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  1. If its anything like the inversions on RMC Raptors it will be a great ride. Generally, I'm not an "inversion guy" per-say, but the ones on WWGL were great. It does lack a significant/large drop... which is what made Wonder Woman at SFFT surprisingly intense when I rode.
  2. I have followed the legacy of "The Bat" ever since I saw it operate on my first trip to KI as a kid. I seemingly learn more about it every few months. Here's what I've been able to put together re: the original topic of this thread... As far as any information I've ever seen, the operational design for "The Bat" at Kings Island was never seriously intended to have inversions. The design in question could likely be an early layout concept presented to the park in when they first held serious meetings with Arrow about the idea. Arrow had been developing the concept of the suspen
  3. That area of Kennywood is actually one of the most pleasant with its 'grove like" feel and carousel. I hope they keep it that way. Sad to see some older, traditional rides bite the dust. The good news is that they updated "The Old Mill" this season. The Kangaroo is a tough loss...
  4. I haven't read the entire thread, but will pipe in to simply state that I believe Adventure Express has had portions of track replaced in the past. The memory is blurry, but I seem to recall it being the 1998 off season when what appeared to be replacement track for AE appeared in the parking lot. Saw it with my very own eyes. I cant say for sure where along the course the replacement could have been made - however I've long suspected it was at the start of the ride, where the "mist" effect was located. I believe that very same season, the mist was discontinued and has never returned afai
  5. He always does a great job. Thanks for the history flash-back, and the rare pics Kyle!
  6. I'd kill to have that Mustang from this ride for posterity.
  7. Speaking of Kill Mart/the old Skeeball building. Out of curiosity, does KI still have Skeeball in any of the arcades? Its been at least 20 years since I've even been in one of the arcades at KI. It was a HUGE deal (once upon a time) at KI. You used have to wait in line to play sometimes. Side note - if they were ever to bring back a Fascintation Parlor, I'd never want to leave. For old schoolers, such as me, that game was more fun than I can even describe. There's VERY few left... but is, by far, my favorite "game" that I ever played at a park. Also, most parks have eliminated
  8. Tangent - There is an old 1800's cemetery on my Maternal Grandparents farmland. Many/most graves in that portion of the south were covered with concrete or stone slabs. I once asked "why?" as a kid and was told it was to keep the coffins/bodies from raising out of the ground if it got too saturated. (Its very close to the ocean, so the water table is high.) As a kid, whenever me and my cousins would play outside, we were warned by our family to "stay away out of respect for the people lying there." That combined with the vivid childhood thought of seeing a casket raising out of the g
  9. Because of the outrageous scalping issues they've faced, Disney has now instituted MerchPass on ShopDisney.com. The stores must now adhere to a "lottery" system when exclusives are released at retail. Ticketmaster has done the same with Verified fan and virtual queing. I have a very distinct opinion on this subject, since I've spent the past 25 years in an industry that fights scalping everyday. But, frankly, this board is already waaaaay to full of people's opinions, and virtually Every.Single.Thread becomes a disagreement or argument anymore. I will say, KI did a really good th
  10. I remember park Reps spoke at an ACE event during the Paramount years and revealed they were restricted from displaying certain moving images on the (then) new sign. For instance, they could not show ride footage and/or commercials. The issue was raised based on the concerns that local authorities (I assume ODOT) had with it affecting traffic flow. I would assume that still plays into what they show, and the time each image spends on the screen.
  11. I’m hearing they sold out but are taking orders...
  12. While I definitely think KI deserves the title "night ride capital of the world", there are some challengers. Ever ride Phoenix at Knoebels in the pitch dark? Or Raven at HW? Or Iron Rattler at SFFT? Or Ghostrider at Knotts? Wooo weee those are insane after sunset.
  13. I remember it distinctly. At (then) Paramounts Kings Island it was called “Boat Tag.” It was actually there for the ‘93, ‘94 and ‘95 seasons. It was located where Linus’ Launcher currently is. There was a fence that separated Rivertown from (then) HB Land/Nick Splat City. It sat on the opposite side of the fence from Scrappy’s Slide right next to the restrooms. I never “rode” (it was actually considered a game) but watched it quite a bit. Fun fact: The balls would often get stuck in the chain link fence that enclosed it. I have a picture of it, I’ll try to dig it up
  14. Flying Eagles from Carowinds back to Coney Mall. Casino at DelGrossos back to Rivertown at KI. Antique cars from Magic Springs and Worlds of Fun back to KI. Flying Dutchman from KK back to Octoberfest. Spinovator from Canadas Wonderland to Octoberfest.
  15. Most don't know/remember that there were spray misters inside the arbor. They weren't always on, but on hot days they often had at least 2 going. It was the first park I ever saw with them. As a result, the pavement often stayed wet inside of it. Kings Dominion followed suit and later installed 2, around the time they added Diamond Falls, to the sign entrance to the Congo area.
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