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  1. The second article posted above states that Apollo will advise on financial matters, but Kinzel and company will still run day-to-day operations. If Apollo feels Cedar Fair is wasting money, then they will have the final say on financial matters (hence why above a reference is made to employee cuts: they will oversee Cedar Fair's finances and change budgets as necessary). Kinzel will still have input in finances, but unlike before, he will not have the final say, Apollo will.
  2. While anything can change, right now, Kinzel is saying that neither employees nor guests will notice any changes: http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2009/12/cedar_fair.html
  3. ^ And "The Marketplace: International Buffet" was one the of the new restaurants at Canada's Wonderland last year.
  4. I can see how you might think it looks Photoshopped with the supports, but I disagree. I think there might be 2 sets of supports on the left, next to each other. The ones in front which look off are most likely for the track on the return trip after the turnaround. So to me, it looks 100% real. After the hill on the left, the ride has a 180degree turnaround, and then has multiple aritime hills. Some of the supports for these airtime hills are attached to the main supports for the second airtime hill, which is why in that picture (from that angle and distance), the supports look odd.
  5. Canada's Wonderland got nothing new for 2007, except for two new restaurants and a skating show and just look at what they are getting this year.
  6. Great America has announced that they will be changing their name for next season. Their new name will be California's Great America. Along with the name change comes a new ride for 2008, as they will be adding a HUSS TopSpin, named Firefall. Bigger news though, will be a new for 2009, CGI-built wood coaster, with a lift height of 104ft, and top speed of 52mph. They will also be adding Halloween Haunt for next season, and an Ice Skating show in the "Great America Theatre". http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories....90503&EDATE
  7. When you actually see the construction site in person, you get a better feeling about how truly big this ride will be. The brake run is a very small part of the ride. Here's an image with the heights of various parts of the ride listed: http://bp0.blogger.com/_cVF2LlOx6Zc/RtQeGU...hemothStats.JPG
  8. The track in question is for Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland. They are making great progress with the ride, with new pieces of track arriving daily. A look at current progress (in the back is the future train maintenance shed/trasfer track. The visible track is the brake run, leading into the final turnaround into the future station.): http://behemoth.canadaswonderland.com/publ...age&chip=44
  9. Seems like a good decision on Six Flags part. Everyone should be treated equal, whether they have a disability or not, and this policy is the best way to do that. Everyone will still be able to ride, and it helps to cut down on blatant abuse of the system. It is unbelievable how much abuse the old policy faced, and how many people tired to get on through the exit.
  10. Looks like as mentioned earlier, Cedar Fair has done away with the MAXX/MAXX Plus pass naming at Michigan's Adventure, and created one "Platinum Pass" which gives the same access as the MAXX Plus pass used to. I suspect this will be the same at all the Parks. This move alleviates some confusion that the three pass option created. Now you have the Regular one park admission pass and the chain wide pass. The Platinum Pass also gives free parking to ANY Cedar Fair Park, a move sure to make many very happy. Link to pass sales at Michigan's Adventure: http://www.miadventure.com/spass.shtml
  11. The MAXX Pass is gone from CW. The MAXX Plus pass will return, only with a new name later on this year.
  12. The track mentioned above has arrived at Canada's Wonderland. Picture of orange track: http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff230/r...to/DSCF2043.jpg Visible to the right above is the blue supports.
  13. I have a feeling we may not see the "MAXX Pass" return, and instead only have the "regular" KI only Pass and what was this year the "MAXX Plus Pass" with a different name. Having three pass options confused many people, and they may be trying to reduce that.
  14. CP won't receive another coaster next year, since Maverick was a major investment this year. Alot of rumors are swirling that Canada's Wonderland could see the next major CF coaster addition.
  15. It is also up to individual guests to report to the ride ops about particular guests who are line jumping. If nobody tells the ops, then nothing can be done. I have seen cases where people have reported a problem, the line jumper has gotten up to the platform to be next on and security escorts them from the ride.
  16. Leaving the line then attempting to reenter is not allowed, even to go to the restroom. From Cedar Fair: "Our line jumping policy states that if you cut into a line of waiting guests, no matter what the reason, you are inviting dismissal from the park without refund of admission. This rule is strictly enforced. LINE JUMPING IS: "CUTTING IN FRONT OF OTHER WAITING GUESTS. LEAVING THE LINE, THEN ATTEMPTING TO REENTER. THIS INCLUDES USING THE REST ROOM FACILITIES OR TO PURCHASE FOOD OR DRINKS." Once you leave your place in line, you have forfeited it, no matter what the reason. Saving a place
  17. Original things are great, but things have to change over time. It's a balancing act, trying to keep 'classic' items, but also bring in new items. The way I look at it, if the Park didn't make changes and remove older things for newer, the Park would not be the successful place it is today.
  18. I know that many rides at the various former Paramount Parks are getting seatbelts this year under CF requirements.
  19. According to the last page of the brochure, Paramount Theatre is still listed as being a theatre. And the new logo seems to fit nicely in the brochure, definitely better than it looked when they first revealed it.
  20. As long as a "theming change" in CF's mind doesn't involve the removal of more trees and replacement with concrete...
  21. Just thought that I'd add while they are still using the old image of the season passes on the Canada's Wonderland Season Pass page, they are advertising buying 2007 passes on every other page with a new logo similar to the KI one. So who knows, maybe all the former Paramount Parks will have a similar logo again. (Look at the left side bar at the link below) http://www3.paramountparks.com/canadaswond...tions/index.cfm
  22. My guess would be a phase out of the name. For example, the Park would be referred to as just Kings Island in ads and other communications, but logos would still say Paramount until the point of a new one being developed and deployed..
  23. Plus, at this time, there is no guarantee that a name change is even in the works for this coming season. Think about it: they own the rights, so why race into something needlessly? If they want a name change, the smart thing to do would be to work on it throughout 2007, for it to be ready by 2008. There is no need to (at this time) wipe the Paramount name off of everything, since the public doesn't have a negative impression of Paramount.
  24. I'll just add that I went by the Park today and didn't notice these changes, but anything is possible.
  25. Apparently, at Canada's Wonderland they have opted to again print the Parking Pass right onto the season pass. A Parking Pass there goes for $25.00 for the first one, with the option of including it on another purchased pass for $10.00 each. From PCW's website: "No parking decals will be issued for the 2007 season. For each parking permit purchased, a parking permit number will be printed directly onto the Season Pass photo ID card."
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