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  1. Information (opinion) on need for masks outside when in a CROWD...


    "He cautioned against developing a false sense of security in outdoor areas and said protesters should seek “high-quality masks” while practicing social distancing as much as possible — even in crowds. "



    Also, sorry if this was already posted but "mask protocol and report" from Universal Studios...


  2. Once Dewine gives a DATE that "mass gatherings" can happen, THEN C.F. would have to submit their plan, get it approved, execute it and train people. 

    Apparently The Ohio State Fair didn't think this was possible for August, BUT they may have also decided it wouldn't be worth the effort for a one week event.  Maybe C.F. WILL think it is worth it??  I feel that July 1 is VERY wishful thinking...   I organize an Oktoberfest in Springboro, OH (5 to 7 thousand people) that's always the weekend after Labor Day weekend, and we are very confused/torn on what to do for this year.  Our "drop dead cancellation date" is July 1.

  3. 3 hours ago, KIfan73 said:


    First off, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME of them to have done this.  Very gracious.

    HOWEVER, I feel like that pretty much sums up that they are NOT very optimistic of opening AT ALL (or very much) in 2020.

    Stores, bars, restaurants, breweries, etc should start opening back up in the next 4 weeks I think (hope!), but I think it will be a VERY long time till they allow 100s or 1000s of people to gather at amusement parks, beaches, sporting events, concerts, and airports again...  Like maybe late late summer or fall.

    If they don't, there will be "flare ups" and certain regions will have to shut down and start over again on a smaller scale.

    Hope that's all wrong!!! 

    Glad C.F. did what was "right".


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  4. It's funny (silly?) to me they can still call that "area" Oktoberfest.... Is it really even an area anymore?   How is Viking Furry "Oktoberfest"?   And the slingshot thing?

    What about the Festhaus you say?   Oh, you mean the "panda express building"?  

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  5. On 3/7/2020 at 2:00 PM, Fishely said:
    9 hours ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    I think it's for the lockout/tagout things that employees have to do from time to time. 


    Would have thought they just would have used crappier looking chain link fence or something...  darn...

    One of the really cool things about Fury325 is being able to get close and take some awesome pictures.

  6. On 3/7/2020 at 2:00 PM, Fishely said:

    There was a tour of Orion today, all these pictures are from r/rollercoasters on reddit 




    So THOSE 2 pictures SURE make it seem like you'll be able to walk way back along the ride.  Why else would the fence (and pathway) be there?   

    Maybe it will eventually lead to another area of the park they'll add on...

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  7. Same thing happened up on the north side of Columbus at Polaris.

    Concert Amphitheater was there for 8 years or so, then people started building neighborhoods behind it.  Within probably 2 years they had complained enough that they got the amphitheater completely demolished!   Such a shame...

    It's not like those people didn't know what they were doing building a house there!!?? 

    BTW, what does a coaster with sand in the track sound (and FEEL) like?? 

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  8. 10 hours ago, gforce1994 said:

    They’re not bolting it in, they’re lining it up.


    AND that wasn't the "correct" photos of it being finished!   That was the "fake" finish...   so funny.

    He even says "you can SEE it RIGHT there! " like he knows it wasn't really the REAL finish. :rolleyes:

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  9. 29 minutes ago, Klabergian Empire said:

    Dude, I've been watching this tweet war this whole time and its awesome.


    Did WildGravity take all their tweets down??   I went to go see the "war" you mentioned, and there is NOTHING posted today from them about Orion? 

    They DID post a YouTube video of the "fake" finale....


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  10. Does anyone understand why this is being called an "AUCTION"? 


    They SURE make it SOUND like all you have to do is raise a minimum of $150 in donations you are "IN" to attend the event on April 9 with "unlimited" rides on Orion.

    Where does the "auction" part of the name come in?   They never say they are "auctioning off" the chance to ride or anything like that...

    $150 of other people's money gets me a ride as one of the first people??? 

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  11. This was surely already brought up, but doesn't Kings Island have ANYONE under their employment that knows how to change the NAME of the cam from "Kings Island Banshee" to "Orion"???!!  :rolleyes:

    Also, "Diamondback cam" is down/not working for me...  

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