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  1. It was time for Vortex to go. A dagger to the heart of sentimentality, but its time had passed. ;-)
  2. Yeah, its pretty evident there was mis-information in that USA Today article. I'm glad it got shared, because its a good example of how the press can misconstrue their reporting about parks. Bottom line, there's no factual information that any such thing ever occurred on The Beast.
  3. Interesting. Any idea if it was a local article or something printed through AP? On a related note, I personally can recall a large article on coaster safety that appeared in Popular Mechanics in the 1980's that featured coaster accidents. It covered, in great detail, information about the West Edmonton Mall Schwarzkopf derailment, the Lightning Loops incident etc. I still have it somewhere in storage. When I was a teen, that article was the trigger for me to understand that those sorts of tragic stories sell.
  4. Scattered throughout the decades, there's been a few collector gems pop-up for sale at KI. During the Paramount Era, they commissioned hand painted replicas of the lead carousel horses. Also, there was some original International Street art that was sold in a very limited capacity. Unfortunately, unique artistic representations of KI are pretty few and far between. Which amazes me, because in each of those cases they sold out afaik.
  5. Glad to see KI again stepping up their exclusive merchandise game. The pin collection, the Nano-Coasters, the Coaster Cut Outs, the Ornaments, the calendar are all great pieces for a collector. Although these train models look a bit "rough" (as is the case with most resin models of any sort) I am very glad to see these and have made my purchase. I'm still wishing/hoping for CoasterDynamix Statix trains of Orion, Mystic Timbers, Racer, Banshee and "The Bat" (original please), as well as a much needed return to the large souvenir park maps. (I mean seriously, if CP can do it every yea
  6. For posterity, I was a Beast Crew member (many, many moons ago) and can tell you we were all made aware of the potential hazards with the ride when in driver training. We were given examples of accidents that HAVE occurred in its history, so we knew what to look for and how to handle. Not once, in my time working there - or in training - was there ever any mention of someone being mortally injured by The Beast. However we were warned that people HAVE hit their heads on the trains, broken fingers and hands in the helix, busted lips, had heart attacks etc. Unfortunately, those types of th
  7. Coastermania has, traditionally, had a much higher capacity allowance than most enthusiast events. I've been to several Coastermanias over the years where there were upwards of 2,000 attendees. Its worth noting that interest in Coastermania, and attendance, usually flexes based on a new coaster. In "intermediate" years between coasters, attendance tends to dip. I don't know the KI Coasterstock capacity, but I'd not be surprised if it is 1/3 of Coastermania's allowance. Given that, and the fact that Orion is still essentially a new coaster to most... its no surprise demand for CS tic
  8. So, ever since I first saw the Brady episode as a kid, something bothered me about the episode... they didn't show Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal. In 1973, the new (and heavily promoted) attractions were the Bayern Curve, Flying Dutchman, International Street Restaurant and KCKC. All were included as a headline attraction in brochures, pre-season news articles and advertisements. The Brady Bunch episode was filmed the week of August 20th 1973. Both the Flying Dutchman and Bayern curve appeared in the episode... but KCKC did not. As a matter of fact, that entire area of Rivertown was
  9. I agree with this, generally speaking. When it comes to generic kids rides (flat rides, etc) No matter the name/theme, children will either want to ride a kids attraction - or not. Heck - most kids/parents refer to standard attractions in terms of what they are, or do... "Momma, Daddy - I want to ride the airplanes!", "Jimmy, do you wanna go on the motorcycles?", "Little Emily loves the merry-go-round." etc. etc. etc. At most of today's parks - outside Disney and/or Universal - the names and themes of rides is mostly a secondary overlay. Licensed characters only play an important part
  10. My speculation would be that, like the deal with Hart, they will be required by the state to re-invest a fair amount of the profits back into the physical park.
  11. Don't count on that. As I understand, Hart is taking a back seat and will be a financial partner only. I have heard he will no longer be involved in daily operations or management of the park. Well... you asked... ;-) Let me qualify... what follows is my general perception. I don't have any formal insight or first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the park. That being said... Kentucky Kingdom continues to be viewed by locals in much the same way it was under the Six Flags leadership. There still exists a negative connotation among many in Louisville. Some perceive
  12. For clarity - my "not yet" was in regards to the post saying it was official. I posted that because, as I understand, the Herschend deal has stalled several times. So until it was formally announced to the media, and by the state, it wasn't official. :-) As far as admission rates, I would suspect they will increase naturally over time as investments and offerings increase. Right now, they have to remain sensitive to the market and not rock any boats.
  13. Absolutely correct. The rough spot was "THE JOLT" I mentioned. It was actually the pitch of the turn on the top of hill #3 (the hill following the largest drop.) The momentum of the trains was such that when the cars reached the top of the high speed turn, the cars "bucked" to the right. This caused riders to experience an intense jerk to the right in the seats - car by car. During the entire event - as our trains arrived back in the station each time we completed the circuit, we were literally asked by staff about "the jolt" - and it was pretty obvious it was worsening as the event conti
  14. As far as the announcement day, I was there and the whole event was basically a mess from an organizational standpoint. It was so bad that the (then) brand new GM (Tim Fisher) fired the park's Head of Public Relations following the announcement event. There was a bit of "chatter" online about that because, quite frankly, she was very unkind to enthusiasts in her history at the park. As far as the reactions of SOB from enthusiasts... It was pretty evenly mixed. Opinions online were not nearly as volatile as today's web-based "opinions," but there were definite hip-hoorayers and n
  15. I seems the person "tweeting" for KK is doing so emotionally - and in a seemingly erratic way. My personal take is, the owners of the park were preparing press releases, they pulled back due to a complication internally... but the local "In-park Tweeter" had already proceeded with the tease campaign. I have no idea if that is indeed what happened, but I've been in the professional world long enough that I have seen similar circumstances arise in my own line of business. Marketing pulls back on PR or press because a business, administrative or contractual decision delays them.
  16. It appears the larger circles are their park properties I believe, the smaller the tourist spots (Stone Mountain etc) The oddity is Alabama Adventures location... if indeed its included.
  17. I wouldn't necessarily jump to any ride conclusions...
  18. I believe there were "gazebos" on stage right and left. You can vaguely see them in the concept picture of "World Cabaret" performers in my first reply above.
  19. For posterity, here's grainy concept art for the Festhaus, as well as a pic of how it actually looked when it was first built. Trivia: For 1983, the existing Beirgarten was remodeled and the bridge that extended over the Octoberfest pond was added - as to drive traffic between the two venues.
  20. As far as the original shows at the Festhaus... here are some Grainy print/ad images... The first two are of "World of Christmas" - the first show to play the Festhaus during Winterfest 1982. The third is of "World Cabaret" that played the 1983 spring/summer/fall season.
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