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  1. Shaggy

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Frankly, although I’ve never been a fan of KK, this makes me a big fan of Ed Hart. He is absolutely correct when he says that the State Fair Board is doing nothing but playing childish games. However Hart just made a master chess move... he pulled out a 10 incher, plopped it on the table and said “top that.” I guarantee the Fair Board has no idea what hit ‘em. I’m loving every minute of this... pass the popcorn. Bravo Mr Hart!
  2. If I could rewind time, I'd go back to the 1980's/early 1990's when Kings Island used to hold annual auctions. So much KI history was basically given away back then - the original signage, rides/parts, character props etc etc were literally sold for mere pennies on the dollar. At one particular auction, virtually every Smurf animated character was purchased for less than $1000 by an individual that displayed them in his yard at Christmas for years.
  3. Shaggy

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Screamin' Demon was removed from Wild Animal Habitat after 1987 and the next coaster was added.... to Octoberfest... Bavarian Beetle was removed after 1978 and the next coasters were added... to Rivertown and then the end of Coney Mall... King Cobra was removed after 2001 and the next coaster was built.... on the site of the antique cars... ;-)
  4. Shaggy

    The Firehawk back-story...

    It was going where King Cobra was. It wasn’t going to be installed by FOF or behind the Eiffel Tower as rumors suggest. I specifically asked Jeff Seibert this a few years back and he confirmed it was spec’d for Action Zone.
  5. The GP doest understand "Service Life" essentially means the product is no longer financially viable to operate and has little-to-no marketability. It has nothing to do with safety, everything to due to the cost of keeping it operational. Be it parts, repair, upkeep, electrical costs or manufacturer guarantees. There's a term used in the industry called "viable real-estate." FH obviously occupies real-estate that CF likely feels would be better used if re-purposed. Frankly, I never felt Firehawk was a ride "worthy" of KI. It was a second-hand, "reproduction" foot-print coaster who's novelty was short lived even at it's original park. When KI announced it, I was not impressed... a relocation was "beneath" the park IMO. As far as the ride experience - I literally only rode it twice at KI. It had the same effect each time - uncomfortable when hanging, arduous loading process, not really thrilling, and raised my head's blood pressure level to the point that it was hard to recover. It's placement at the park was awful, and wreaked of a knee-jerk "Hey, KI needs a coaster and we are going to unload GL - so lets just ship it there and stick it over by FOF" mentality. I'll not miss it... as i would not miss Invertigo either.
  6. Shaggy

    The Firehawk back-story...

    The Arrow Shuttle-Loop coaster at KI - Screamin Demon - was only located at Kings Island, then at Camden Park as Thunderbolt Express. The owner of Fun Spot originally attempted to buy Screamin Demon from KI in 1987 when they announced it's removal, but the deal fell through for unspecified reasons - but more than likely because he revealed to the press why KI was removing it (for "a flume ride" which ultimately was Amazon Falls) The park opted to sell to Camden instead. Arrow's original prototype Shuttle-Loop coaster was opened at Circus World in Florida (after KI's opened - Screamin Demon was the first Arrow Shuttle Loop to operate for the public) where it ran from 1977 until the park (later named Boardwalk and Baseball) closed abruptly in 1990. The coaster was then purchased and relocated to Fun Spot in 1991 where it operated at AfterburnER until 2008.
  7. Shaggy

    The Firehawk back-story...

    Re: Those curious about Screamin Demon - here's the blog I write detailing it's entire history... https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2017/august/thrown-for-a-loop Re: The KD Flying coaster... I cannot speak to the details of the KD side of things, as I wasn't privy to specifics of that park - just KI... I will say, I would question KD ever being slated to get an RCCA wooden looping coaster because: RCCA didnt even finish the SOB project - they were fired before it was completed & KI was hellbent on being the only park in the chain with a looping wooden coaster.
  8. Shaggy

    The Firehawk back-story...

    I have quite a “Firehawk” back-story many of you may be interested in hearing. Now that the ride is “gone” I feel its ok to share… I sat on this for 15 years now... LOL! In 2003, I was invited to go to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure with the Paramount’s Kings Island Marketing Team on a “field trip.” Jeff Siebert, David Mandt, Maureen (then) Kaiser (then the parks’ brand-new PR Director) and I spent some time taking in the park… it was a great day. Specifically we all were there to ride X-Flight (later to become Firehawk) and it was then that I learned its true story. Now, the KI Marketing Team was stellar - and never divulged any company information... However, after rides had opened, they would sometimes share the stories of how the ride came to be... Well, the rumors all about the "X-Flight/Firehawk" have persisted since, so here’s your official verification… As many as you may know already… Vekoma first partnered with Paramount Parks to develop “Stealth” at California’s Great America. Both KI and KD were already slated to get the 2nd & 3rd versions of the coaster in 2002. The issues Stealth faced in development, coupled with the fact that Kings Island was under great scrutiny with their own bevvy of Son of Beast issues, Paramount Parks (specifically the park’s GM - Tim Fisher) made the decision to pass on the exclusive rights to the coaster and not install. Vekoma, already in the manufacturing process, then offered the options to Six Flags who opted to quickly install the rides at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure and Six Flags America – respectively. (As I understood, the routing & delivery of the rides was already scheduled – so rather than further complicate matters, Six Flags simply added them to the 2 parks closest to KI & KD.) Paramount, who had funded Vekoma’s development of the ride, likely profited from the sale of the two coasters to Six Flags. If memory serves me, it wasn’t finalized, but the working “theme” of the Flyer for KI was to be “Mission Impossible.” After the coaster installs for KI & KD were cancelled in late 2000, Paramount Parks R&D in LA immediately switched gears to develop a ride for KI to take the spot vacated in 2002. Tim Fisher was behind much of the push to “modernize” Kings Island and removed what he considered “eyesore” and “dated” rides. That’s why KCKC was demolished and Tomb Raider came into origin – as a direct reaction to the cancellation of the flyer. Ironically, King Cobra at KI was originally going to be demolished in 1999 – and not open with Action Zone. But once the development of “Stealth” began – KI opted to hold on to KC for two more seasons in order to swap a coaster for coaster… The “new” “more vibrant” paint job that KC was given when Action Zone opened was a decision to mask what Tim Fisher considered an “eyesore” by that point in time. After Action Zone opened, King Cobra was again slated for removal in 2001 as preparation for the Vekoma Flyer to be added in its spot. Even after the flyer was cancelled, KC still met the fate of the wrecking ball after 2 years of the park attempting to sell it. It was on this day that I learned that Delirium & Scooby Doo’s installation in 2003 were a direct result of PKI passing of the Vekoma Flyer. This trip was also the first time I heard the name “Dave Cobb” mentioned… Mr Cobb (unknown to me at the time) was already developing “Italian Job: Stunt Track” for KI’s 2005 season. I met him later, when KI first installed the ride and learned that the removal of the Antiques and Flyers were a result of Tim Fisher's initiative to modernize the park. Maureen Kaiser (with whom I rode X-Flight at SFWOA that very day) stayed with KI into 2007, and oversaw the PR of the coaster's installation before passing the torch to Don Helbig. Tim Fisher (who by then had transitioned to Paramount's Carowinds) left the company in 2006 when Paramount Parks was sold to Cedar Fair. However - ironically - it was while he was at Carowinds that the park relocated "Stealth" from Paramount's Great America to become "Borg:Assimilator" at PCow. Mr Fisher joined Cedar Fair Parks as the COO in late 2017... So there you have it… a lot of the PKI rides installed in the early 2000’s were actually a domino-effect result of X Flight not going to Kings Island as intended.
  9. Shaggy

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    IS the announcement being streamed somewhere?
  10. The commercial for Vortex at KI when it premiered was great! It featured an animated version of the robot hand actually grabbing and twisting the track.
  11. Ever heard the phrase "Cant see the forest for the trees?" ;-) Foresight is key...
  12. If you were mislead, its of your own doing. The park never put those fliers up, nor did they comment or react to speculation. All the "teasing" was perpetuated by fanboys (and girls) not KI.
  13. Amen to that. Scrapping the originals for Stunt Coaster - or whatever its called now - was the utmost low-point in the parks history. I was praying he'd say that they were tearing it down and putting them back there... but I'll take them any way I can get them. This is a wise move by KI, and it absolutely warms my heart!