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  1. Agreed! Knotts is what I refer to as a "big small park." It can be said that the most charming area - Ghost Town - is also historically the most neglected (in terms of ride installations.) Another signature attraction in that area of the park would further revitalize it and draw crowds away from the Boardwalk area. So many guests tend to ignore that side of the park (with the exception of Ghostrider) and its actually (IMO) the area that makes Knotts unique and unlike anything else at any other park in CA. There's so much to love at Knotts.... Calico Mine, Calico River (the re-theme is superb!), Calico Train (the absolute best train ride at any park in the world), authentic horse-drawn wagon Rides, Timber Mountain (the best flume in the country) the original (and best) Camp Snoopy, Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant and so-on and so-on... they are real gems.
  2. Orion's installation included a major overhaul to a dated themed area. Those changes factored into the overall budget for the capitol expenditure. The park has been very forthright about that when discussing the entire Orion project. My personal opinion is that they made the right call in spending a good deal of effort, and money, to flesh out Area 72, and not just install a coaster. Re: Knotts... I'm glad to see there's a proposal on the table for another signature attraction. But remember, until its announced, things can drastically change (or not happen at all.) I love Knotts as a park - its highly underrated. But there's some overall infrastructure issues the park needs to address - parking is a HUGE issue there. With competing parks upping the ante (Disneyland, Magic Mountain... even LegoLand and Sea World SD) a coaster installation would no doubt be a move to keep them vying for local & tourist dollars. However they also need to continue to concentrate of overall amenities at the park - and most notably the horrible rooms at the Knotts hotel - to keep tourists there for more than a day visit. Now back to the original topic... KI's 50th... I cant remember the last time I was this excited for an upcoming season. The concentration on improvements, and the focus on infrastructure and amenities at the park for 2022 is fantastic. The people overseeing KI are making great decisions.
  3. I agree. While a paint chip may seem inconsequential to some... a bolt, or a piece of wood or a piece of track tubing may seem just as inconsequential to others. I readily shelled out the $ for the Eiffel Tower and glad I had a chance to do it. I think its fun and quirky.
  4. ...which is the scariest Drop Tower I've ridden to date. Between the height, the shaking of the tower as Superman cars are launched, and the "free-feeling" restraint (which are essentially just a lap restraint...) it unnerved me like no other.
  5. LOL - so many familiar faces from the past... Bill, Doris, Tony, Jill, Tim. Fun!
  6. Such a terrible tragedy. God bless her and those looking after her.
  7. As I understand, the swap back to racing forward had nothing to do with PTC. It was strictly a Managerial decision.
  8. Specifically I recall several trips in 1994 and 1995 when the ride was a walk-on. I lived about 1 hour from KI then, had a season pass, and visited roughly every other week. I don't ever recall waiting through the full queue for the ride in any of those trips. Now, of course I didn't ride every time I went. I thought the ride was lackluster - so it wasn't of great interest to me. IMO that was the predominant feeling among most guests by that point. I remember it being down on a few of those visits, but I don't recall taking note of it not operating for long periods of time. (Although I could be wrong... again, it wasn't of great interest to me.) Frankly - I MUCH preferred Skylab - but that ride seemed to be down more than it was operational. Skylab typically did have a line when I was there and it was running.
  9. I'll add my $.02 I rode both Flight Commander, and Sky Pilot (at Kings Dominion) several times each. The ride - as others have said - was "meh." It really wasn't that thrilling, but it was unique for its time. The barrel rolls were its novelty, and they were slooooowww. When KI (and KD) removed it, I didnt see it as a big loss. In its later years, the ride was typically a walk-on.
  10. Sorry - I was referring to the S&S Freespin that KD is installing for 2022. Frankly, that ride is beneath the park.
  11. I cant imagine a company such as B&M having a "no build" clause with any given park/company... at least not for any lengthy amount of time. Seems very constrictive for business. I'd say if CF wanted B&M to build a coaster for KD, then B&M would build one. Now, they may steer clear of duplicating "types" of coasters.... for instance, not building consecutive flyers, wing, divers at nearby competing parks... but again, I'd say that B&M will work with whatever a park wants them to do. If I had to guess, I expect KD is operating on a very limited capitol budget. Who knows this may be a small step toward a bigger plan... I will say, however, I personally dislike this type of coaster. (Edit - referring to the S&S Freespin KD is installing for 2022) I've ridden 4 of them across the states, and every one of them was - IMO - terrible.
  12. I think this is a great addition to SFFT. I've been to the park several times and love where they chose to put it. Its essentially adjacent to Roadrunner (a completely underrated Arrow mine train - the last to be built) and across from the entrance to Iron Rattler. It creates a sort of 1-2-3 punch in the Crackaxle area of the park. I personally am glad its a more "compact" layout with a lower height. I've often said that I find B&M Dive Coasters a one-trick pony. I find virtually everything after the first drop on the ones I've ridden (Valravn, Sheikra, Griffon) essentially forgettable. I attribute that to the fact that the elements are more drawn out and cause the train to linger and just sort of drift through the inversions. This layout will likely produce better, more intense elements. I also think its an interesting move considering Six Flags has... with only one exception I can recall... steered clear of B&M for about 15 years now. (If memory serves me X-Flight at Great America was the last... 2012 or so... and prior to that the most recent SF B&Ms were installed around 2006.) Fiesta Texas has been a "trend starter" for the SF parks for the last decade. Several of the rides SFFT has installed have been repeated later at other SF parks. This may be the precursor to other dives at other SF parks. Side note... If you ever get the chance to visit SFFT... dont pass it up. Its my personal favorite of all the SF parks I've been to. It tops SFMM, SFGADV and SFGAM in my book because it retains a much fresher/cleaner feel and (for the most part) stayed true to its original theming.
  13. Installing a log flume in the vicinity of the original "Mill Race" which was removed for Raptor. Actually, I have no idea - just a wish ;-)
  14. Paul Ruben has passed away at 84. The name may ring a bell to some, not to others. Many of us, ummm "long time" coaster enthusiasts knew (or knew of) Mr Rubens. He did a lot within the industry, and was essentially many park's go-to guy for quotes and opinions on rides and attractions. I would often come across him at parks, media days etc. (including several of his visits to KI and many ACE events.) "https://obits.democratandchronicle.com/us/obituaries/democratandchronicle/name/paul-ruben-obituary?pid=199434434&fbclid=IwAR1iia_yPU0gc4X2IpFdesR8jN3y5t8n47FcliJrs8_bPq4v_Oxyj451N3g
  15. When the Dinn Corporation ceased operations, Charlie’s daughter Denise re- formed the company as CCI.
  16. Not sure if this has been posted, but Charles Dinn, head of Construction at KI for a number of years (who lead the team to build "The Beast") has passed away at 88. He also was responsible for the relocation and building of several coasters across the country - under his firm Dinn/Summers - after he left Kings Island. Here's a link to his obituary: https://www.brewerfuneral.com/obituaries/Charles-J-Dinn?obId=21626357&fbclid=IwAR3Tu4prfRNaDjzzFxsl56CX15JHCTB23nlpynv908KUioy8kYKRAx9rfik
  17. Kudos to Chad for addressing this. Rumormongering by uninformed folks can really do social damage.
  18. The Waterpark placement at KD began a string of really bad decisions by that park's planners. Many blame Paramount for the devastation of KD's original "feel"... but, in fact, it was well underway in the years leading up to the sale. Draining of 75% of Lake Charles was a ridiculously poor decision - not only because of the esthetic loss, but also because from the start they "land locked" the waterpark. It was inevitable from the beginning that they'd have to split it up and expand on the other side of Rebel Yell. They very easily could have duplicated what KI did, and utilized the Old Dominion line as a transport to a waterpark placed on the back corner of the property... or built it adjacent to (then) HB land in the front of the parking lot where (ultimately) Dominator was placed. Of all the parks, Wonderland (IMO) has managed to stay pretty true to its original concepts. The biggest change to the park is the land surrounding it. When I first went there some 20-25 years ago, the entire area surrounding it was essentially all farmland. Then, within a couple years *BAM* it was surrounded by development. I've never seen that kind of change anywhere else.
  19. Well, lookie here…. Gotta say, the 2021 Coasterstock T-shirt is incredible… the itinerary is most definitely “coasterstacked”… and there’s even a cool matching wristband. So excited to be returning to this superb event. Counting down the days!!!
  20. This is VERY reminiscent of the tragedy that occurred on Raven at Holiday World just prior to the start of “ Stark Raven Mad” in 2003. Tamar Fellner was a part of that enthusiast event and fell out of the train just prior to the start of the evening ERT. From all indications, the female that passed away was an enthusiast attending their “Hollywood Nights” event (which was essentially the re-named SRM event after the park took a few years off after the Raven tragedy.) Apparently she was found unresponsive just prior to the start of the ERT. My heart goes out to everyone involved. I was the newly appointed ACE Regional Rep when the SRM accident happened. I was at the event when the death occurred. To say it is an awful situation is a complete understatement. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wthr.com/amp/article/news/local/indiana/ohio-woman-unresponsive-holiday-world-roller-coaster-dies/531-c59df18d-1df2-4fe6-be9a-371047a85219
  21. We all, in some form or another, take ownership in the park. Every single one of us should be outraged that this happened at a place as beloved as Kings Island. The mere fact that this has occurred makes me sick on my stomach. For the love of God there were families and little, little children there. Its simply disgusting. I trust in the park's leadership enough to know this sort of thing will not be tolerated. If that means hard rules must be instituted, fine by me. I support any measure the park takes to ensure the safety of ALL guests, and ALL employees.
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