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  1. How can I add pictures?? I am not sure about this sites preferred method of posting pics but you should be able to use any photo sharing site like imgur, flicker, photobucket etc and post a link here. It will get the job done. This is what I have to say. If not being able to get on some or many of the rides will result in shame or any negative emotional issues for you then maybe it is not worth it. As I said The Bat is the only coaster I fit on but the joy of seeing my two boys have a great time far out weighs any negativity I experience. For me seeing the fun I am missing out is an excellent motivator to get to a more healthy weight, for others it may not. I know I will be ready next season. If you go Into it with a positive attitude and believe you will have fun no matter what, you will have fun. Thank you! That's a great way to look at it!!! We are taking our two boys so I'm sure it will be awesome regardless!
  2. We have planned a trip to KI in a couple weeks and I am wondering if anyone else around "my size" has had issues fitting on rides. I am 5' 10" and weigh 254, 45" waist and 42D chest. I am proportional so I carry my weight all over. Should I say screw it and fake an illness that day? Thanks in advance!
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