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  1. By whole ride - probably meant track work?
  2. True story... Years ago, when they put in the "Roller Soaker" - they held a contest to name it. They had to toss out one of the most popular name suggestions - Hershey Squirts.
  3. With all due respect to Mr Speigel, he was not working at KI at the time of Adventure Express' development and was, as far as I know, not involved with the project.
  4. Adventure Express Trivia to be taken with a grain of salt... I recall during winter 1999 (when Action Zone was being built) a replacement section of Adventure Express track was located in the parking lot. I remember this because the short section of Arrow track was placed somewhat near where they were storing the track for Face/Off (Invertigo.) I saw it with my own eyes. I always assumed it was the zig zag section that used to have a mist effect right after you left the station. Seems like the track looked "different" the following season (newer) so I figured that section might have rusted. Especially since the mist effect disappeared in summer 1999. Never had it factually confirmed, but always assumed thats what happened.
  5. Is the question literally asking if Adventure Express was not completed and there was supposed to be more after the final lift? If so.... No. Adventure Express was built as originally designed.
  6. My question is... Do you pronounce it: "Ohhhhhrian" or Oarriiiion? LOL - I'm hearing it two different ways!
  7. Great pic - this had my vote - congrats!
  8. It’s their cam, their choice to have it up or down - and their choice to comment on it or not. I seriously doubt there’s any conspiracy here.
  9. My personal perception is that the cameras may down by choice, not because someone cant fix them.
  10. Here's some FOF trivia for you... KI's and KD's versions were built simultaneously. However they were constructed in 2 different ways. KI first built the building and then constructed the coaster inside - partially utilizing the crane built into the ceiling. KD first assembled the coaster, then built the building around it. KI won - they completed construction first.
  11. Good grief - is someones life depending on it? I trust my source, enough to not betray it. If I (or they) am (are) wrong, then whats the big deal? Sheesh! But if it turns out I am right, will you worship me forever? LOL
  12. Although I love the station - and hope they keep it in some capacity for historical sake - I forsee it meeting its maker or being completely overhauled. The portions of it housing the queue have been re-painted so many times that, frankly, it looks terrible. Also, its a "grandfathered" queue width and not handicap accessible - that probably wouldnt fly for a new coaster install. My hope is that, if they install another coaster, they will rebuild it using elements (specifically the turrets/belfies) to serve as a nod to its past. Much like how the station for the new Antique Autos incorporated a LOT of subtle nods to the original Les Taxis station - most probably havent even noticed them. But whomever oversaw the AA station is to be commended on the easter eggs they threw into the carpentry. (Here's one example - they matched the ceiling to the original ceiling design of the original buildings on Coney Mall... wooden panels who's seams are covered by 1x trim and painted white. Pay attention next time - it matches Racer's station ceiling exactly.)
  13. It would be my prediction (and wish) that at least one of the lead cars - and possibly the sign - will be donated to the National Roller Coaster Museum in Texas.
  14. It will be dismantled after Orion's assembly is complete. Its my understanding the company assembling Orion was awarded the bid to both assemble the new coaster, and to deconstruct Vortex.
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