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  1. Rode Banshee for the first time this season.  It is INSANELY rattley/shakey compared to years past! 

    The transitions are all still nice and smooth, but the entire run shakes the crap out of you now.  It makes the ride a little more "intense", but in a bad way.

    FYI, this was a back row ride.  I usually ALWAYS ride in the front row...

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  2. 5 hours ago, Winterfestguy said:

    Also note on August calendar park is closed Wednesdays and Thursdays for the first two weeks of August and starting August 17 closed Monday through Friday for the remainder of August - not many summer operating days left.


    Yea, once school starts they really can't be open during the week.  No workers...

    Bummer.   Summer's almost over.


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  3. 11 hours ago, Shaggy said:

    I'm ready to volunteer to get on top of the awning over the Diamondback storage bay, as well as The Beast's final brake run, to sweep off all those hair/wrist bands.  I mean, what the heck is that about? Why is it a thing? And why on earth have they been there for years and years?



    I do NOT understand why they don't clean it off!? 

  4. Probably my most fond memory is the boat ride into the giant television full of Hanna-Barbara animitronics.  It's so distant of a memory but certain things in there I remember so clearly.

    So glad I got to ride The (original) Bat as well!! 

    Of course, the first ride for my son on The Beast and Vortex and Flight Deck all in one day when he was FINALLY tall enough (with napkins in his shoes) at age 5 was pretty fun for me too...

  5. I went on opening day and yesterday.  95% of people are wearing masks correctly.  75% of people are trying to stay ~6ft apart.  The other 25% like to get up on you in line just like always.  :blink:That annoys me during regular times! 

    There are arrendants in the bathrooms constantly cleaning.  I'd still clean my own table to eat at though.  You just don't know when a worker last did it.

    I avoid the weekends at KI like the plague in the summer no matter what, so can't help you on the crowd sizes.  It was dead yesterday (Monday). 

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  6. I'd love to see an Intamin multi launch "spider web" coaster like Taron at PhantasiaLand in Germany!   It is a SUPER FUN, exhilarating ride that makes you want to ride again and again!   Great theming like Taron would be awesome as well.

    Unfortunately it's probably going to be 4 years or so till they get anything new after this downturn...

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  7. Got in KI at ~11:05 on Monday, went straight over and got an Orion pass for 11-12 time slot but the line looked long so went and rode Diamondback (10min wait).  Got back over to Orion at 11:45 and there was a line running from the old Firehawk photo booth all the way back to the new Area 72 food place!?  But I quickly found out they were all 12pm-1 ticket holders!  Walked right by all of them, straight up to the front of that line, showed our tickets and walked all the way through the "themed hut" to about the middle of the stairs to the platform!  Waited maybe 5 min to ride (front seat)!! 

    The timed tickets are as good as Fast Lane passes (for one ride).

    Park was EMPTY at that time.  Grabbed some dining plan food, and was gone by 12:30.

  8. 5 hours ago, KIghostguy said:

    My issue with the locker policy on Steel Vengeance is that Cedar Point considers closed, zippered pockets on your pants with no way in and out as unsecured. They’d rather charge money on lockers than trust that you know how to work a zipper on your own pants.


    Is my WALLET "an unsecured item"??  

    And why not? 

    Do they make you give up your wallet? 

  9. On 7/2/2020 at 12:52 PM, Driver8rws said:

    I know I'm going to RIPPED up on here for saying, but this is my opinion.

    Nothing special...

    FURY 325 destroys Orion.

    Nothing on Orion other than the drop was memorable.   Didn't even feel a desire to immediately ride again.  The line all the way back to Vortex lot probably had something to do with that.

    I'll DEFINITELY ride it every time I come to KI, but I think Diamondback and Behemoth are actually better cause the ride is MUCH longer.  

    Giga wise, Leviathan and Intimidator 305 are also slightly better than Orion.  And like I said, you GOTTA go ride FURY 325, THEN compare! 

    I don't want to be a "hater".  I WANTED it to be amazing.  After all that time and money and planning.  It's a FINE ride.  Great theming.  Other coasters are just a LOT better.



    I got to ride FRONT row today, and it is a VERY different experience!   SO MUCH BETTER!! 

    Trust me, I am ALWAYS a "back row" person for coasters!   I love getting PULLED over the drop and through elements so much more than getting pushed and hanging and waiting for the drop in the front row.

    But today in the front Orion felt SO much FASTER, the drop was insanely better, the speed hill AND helix were also so much better! 

    I still say the "sideways" (2nd) hill and the turnaround are just "ehhhh..." and nothing special.

    But my son and I BOTH couldn't believe how much more we enjoyed Orion in the front rather than the back.  Much more intense!   It's moved up above Levithan for both of us.  


    Something I'd like to compare sometime is how long (time or distance) the STRAIGHT part of all the giga drops are.  Sure Orion has an 85deg drop but it seems like it's a VERY short part of the drop that is actually straight 85deg.  It seems like the curve at the bottom starts REALLY high up on Orion.  Is the straight part of the drop a lot longer on other gigas?   I feel like it is from my ride experiences and just looking at images of the drops...

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  10. 19 hours ago, NegativeGs said:

    I've not 'greyed' out on Orion's helix. The upward helix on the Backlot Stunt Coaster feels more extreme to me. 


    I have occasionally grayed out on the upward helix of Backlot Stunt Coaster.  I definitely did on parts of Intimidator 305 as well.  

    Definitely NOTHING close feeling like it on Orion to me.

    Depends on how hydrated you are, if you've eaten, etc though.

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  11. On 5/30/2020 at 4:05 PM, KIguy2004 said:

    I am still trying to get a physical map. But because their offices are closed I can't get one


    I specifically ASKED on opening day (two different gate workers) how I could get a paper map and they said "It's only online and the app this year.  No paper maps."


  12. 19 minutes ago, robintodd said:

    The only thing I would suggest is using the International Showplace as a relax zone.


    I thought for sure they would do that as well.  

    I don't know if you noticed or not, but on Thursday when I was there, all the shade screens (roof) are gone above the seats!  Would be a HOT place to "rest" now...

  13. 7 hours ago, LAGuy75 said:

    It’s a decent super short ride with some good speed but it definitely ranks for me below Fury, Leviathan, I 305 and to an extent I still prefer Diamondbacks over all ride experience. It’s Still a good addition to the park and the GP seemed to enjoy it. I personally wouldn’t wait more than 45 minutes to ride it again but it will make the lines shorter for the other coasters in the park. 


    Man!  Almost exactly MY review!   Glad to hear EVERYONE hasn't lost their mind just cause it's new.

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  14. I thought it was very cool they referenced MANY old rides on the posters in the hut, but I don't get why they had posters for Invertigo and Flight of Fear?

    Those the next coasters to go away?? ;) 




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  15. 1 hour ago, DonHelbig said:

    Really? When did 5,282 feet of track (Diamondback) and 5,318 feet of track (Behemoth) become MUCH longer than 5,321 (Orion)? 


    Sorry Don, I meant short TIME wise.

    It may only be 10-20 sec shorter than Diamondback, but it just seemed over really quick.  

    Orion is definitely the 1st (or 2nd) best coaster at K.I.!! 

    Love ya @DonHelbig and all you do! 

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  16. Coasters 101 review (link above) said...

    "I would take Orion over Firehawk and Vortex (two recently removed coasters) any day."


    I DEFINITELY agree with that statement 1 million percent!!! 

    Also sounds like Orion needs repeated rides to appreciate it.  That's what I did with Fury 325,  so I need to with Orion as well.  Also need to try the front of the ride apparently.

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  17. 50 minutes ago, FreedomPenguin said:

    I love millinium force. I hope it’s compareable.


    OH YEA!  Totally forgot about Millennium Force!! 

    Millennium Force is MUCH more intense and seems WAY FASTER and much longer.    On Orion I never once thought "this is fast!".  On Millennium Force you FEEL the speed big time when the tears are streaking out of your eyes!  NOTHING like that on Orion.  It's SO short.

    Agree with what you said about it's a "GP pleaser".  It's a good, smooth coaster with a 300ft drop.  That's it.

    It just doesn't compare to other Gigas and some hypers.

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  18. 15 minutes ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    What are the wait times for some of the other rides? I have seen elsewhere that almost every ride has a pretty long line.


    Wait times weren't working on the app at 1pm.  Gotta imagine Orion was 4hr or longer wait at that point though.

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