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  1. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Ummm.... yes they would... not saying they do at present... but Face/Off (Invertigo) and Rugrats (Flying Ace) were stored in the parking lot before vertical construction began. See below. Also, Tomb Raider was stored in the picnic grove before vertical construction began. Drop Zone (Tower) was also stored in the parking lot ahead of vertical construction.
  2. I just got back from an 8-day California coaster trip which included ACE Coaster Con, SFMM, Knott's, Disneyland & California Adventure. As a part of that trip, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" at Disneyland. I thought some here might enjoy a pics and a quick "recap" of my experience. Now mind you, I am an old school Star Wars fan - and Galaxy's Edge is definitely NOT themed to old-school Star Wars. Overall, I had fun, and am very glad I got to see it during the reservation peroid - before the masses swarm the area (tomorrow begins full access to GP.) I did my homework before I went - so not a lot was a surprise to me. I will say its unlike ANYTHING at any other park. Its an "experience" based.... um.... experience. (Does that make sense?) Its not about the attractions as much as it is the overall ambiance and vibe. I opted to NOT make a reservation of Oga's Cantina - mostly because I had a formal dinner at Blue Bayou scheduled immediately after my SWGE reservation period. I did walk through the Driod Factory and saw the area where you build your own Light Saber. I opted to not purchase either (I didn't want to travel with either.) But people were absolutely flipping out over those experiences - they seem very cool. I did try the milk - both the blue & green flavors. (I preferred the blue - it's "sweeter".) The marketplace was really fun - with all sorts of cool themed items to purchase unique to that land (you cannot buy them enywhere else on Disneyland property.) But you wont find typical park souvenirs - those are found outside the land - rather you find items that fit with the theming of "Batu." I encountered Rey (literally within minutes of entering the area) Stormtroopers were all over the place (even watching the "citizens" and "visitors" of Batu from the roof-tops.) I also encountered a "Commander" and Kylo-Ren, and R2 D2. But remember, I am old school Star Wars, so I was not that impressed with them as I would have been should Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Leia, Han, C2PO etc been there. But that is not what the area is about - its about a "continuation" or "present-day" version of the SW saga. Like I said - its a very immersive, different experience. Finally, yes, I flew the Millennium Falcon via the "Smugglers Run" attraction. It's super well done - like blow your mind awesome. Now, the ride itself isn't thrilling from a flip-you, lose-your-stomach aspect. Instead its a very active, participation filled ride. As a matter of fact - there's so much to take in and do during the flight - it's difficult. They keep you very busy when you are in the cockpit, and when we exited we were all laughing because we were tired from "working so hard." LOL! From the time we entered the actual "Falcon" to the time we exited it, it was so cool it was a blur. The time we spent in the cockpit was longer than I thought it would be - maybe 5 minutes - but again it left me wanting to do it over and over because there was so much to take in. (There was one part - which I will not reveal - that did invoke a great "scream" from all 6 of us in the cockpit. ) Warning - if you are an emotionally driven person, like me - you will have your breath stolen when you enter the Falcon - I literally choked up. It was like all the years of playing with my little original SW action figures and toy Falcon came to life before my eyes. Its impeccably done. If you are preparing to go... start saving your money now. In true Disney fashion, it's a money gobbler. Building a saber is $200, droids $100, drinks at the Cantina start at $15 and got up to $75!!! The milk was $8. And when you pay, the totals they give are stated in a dialect. For instance, if your total is $8.35 - they say "You have an eight point three five credit." They count your change back as such too (if paying cash.) The Troopers DO approach you and sometimes ask you to reveal your "media device" (phone) so they can scan it etc. (That was really funny to me.) The cast members are either on the side of resistance or not, and all greet you with "bright suns" or "rising moons" - so there's a fun bit of dialect you pick up when you are there. The downside to the experience, IMO, is the fact there was only one "ride." Disneyland's version did not open with the "Rise of the Resistance" attraction (it will open in the fall or early 2020 as far as I've heard.) So the area DEFINITELY needs another all-encompassing experience. Also, because it is so "environmental" I think a lot of that will be obscured by what will, no doubt, be MASSIVE crowds at both DL & WDW in the forthcoming months & years. Also, the area does attract DIE-HARD SW "experts" (like lots of people really, really, really REALLY into SW) so there's an intensity among several of the guests I've not experienced before. It will be interesting to see how those "aficionado's" mesh with the GP. Overall, I am very glad I did it - especially before the masses. Here's some of my pics - and if you have questions about my experience, I'll do my best to answer.
  3. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Oh brother. Enthusiasts, enthusiasts, enthusiasts.... I'll wait for official news from the park (*and what I see with my own eyes.)
  4. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Did no one notice the parade floats are now located there? They are covered in blue tarps behind Zephyr.
  5. He’s painted silver - and it’s a bronze sculpture. He was painted at some point.
  6. I've now seen the "new" International Street about 4 different times in person. Here's my overall take: - The buildings look terrific. Seriously - the color scheme, murals etc look better than they have in 30 years. Whomever picked the colors should get a HUGE pat on the back. - They should NOT have painted the bronze statue of Don Quixote. They literally painted it silver - oy vey. It should have been polished and buffed. Tsk Tsk. - The pavers and new trees are, IMO, much improved. They'll never top the original streetscapes that existed there (the ones removed in 1982.) But this is a good "nod" to them. - Matching the umbrellas to the buildings, and lining the fountains symmetrically with tables is a vastly improved look. - While I understand ease of upkeep, I do think the "grass" along the side of the fountains needs more color/foliage. - The light towers don't really bother me - my eye looks past them. - They missed a HUGE opportunity to bring back "balloon girls." Well, make them "Balloon people" now... That was a staple of KI for it's first 25 years! - I do miss the pedestals. However I'm not camp "hate" when it comes to the new fountains. Pictures or videos don't do them justice - they look better in person. However they seem very temperamental. When I was there this past Sunday, the fountains completely cut off for what seemed like extended periods during the day. Maybe they are having computer/relay issues? They did start back up, but frankly, I cant recall the last time I was there during full season operations that the fountains weren't working. I kind of feel like the GP should never see them shut off... it would be like (in my book) seeing a Disney Cast member wearing a Frontierland costume walking through Tomorrowland... it breaks the awe and illusion. - I prefer the overall "open-air" feel of KI's International Street to any of the entrances of other CF parks. While I appreciate others enjoyment of Dominion's heavily-tree covered IS, it is my personal opinion that the overall majesty of the entrance of that park is completely hidden and obscured. - I appreciate the focus they've created by placing the American Flag front and center of the fountains... but it does obscure the view. You cannot take a direct, straight shot, all-encompassing picture of the fountains and tower. You have to take it from the side. IMO, they could have placed a planter in the center of the large entrance plaza with the flag poles in that. Right where that current directional sign exists. - The ever-changing night-time lighting on IS is terrific. It is truly beautiful and I find myself making time to stand there and take it all in before I leave. - My biggest gripe - which I've said before - is the color of the fountain pool. That light blue is awful. Even looking into it from the street level the pool bottom looks dirty. They seriously need to paint it a bolder, brighter shade of blue (like in the 1980's) to mask some of the gunk. Plus, a darker pool would show the white of the moving waters/water jets better. Now, all that having been said, I will quickly acknowledge the conflict I've read between posters on this thread. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. Not that I'm some guru or something, but when I post, here's the little rules I always keep in mind that seem to work for me: -Try to post a positive for every negative. - Remember that others love KI as much as you, and critical opinions often come from a place of caring. (Dont take things to personally.) - Don't post or use a tone you would not say or use to someone's face. Its simply not nice. - Always remember there is a very hard working, talented group of people who's everyday job is to make KI the best it can be. They listen to feedback, appreciate the support, are aware of the things that need improving. - Its easy to be an armchair critic when you have nothing - nothing at all - to do with the internal decision making and creation process at KI. Trust the folks in charge.
  7. If memory serves me, Uncle Walt always required it to smell like popcorn when you entered Main Street at Disneyland park. I think all the Disney parks still make this a priority at the entrances. I know the bakery on MS at WDW pumps a concentrated vanilla scent into the air. Pirates of the Caribbean & Voyage of the Little Mermaid have "salt air" filters in the air conditioning systems, and at the Germany Pavilion at Epcot they pump caramel scent into the air. Frankly - I'd love it if KI did the same thing on IS.
  8. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Who was talking down? Not me. My post was informational. Please do not try to cause a conflict on these boards when there wasn’t a negative tone to my post.
  9. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    You do realize the elevator on the left (when waiting in line)goes to the lower level only, and the elevator on the right goes to the top level only, right? There’s no random option as to what level your elevator stops at. It just depends which level they decide to operate for the day. I can’t remember the last time I was there when both levels were open simultaneously.
  10. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    The lower one has been open the past 3 times I was there... and it wasn’t raining either time.
  11. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Was at the park today... went up the Eiffel Tower just to get a quick look. Here’s a pic. BTW - I hate the lower deck of the ET... that flooring needs replaced - it buckles in spots and scares me to death. I was weak in the knees the entire time I was up there. The upper deck isn’t nearly as scary.
  12. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    For years I dreamed of a very large mega-style coaster to take the Timberwolf/Congo/Invertigo area and run alongside the north parking lot. I always envisioned it like how Apollo's Chariot is placed at BGW, or how Goliath was placed at SFOG or how Leviathan turned out at Wonderland. Guess that wont be happening ;-)
  13. I stayed up to watch the live stream. Looks very cool! They trotted out Lucas, Billy Dee, Mark Hammil, Harrison Ford and even Chewbacca to “fire it up.” Can’t wait to see it in person!
  14. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Off topic - but to address the Action Theater speculation... https://blooloop.com/theme-park-3d-technology/ I think, ultimately, 3D or 4D etc has never performed well because, well frankly, people aren't that thrilled by it. Its temperamental, the visuals are often blurry or ineffective, what you see does not match what you feel, makes people sick, costly to maintain etc. Until technology perfects the art, it just isn't going to take off. In my experience, 3D technology has never worked. My eyes do not see the dimension - no matter movie, ride, various glasses etc. It all simply looks like a blurry double exposure to me. My most recent "try" at a virtual ride was "Battle for Eire" at BGW last Nov. This is about the 4th or 5th incarnation of a 3D ride simulator they've put in the same show building. Just like the others, it's "Meh." As soon as the ride started, my visual unit (its like a smart phone attached to each seat of the ride that you snap into headgear you put on while waiting in queue) malfunctioned, and I had a big digital error message box in the center of my screen the entire ride. Murphys law - and not fun - and not worth the wait - no matter how long. Sucky experience. But BGW keeps trying, trying, trying, trying over and over for 30 years now to make it work - it doesnt. That having been said, there is absolutely NO indication Kings Island has any intention of re-opening Action theater anytime soon. I was literally right beside it two weeks ago - and there's nothing happening. So I am not sure why people are now on this tangent. Give me a 300' or 286' (or whatever height people are arguing over now) coaster over a crappy "3D" experience ANYDAY.
  15. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Truer words were never posted.
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