over the drop and through elements so much more than getting pushed and hanging and waiting for the drop in the front row. But today in the front Orion felt SO much FASTER, the drop was insanely better, the speed hill AND helix were also so much better! I still say the "sideways" (2nd) hill and the turnaround are just "ehhhh..." and nothing special. But my son and I BOTH couldn't believe how much more we enjoyed Orion in the front rather than the back. Much more intense! It's moved up above Levithan for both of us. Something I'd like to compare sometime is how long (time or distance) the STRAIGHT part of all the giga drops are. Sure Orion has an 85deg drop but it seems like it's a VERY short part of the drop that is actually straight 85deg. It seems like the curve at the bottom starts REALLY high up on Orion. Is the straight part of the drop a lot longer on other gigas? I feel like it is from my ride experiences and just looking at images of the drops...
  22. I have occasionally grayed out on the upward helix of Backlot Stunt Coaster. I definitely did on parts of Intimidator 305 as well. Definitely NOTHING close feeling like it on Orion to me. Depends on how hydrated you are, if you've eaten, etc though.
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