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  1. Ever heard the phrase "Cant see the forest for the trees?" ;-) Foresight is key...
  2. If you were mislead, its of your own doing. The park never put those fliers up, nor did they comment or react to speculation. All the "teasing" was perpetuated by fanboys (and girls) not KI.
  3. Amen to that. Scrapping the originals for Stunt Coaster - or whatever its called now - was the utmost low-point in the parks history. I was praying he'd say that they were tearing it down and putting them back there... but I'll take them any way I can get them. This is a wise move by KI, and it absolutely warms my heart!
  4. Shaggy

    Question about Kings Island's Monster

    The general rumor has always been that KI's original Monster - that came from Coney - went to Wonderland when it opened. KI got a re-furbished replacement. What warranted this rumor is that for the better part of the season Wonderland opened, 1981, KI's monster was MIA... Pics from that season seem to confirm that. However I have never had it verified, only speculated. At Wonderland, the ride (called "Shiva's Fury") operated until 2003. As far as I know, the parts were not sent to KI. I've been told the ride sits in pieces in a back-stage area of Wonderland to this day.
  5. I like to think BIG... like an entire area re-vamp. My hope is that Coney Mall is getting a complete reno. It certainly needs it. I personally think that the addition of the Smokehouse restaurant this season could have been a precursor/start of much needed infrastructure changes to the area. I'd love a complete re-furb of Racer and flat package, as well as new lighting/facades etc. I think "something old is new again" references the entire Coney area. I think as a part of that reno, will a modern take on a previous attraction... fingers crossed for recaR. Heck... I'd be happy with just the sculpted Ginkgo trees coming back! Shaggy
  6. Coaster - Yay! Theme - Yuk Chances are the coaster will long outlast the NFL licensing. My mind recalls how "Dale Earnhardt's Intimidator 305" is now just referred to by KD as simply "Intimidator 305."
  7. I got into an altercation with an idiot at SFGAM recently over a camera in use on a ride. He rode Goliath directly in front of me, while attempting to video the entire ride with his hands stretched in the air. Because he was an idiot... he couldn't control his arms... so they flailed backwards into my face the entire ride. I spent the entire time dodging the possibility of him letting go and my getting hit with his cell. I cant tell you anything about the ride except that I had this dummy being negligent the entire time. He had pulled the cell out and begun filming BEFORE we left the station... I even yelled for him to put it away going up the lift - but he "couldnt" hear me due to the loud lift I guess. (Oh brother) Ride ops clearly saw it and turned a blind eye. When we hit the final brakes, I grabbed the hood of his sweatshirt and tugged it as hard as I could to get his attention. I then had to parent the punk... who of course called me every name in the book, on why what he did was moronic. When we reached the station, I promptly told the ride ops, who did nothing - literally NOTHING. My opinion is, it is because of their age and attitude, they either dont care - or are too afraid to deal with the rule breakers. Now, if I (who avoids conflict, and is about as non-confrontational as they come) was able to get that agitated, its a wonder more parks dont often have more altercations far worse. Ambivalence to the safety of others is a plague affecting parks. And it needs addressed or more accidents of this type will continue to occur.
  8. Shaggy

    Kings Island wants to add dorms

    I actually enjoy interacting with International Workers. Heck, its one of the highlights of EPCOT. I had a fascinating conversation with a young lady in the Norway shop once for nearly an hour - she had a great life story, and she was only like 22! I tell all people that go there, take the time to chat with the workers... they are more interesting then anything there! My dream would be for KI to return the International flavor of International Street... and use authentic international employees.
  9. Shaggy

    Winter Fest

    Geez, digging up a post from 16 years ago to contradict? LOL In all seriousness, that was an answer to a specific question posed by someone referring to the immediate season(s) that followed. They didn't bring it back until 2005... and gossip revealed it was a big financial flop. (Cedar Fair took over in 2006, cancelled it saying they didn't have the ability to orchestrate it in time as the new owners. However it's pretty obvious that had it made $$$, they would have continued it...) This past year, however, to those of us outsiders, Winterfest seemed to be a tremendous success. I think it's owed mostly to the fact that it was brand new all over again and rode a wave of nostalgia. However, you cant solely base an events success off the first year. The second, third and hopefully fourth is typically the true test of it's success. I know they didnt plan for it to be a 1 and done... so it will be around for at least a few seasons... hopefully more. I love it.
  10. Shaggy

    Official looking men between The Racers

    I'm pretty sure I know who they were. If I am correct, then no, they had nothing to do with a new coaster. They were taking pictures... that later got posted to FB and a website... One was there for purposes related to another attraction at the park.
  11. They've got a sold out Coastermania in 2 days... I hope they get all the kinks worked out! Is SV still operating with just 1 train?
  12. I've always wondered how they got all those SOB footings removed. There were THOUSANDS of them. The rose bowl even had pilings driven hundreds of feet in the ground. I cannot imagine the work it took to pull all of them up... if they did... and how they did it... or if they just covered them up. For several years, the larger footings that supported King Cobra over the access road/former safari monorail tracks were still there long after the ride was removed. I believe these were removed when Banshee was built. At the very least, the former SOB footings on the precise parcels of land in which Banshee was built had to be removed as well. I guess they use a backhoe to dig them up and then toss them in a dump truck? If so after about 5, they'd have to get a new truck due to weight restrictions. It baffles me and is something no one ever talks about when a coaster gets demolished... what happens with all those concrete pillars! When Geauga Lake was demolished, all the footings were left. No doubt because removal would have been too costly. They've since been removed, from what I hear, but again... how'd they do it? Here's a pic...
  13. Shaggy

    Entertainent Tonight 1987 Vortex Promo Video

    Pay attention... you see a bunch of lopped-off Bat supports and footers as the train exits the station.