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  1. Park CLOSED Friday 9/1/17

    If the weather is even remotely like here in Louisville... then they made a very very smart decision. The rain and high winds are terrible and headed north!
  2. OMG... that CEO guy is wearing flared/relaxed fit jeans. Yeah, there's a tough leather guy for ya. ;-)
  3. If Six Flags owned KI

    I have only one response to the title of this post... BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! LOL!
  4. Mystic Timbers Custom Playlist

    Ooooh... I love Sugar Sugar - but it's not '80s.... the era of the rides back story. The Archies were on in the early 1970s.
  5. Baffled... optical illusion?

    The slope of the shed and track is a given... but what baffled me is it actually gives the effect that the logo is not only crooked, but false. Being more specific - it makes pictures of it seem as though the name was photo shopped onto the shot. LOL I cant tell you... my OCD absolutely cannot handle it!
  6. So, ever since I saw this pic and then in person, my OCD has kicked into high gear. I was wondering if it was just me, or can others see it? Is the logo on the Mystic Timbers shed crooked?
  7. Pay-to-play attraction in Nickelodeon area?

    Wait... just to clarify... the Kings Mill Log Flume was moved from Cincinnati's Coney Island before Kings Island opened in 1972 - it was not moved within Kings Island. (Not sure if that's what you thought.) Within Kings Island, it has always existed in it's current location. However, for the 2001 renovation, the flume trough (the metal gutter/gulley the boats float in) was completely replaced. Originally, the ride was designed and built by Arrow Development, in 1968 for Coney... but by 2000 the ride had nearly worn through. So the park contracted O.D. Hopkins to completely renovate the workings of the ride. I also believe many of the flumes circulatory pumps were replaced as well. So... it's the same ride... in the same place... but not really. BTW, the ride was *thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss* close to being demolished. In 1999, the park made the decision to rip it down prior to the 2000 season, but several people internally fought for it. It then sat empty for 1 year with a wall around it - causing many KI enthusiasts to freak out (including me!) The year it re-opened (2001 - Now themed to Nickelodeon) the adjacent Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal was demolished for the installation of Tomb Raider:The Ride. Ultimately, what saved the flume's life was Tomb Raider - the park didn't want to lose both flumes.
  8. Pay-to-play attraction in Nickelodeon area?

    I personally am unfamiliar with the red ice cream in the 1990s. They did have red/puple/fuscia colored ice cream when Banshee opened... so perhaps they have had several colors through the years. However, I've never known the park to not have some incarnation of the blue ice cream - ever since it was introduced, it was one of the park's biggest sellers.
  9. Pay-to-play attraction in Nickelodeon area?

    The "water balloon" attraction being referred to was the "Double Dare Slime Shot Challenge" that premiered with the new "Nickelodeon Splat City" in 1995. The attraction - due to it's poor interest, and ridiculous operational requirements (someone constantly filling water balloons, constantly cleaning up remnants of popped balloons etc) it only lasted 2 seasons.
  10. Beast cars

    Originally, The Beast had 4 trains... each train had 5 cars that had 4 rows holding 2 people each. So each train originally held 40 people. The 4th train never ran for the public... so when it opened, it opened with 3 trains of 5 cars with 4 rows of 2 people. Still holding 40 people. The cars were then altered to 3-rows, and an extra car (taken from the unused 4th train) was added to each train. Ever since the alteration, the coaster has operated with 3 trains that have 6 cars with 3 rows of 2 people - 36 people.
  11. Kings Island, 1979

    ..is... (He's still around ;-)
  12. Kings Island, 1979

    For clarification... the first video's interviews/ride footage was not from opening day. The interview with Carl Eichelman was filmed in it's second season. He didn't make a name for himself as The Beast crazed-rider until 1980 when the park began publicizing his ride counts. The final interviews were likely opening weekend, but not opening day. It rained 1.25 inches on Friday April 13th, 1979. The following day, on Saturday the 14th, The Beast did not open until mid-afternoon... and it began raining by 4:00. The guy is not even wet. The very brief final off-ride footage is indeed from the grand opening press event - you'll notice very few riders (all of which are wearing ponchos) and there's a camera mount. There were less than 300 people there for the opening ceremonies on Friday the 13th. Between the two, the second aerial video is the gem. I am 99% positive it is from 1979... as "The Bavarian Beetle" was gone and the land was being prepped for "Stadium of the Stars." If you look VERY closely, you can see that the station for "The Bat" looks to already have been constructed, but there's no sign of any footings or ground clearing yet.
  13. The Giga Speculation Thread

    My perception of the park these days is that installs are simply based on the best way to satiate most guest interests. There's an obvious concentrated effort to increase capacities, and to focus on things for the entire family that are dependable and marketable. I would suspect - based on things like food offerings, meal plans, etc that a lot of the survey results are indicating that people want to take their entire family there for the overall experience - and want a deal - rather than to simply ride a huge coaster. I would suspect Cedar Fair views CP as their Ohio "thrill" park, and Kings Island their "experience" park - a precedent that was set independently by those parks many years before Cedar Fair took the helm. Most every install at KI is based on guest feedback through surveys - so if guests say they want a 300' coaster, then they'll probably install one. If guests are saying they want more kids rides, then that takes priority. KI has to straddle the middle in most cases - since it's a very family oriented park. They could have very easily built Mystic Timbers 100 feet taller, or twice as long and fast - but they installed a highly enjoyable, non-intimidating ride that many people can enjoy. MT actually, IMO, filled a need that I didn't even know existed. It's a mid-sized ride that pulls two audiences... it's a "graduating" coaster for kids moving up a thrill level... and it's a satisfyingly fun ride for those already used to bigger thrills. I also think that for many, many, years, KI execs have been trying to completely correct the "ills" of the former owner. There's a focus on bringing back a lot of the quality to the park, while reducing it's previous blatant commercialism. In addition, they've steered away from gimmicks... special effects, complicated theming that is expensive to maintain etc. I see a lot of infrastructure changes to the dated buildings and facilities, that frankly, cost a LOT of money (but often go unrecognized by guests.) The Paramount installs - as fun and over-the-top as they were, weren't (as a whole) dependable and high volume enough - and are to blame for many of the confusing compromises to the themes of the park. Bottom line, I do have my fingers crossed that KI will get their own version of 'Leviathan" or "Fury." (I would kill to see one of those at KI.) Chances are, it will come... in due time... and only if most guests want it. But frankly, my biggest dream for KI, especially the older I get, is that the park adds things that will keep it around for another 50, 100, 200 years.
  14. Dollywood 2017

    Its funny, but water rides have taken a turn in popularity over the years. Back in the 1980's-early 1990's they were a hot commodity and people would wait for hours to get soaked on these in a dry ride-park. But actually, I think the "soaking" part is what ultimately has cost their popularity - that and the onslaught of parks with waterpark/bathing suit options. I know I personally don't want to walk around a park soaking wet - especially with squishy shoes. Amazingly themed and fun too look at, River Battle was not a "thrilling" ride by any means. Couple that with the "soaking" aspect and those 2 negatives cost them a good percentage of their riding audience. Knowing Dollywood, they'll add something much better in it's place. The park is smart, and they don't let unpopular rides stagnate for too long. Frankly, the ride would probably be immensely popular if moved to Splash Country.
  15. Beast cars

    It's the same train - however the train's decorations were severely altered after this pic was taken. That pic is from IAAPA in 1978 - when they showed off the lead car. At that point, there were 4 trains. Prior to opening, the ride reduced to 3 trains and received a different "fire-themed" paint job and had the headlamp removed in favor of a logo (that would better represent the park in media coverage.) After a few weeks of operation the tufted button upholstery was removed as well. In subsequent seasons, the cars and chassis were cut down by the park to reduced them to 3-bench seats. The coaster still uses 3 of it's original trains - only SEVERELY altered. The #4 spare was broken up to extend the 3, and eventually the #4 lead was given to Ruth Voss upon retirement.