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  1. Shaggy

    International street makeover

    Currently there are HUGE DEEP holes dug all down the sides of the fountains. They are installing hydraulic lift tables that will automatically lift pre-lit trees into place for Winterfest - thus expediting the labor intensive set up. Also, all the "windows" on International Street are being replaced with dual-pane glass that will allow them to randomly select "fog/ice/frost/tint" setting with the touch of wireless connection. Finally, several of the shops have had their false "forced perspective" second stories removed and they are building viewing platforms on the tops for the new light/water show on the fountains. Access to these platforms will be granted via a "VIP Diamond/Emerald & Ruby Pass" the park will begin selling next season for an additional $300 per pass. Its a massive undertaking- and the place is a mess right now - that's why there's no pictures. Had ya for a second didnt I? (and for the more... ummm gullible readers... that was all fake. I have no earthly idea what all they are doing... LOL)
  2. I am the blogger. The original train you see in that picture was a "prototype" or "concept" based on the initial theme KI had given PTC (a mining car.) It was displayed at IAAPA the fall of '78 and was the only one that had a light added to the front. At the time, the park had not chosen the final theme or name - that came in February. Because of indecision of theme on KI's part - the trains were built by PTC and shipped to KI having only been primed - not painted. When they arrived at KI that winter a final color scheme was chosen and the coaster team/sign department painted the trains and sculpted the logo in house. The logo was added for publicity purposes... so that any photos would indicate the name of the coaster. The park had learned this early on from the publicity they received when Racer premiered - which has always featured the name of the coaster. PTC has never painted The Beast's trains, nor were they shipped with headlights. In addition - remember that there were initially 4 trains, so several modifications were made after they arrived for testing.
  3. The equivalent of being pushed over the side of a sharp hill in a shopping cart. Actual ride footage of my riding it:
  4. FYI the trains never operated like this... This was a preliminary design only. They were completely re-designed before the coaster opened to resemble a "fireball" on par with the television commercial.
  5. Geez.... so many to choose from. The Boss at SFStL Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain at Indiana Beach Williams Grove Cyclone Soarin' Eagle - Coney Island Shockwave - SFGAm Batman The Escape - Astroworld Big Dipper - Camden Park Revolution at SFMM (With head restraints) There's more... but those are the standouts in my mind right now.
  6. I was reading through some of the responses Kings Dominion has gotten on FB over the removal.... Man people are such drama queens. I can understand being disappointed and even angry - but not to the point of getting verbally vicious with people you don't know over a coaster. Count me in as one that isn't surprised by the removal. Its always been "temperamental." It did have a good run - 20 years, that's nothing to sneeze at. Remember, if you took the collective total number of days "The Bat" at Kings Island operated it would amount to less than one season. Now "Volcano" gets to become one of those "There once was a coaster named _____ and I got to ride it" rides that will be ingrained into KD's history. Now, here's my personal feelings. I "liked" the coaster - but it wasn't the end-all-be-all. My reaction the first time I saw it being built was "They've ruined the mountain." They literally butchered the original "Lost World/Fantasy Mountain" structure to install it. On top of that, the ride's structure looked ridiculous IMO. They could have done a MUCH better job with the structure as to not obscure the mountain. It looked like scaffolding... like the mountain was in a constant state of repair. Also they lopped probably 20 feet off the top and removed the elaborate waterfall to install the blast hole - which really bummed me. The first time I rode it (I rode many times over the years), I was underwhelmed. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but I remember the general feeling was "That's it?" I remember being surprised that the initial launch was not what propelled you out of the top... rather it was just a launch into a long straightaway and then a wide turn behind it. It was back behind it that you realized they basically cut out the most of the back of the mountain. Imagine if the straightaway and turn had been enclosed! After the inversion out of the top, the ride slowed to a crawl. The barrel rolls were some of the slowest I've ever experienced and although fun, it wasn't necessarily "scary." But then, the coaster did a swooping, fast dive down into.... brakes.... wah wah. Everyone.... and I mean EVERYONE I rode it with over the years always said it was a let down - especially the ending. It's finale was on par with Adventure Express... a big build up to... the final break run. Now, you have to understand that the first time I went to Kings Dominion, the mountain was brand new... they were literally still putting the finishing touches on it. I was in awe of it - and I remember vividly how it looked and how amazing it was to look at. My parents and I waited an eternity to ride "Land of the Dooz." I wouldn't get on "Atlantis" the precursor to "Haunted River" (which I rode many, many times.) Also, my dad always told the story he waited for nearly 2 hours with me to ride "The Time Shaft" - only when we got there and I saw what it did I chickened out (I was 6 years old.) Finally, many don't remember that there was another ride on the right side of the mountain called "Mount Kilimajaro" which was a Bayern Curve that went in and out of the facade. That having been said, my opinion of Volcano was always kind of stilted because I missed the grandeur of the original Mountain. It was a good idea, in theory. And Lord knows by the time Volcano arrived the Mountain needed something (during the early Paramount years - it fell into such disrepair that it was embarrassing.) But in retrospect, I probably would have been more thrilled if they had just done a major refurbishment of the original rides. My biggest concern in all of this is that they will demolish the entire mountain. Sounds like they will. Knowing how badly it was kept, only to be gutted and ravaged by the installation of Volcano, I cant imagine it will be salvaged. That is what will really upset me. Frankly, when I think of KD, the Mountain always comes to mind... more so than their Eiffel Tower - because seeing it for the first time as a kid was such a "WOW" moment in my life. I guess I'm just lucky I got to see, ride and enjoy it in all incarnations. Finally - below is a write-up I did on another board many years ago when someone asked about the original mountain. It gives a bit of insight as to it's original history. The mountain was not built for "Volcano." It was there for many years before the roller coaster was added. It was originally built for the 1978 season. It was called "The Lost World: Fantasy Mountain." and when it opened, it had 4 rides. Those rides were "Professor Backenforth's Journey into the Land of the Dooz", "Time Shaft","Mt Kilimanjaro" and a dark boat ride called "Journey to Altlantis." -"Land of the Dooz" was a family themed ride in which you rode a train through the mountain and past various animated scenes. -"Time Shaft" was an indoor Rotor. A Rotor is a round room in which guests enter, it spins, they stick to the wall and the floor drops out beneath their feet. This ride was unique because it was all the way inside the mountain and had an elaborate lighting and music effect system. -"Mt. Kilimanjaro" was a Bayern Curve that ran in and out of a side portion of the mountain. A Bayern Curve is a bobsled-type attraction that was popular many years ago. It is a simple idea where you sit in a train of cars that traverse a circular track. As the ride continues, the bobsled picks up speed. -"Journey to Atlantis" dark boat ride they had only lasted the first season. It was changed for 1979 into "The Haunted River" which was a heavily themed scary boat ride excursion into various haunted scenes. It ended with a big splash down drop outside the mountain. In 1984, "Land of the Dooz" was changed into "Smurf Mountain." It still used the same train and course, but the Smurf characters were put in place of the "Dooz" characters. Although I am not exactly sure when, in the 1980's "Mt Kilimanjaro" also disappeared. You can still see where the ride existed though. It is the grown-over portion of the mountain nearest to the entrance to the Flight of Fear plaza. By the mid 1990's the "Haunted River" and "Smurf Mountain" were worse for the wear and were closed. Some of the treasure relics of "Haunted River" were moved into the re-themed "Yogi's Cave" in Hannah Barbera Land. The queue for "Smurf Mountain" and "Haunted River" were combined to form the queue for "Volcano." The station for "The Haunted River" is now the "Volcano" exit and gift shop. You can still see where the boats flowed through a trough up to the station. PKD has an original "Haunted River" boat permanently placed in that area now. All the skeletons from "Haunted River" were used as decorations in the exit. The entrance and tunnel that led guests into the mountain and to "The Time Shaft" was widened and opened up and became "Volcano's" launch tunnel. The old station you see is probably the one that is pretty high up in the mountain and was actually not a station. Rather it was there for decoration only. On a similar note, you can still see the tracks from the old "Dooz" and/or "Smurf" ride when you are in the station of Volcano. If you look up the side of the mountain where the small waterfall is, you can see where the tracks were simply cut off with a blowtorch. Finally, when "Volcano" was added, quite a bit was chopped off the top of the mountain's peak in order to widen the opening for the coaster. I would say a good 15 feet was removed. Prior to "Volcano" the mountain did not shoot fire, but rather had a wonderful large waterfall from the very top. Really, the mountain is a shell of its former self. Although I like Volcano and think it is fun, I personally think it ruined the look of the mountain. Volcano has way too much scaffolding supports around it and obscures the mountain itself. The designers should have spent more time and attention and used as few supports as possible. Finally, "Lost World: Fantasy Mountain" was the initial "test" for an even larger mountain project that the original owners of the park were planning. They were in initial design stages for Canada's Wonderland in Toronto. That park's signature piece is a large mountain built in the very same manner (although about 3 times the size) as Dominions. The difference was, when Wonderland's opened, there were no rides housed inside it. That has now changed over time.
  7. Potential off-site dorms - allowing them to demolish the current ones on property and expand... perhaps.
  8. I went many times in the latter years of it's operation and always had a good time. One time in particular I was there with coaster friends from Canada and it was like 110 degrees (no joke) out. As miserable as it was, we laughed hysterically all day - its one of my favorite memories. Other memories of the park include: Screechin Eagle was an INTENSE coaster. The drop after the turnaround was an airtime lovers dream. The age, and bad condition of the coaster in later years really added to the "thrill." The lake was full of GIANT carp. The Log flume was one of the wettest I've ever ridden. Literally a wave of water would flood your boat... you came off wetter from that than you would KI's White Water Canyon. The giant slide had seams/rivets that would snag your burlap sack There was a Fascination parlor - which I miss immeasurably. I spent hours and hours in there. I'm going to have to check out that restaurant - thanks for sharing!
  9. Shaggy

    International street makeover

    FYI... just to add some tid-bits here... The "Pedestals" you see today were altered for either the 2nd or 3rd season of operation. Originally, the water bowls sat on top of the simple round cylindrical "tubes." Later, for decoration (and added support) the bowls were given 8 support arms each. In the pictures above you can see how the original pedestal "tubes" still exist and the original bowls with the later-added arms sit over top of them. The original IS configuration's street-scapes, curbs etc were all removed/altered for the first Winterfest in 1982. That's also when the "trees" were added along the fountains. The pavers on IS are the oldest in the park - and were added many seasons (1982) before other areas in KI - they have been repaired/replaced a few times over the years. The fountain and its filtration system was completely overhauled in 2003 due to a severe series of "cracks" that left the original concrete crumbling and leaking underground in places. Basically, they built a fountain over the fountain. This was also done in prep for the return of the 2005 Winterfest. For 2005's Winterfest, additional pathways from IS down to the fountain were added for access to the ice-rink. There is a long-standing rumor that a capsule of personal momentos may have been placed under IS by the original designers/contractors. But I've never had it verified officially.
  10. Shaggy

    Scooby Let Me Down.

    "As of 2019, Warner Bros. uses the studio's brand to market properties and productions associated with the Hanna-Barbera library." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanna-Barbera "Today, Six Flags has dedicated itself to setting the standard for theme park entertainment... Our licensing agreement with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products allows Six Flags the exclusive theme park rights to many of the world's greatest cartoon characters and super heroes..." https://investors.sixflags.com/investor-overview/company-history
  11. Shaggy

    KI Park Maps

    I have a park map/guide from every year of operation, they are viewable on my SitOnIt FB KI site. If they are downloaded and used here, I'd appreciate the acknowledgement.
  12. Shaggy

    Racer Track Work 2019

    "Original" PTC trains is a relative term.... those trains have been re-built so many times over the years that I'd expect there's not one original thing left on any of them. Heck even the various front panels are owned by different KI collectors.
  13. Shaggy

    Kings Island Nominated for Favorite Holiday Park

    This is awesome. The fact it's only in its 2nd year (well, following a looooong break) and takes the 2nd spot shows just how awesome it is. Great job KI! (And great job to all that voted!)
  14. Shaggy

    Flat ride package?

    Awww shucks! Labor of love...
  15. Have you made attempts at obtaining records through the Cincinnati public library? Also, Museum Center at Union Terminal has a vast amount of historians on retainer that may be able to help. Now that the renovations at the Terminal are complete, you'd likely have a better chance at assistance. http://library.cincymuseum.org/ Most cities have a hall of records or center of historical records. Not sure where to start - but the above two options could lead you in the correct direction. Finally, a subscription to an archived news service online can be of immense help. There's several options for researching/reading old newspaper articles - all the way back to the turn of the century! Good luck!