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  1. Here's one taken by your's truly in January of 2002... Not sure where I got this next one - but its incredible... (Not taken by me)
  2. Huh? I'm confused - are we talking Vortex or Beast? This picture is taken from The Beast's queue area - where there used to be another queue house when it opened. (That's the base of the first drop of Vortex - quite a ways away from The Vortex Station.) Vortex never had another queue house, or outside queue than what it has now - TMK. It DID, however, use the queues/switchbacks underneath the station for at least a few years - I recall waiting down there. The line for Vortex always "started" next to the short concrete wall beside SR&R. When it first opened, that line would would grow and extend down Coney Mall. BTW - like Beast's paw prints, Vortex originally had it's logo painted on the blacktop leading guests down Coney Mall to it.
  3. There’s something about that Matarese guy that rubs me the wrong way. Well, several things actually. I don’t trust him.
  4. Thank the dear Lord in Heaven. I hope all the grief shared by the general public, and park enthusiasts, over the thought of a Six Flags takeover cut them to the quick. Every post/article I read came with an ONSLAUGHT of negativity about SF park operations and overall bad management. Surely the overwhelming amount of criticism towards SF parks rings a bell. They need a strong wake-up call. They are raping the villagers - and the villagers are fighting back.
  5. I never, ever thought I'd say this. But I'd probably not attend KI anymore if it fell under Six Flags. My heart just couldn't take it. Their operations/upkeep/disregard for history is abysmal. Every time I have been to a SF park, I literally enter it prepared for the worst - so they have no where to go but up. Even so, I still leave SF parks disappointed. I was at Magic Mountain in June - and it is a crime what they've done to that park.
  6. For those of you clinging to hope that Vortex is being “re-profiled” or “redesigned” or such... let me rip the bandaid off. It’s being taken down... removed completely... kaput. I understand it’s not due to one issue but rather several... metal fatigue, cost of maintenance, low ridership, low marketability. It sits on prime “real estate” and the area will be better used in the future. it will always hold a special place in my heart, but it’s time. Can’t make an omelette...
  7. See... didn’t believe me did you?
  8. It will be demolished. But likely not until assembly of Orion is done. Sad, but it had a great run. I remember fondly when it opened. But as far as folks getting angry about losing a coaster, I invite you to look for the forest, not the trees.
  9. My personal speculation is, and this is just a guess, we'll see Vortex bite the dust in the forthcoming years and a "Copperhead Strike"-type coaster go in its place.
  10. The same thing just happened with Lakemont park in PA... so this does not surprise me.
  11. I've ridden this same ride at Lagoon in Salt Lake (Great park BTW.) Its a very fun ride, and I recall that after I rode it I thought "This would be a great ride for KI!"
  12. LOL - tempting but just lookie - no sellie...
  13. I thought many here would like to see a rare KI memento that I recently added to my collection. This is a carved marble slab mounted on a framed backing with a brass plate inscription. It was presented following the 1981 season - and it features the (then) new "The Bat" as part of the collage of KI images. From what I have learned, this was presented to a former Full-Time KECO/Kings Island staff member. Its quite a piece! If anyone has anymore info about this, please share!
  14. Just be glad its seat belts and not those darn steel cord magnets that the B&M hypers initially had. Back after Raging Bull & Nitro opened, the park had retractable steel cables added to each seat with a magnet at the end. The magnet attached to a metal rivet on the clamshell. If the magnet wouldn't attach - no ride. Well, those things wreaked havoc on loading. Not to mention the steel cable would slice hands and fingers. Ultimately they went away - I think - in favor of seatbelts and visual lines at the base of the restraint.
  15. When Maverick was built at CP, the ride had a significant portion of track removed and replaced. A barrel roll was deemed too extreme for the trains and (potential) riders. Because of that, new track pieces had to be manufactured and shipped to the park (Intamin uses an overseas steel manufacturer I believe.) It delayed the ride approximately one month.
  16. It was removed, in large part, because a 90-something year old man claimed he broke his neck on it (4 years prior) and sued the park.
  17. So, let me get this straight. KI just announced a $30million capitol expenditure... a Monster coaster... biggest in parks history... exactly what “enthusiasts” have spent years crying for... at a time when NO other park has announced anything remotely on par... and said enthusiasts are complaining about it? Typical I may have to take the off season... off. From the beginning of the “speculation” it’s been an onslaught of negative, cry baby entitled “opinions.” Frankly, I cant wait to ride it. I absolutely love KI, and the people overseeing the park are doing a stellar - STELLAR- job of elevating it to be one of the best parks in the world. All the naysayers should get marked with a crimson “A”... so they’ll all stand out in line... which they’ll no doubt be clamoring to ride come next spring.
  18. I grew up going to KD as a kid/teen. The safari, as I recall, did not extend into the red. Much like KI, it was located to the east of the park. See the area in blue below...
  19. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    A little over a week ago everyone here was whining about how there were no teasers... now everyone is saying how great the campaign is... This board both amuses and frustrates the ^(*$ out of me. LOL
  20. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Newton's 4th law: This Fourth Law states – “Neither matter or energy moves relative to Absolute Space”. A body of matter or a photon is always at zero velocity relative to absolute space. When a force is exerted on a body, the body does not move or accelerate relative to absolute space, it only moves relative to other matter but its relativistic mass will increase. Its “space energy level” increases. When the body emits more energy than it is receiving its mass will decrease. When a body emits a photon it speeds away at the speed of light but remains stationary relative to absolute space’”
  21. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    Hang on guys... I may be on to something... I did a search, and... anyone remember this? I am just taking a jab in the dark - and frankly I only thought of it because I have a cat with a middle name "Newton" LOL! I am loving that KI is doing these posters. Way more fun that people posting blueprints.
  22. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    I would suspect the watermark letters have nothing to do with it's name... but are a reference to just the theme or what it does... The letters could simply be referencing one of the laws of physics. N E W T O N 1 K I - based on Sir Issac Newton's 1st law of motion "A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless it is acted upon by an external force." or N E W T O N 2 K I- based on Sir Issac Newton's 1st law of motion "The force acting on an object is equal to the mass of that object times its acceleration." or N E W T O N 3 K I - based on Sir Issac Newton's 1st law of motion "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Or it could simply be a more generic "N E W T O N S K I" or "N E W T O N @ K I" Isaac Newton was an astronomer and invented higher math like calculus and statisitcs... so these "hints" would fit nicely with the rumored "space" theme... and the math analogy would pair up well with ride stats. Fun guessing game - this is what I've been waiting for.
  23. Shaggy

    Decoding 2020

    I find it odd that image on the Bayern Curve poster is not reminiscent of the original ride's theme. The original ride, which was in Octoberfest, was themed to an Olympic Bobsled - not a space rocket orbiting the moon...
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