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  1. Ed Dangler -who oversaw Maintenance at Kings Island for many years has passed. https://www.tributearchive.com/obituaries/27142965/edmond-w-dangler/huron/ohio/groff-funeral-home?fbclid=IwAR3K6FX0coHM4O2C5cM3gsEkIk1f4Asdki1DnRrPVh2lDMLjNPPcBCXwslo&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  2. Saw this online: Couldnt believe it, so I went to eBay to check it out... sure enough... BTW - I have some KCKC water if anyone wants to buy it for a mere $200... ;-)
  3. Its pretty apparent that CF has been exploring all options with the park for years. CGAM is a park they've historically been unsure of what to do with for a multitude of reasons. Heck, even Paramount had the same struggles with the property over 20 years ago. The Storyland Studios info reads to me as though they were simply solicited to submit a proposal to CF to potentially re-invigorate the out-of-sorts park. Chances are, this isn't the only proposal CF received/solicited. Proposals such as this are common among the industry, but they don't necessarily mean they ever make it past the concept stage. Like any business, it all boils down to metrics. Will the cost of investment yield appropriate returns and financial gains? Obviously, not in this case... ultimately, the ground has become far more valuable than the park that sits on top of it. I sort of think about CGAM like that aging house in "Up" that had become surrounded by corporate businesses and modern development. The owner hung on to it for years... but much like in the movie, they ultimately have to let it go.
  4. For every one image used in the book, there’s probably a dozen that didn’t get used (for a variety of reasons.). Stay tuned, you never know where they may show up someday. Lol! Glad you enjoyed the book, it was a labor of love.
  5. It seems KI prefers to perform color patch tests on large re-paints. The mustard/orange/gold color that was seen on the backside of the Eiffel Tower last year was a color test. They obviously decided to remain with green, but it was apparent they considered a major color change for the tower.
  6. Great interview! So glad he's passing the torch to those he has faith in - JRA has played an important part in Kings Islands history. ...and as a side note... his wife seems FAAAAABULOUS!
  7. The Wachs/Koontz signed copies were a limited run of 50, I believe. As far as the unsigned copies, they will be available for a while (until they sell all the copies.) :-)
  8. There’s a funny story behind that. It was Mr Wachs that mentioned it in his speech at the 50th and it caught Mr Koontz off guard. He asked Mr Koontz when it would be available- and he answered “two weeks”…. The book was completed by then, of course, but had yet to be ordered/printed.
  9. Lol - no signature. The main challenge was, of course, squeezing in 50 years of visual history. It barely scratches the surface of all the park’s memories. But I think it captures the past 5 decades well.
  10. Surprise! I told you they were saving something good. I am so proud to have served as lead contributor. It’s been a long process to get this to reality (5years) but now that it’s out, I couldn’t be more excited. Enjoy folks!
  11. They aren’t done yet. I think tomorrow is the 12th day of their “12 Days of Christmas” merch promotion. And something tells me they may have saved the best for last.
  12. Wouldn't that be 5? I think this "sneak peek" it takes us up to 49... wonder what #50 is.
  13. OMG- Dave_78 just brought back an immense amount of my early childhood memories at KI. For those that didn't get a chance (or are too young) to experience KI in those early years... this is a TERRIFIC example of the "flair of excitement" it had. Thank you so very much for sharing these - terrific!
  14. I believe, once disassembled, the chassis for coaster trains may be sent off property to be inspected via ultraviolent scanning. At least they used to be back in the Paramount Days. This serves the purpose of finding potential issues such as hairline cracks in the frames, or compromised welds/joints. They may now be able to do so on property, but back 20 years ago - I was told they outsourced it to a company that had the ability to "dip" them.
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