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  1. ..and Rivertown, given Cincinnati brewing history, is the perfect place for it. Second place would be for Oktoberfest to franchise a Hofbrauhaus!
  2. If this has been suggested, I'll admit I haven't read every word in this thread. How about if it connected to Soak City? Possibly a station in Soak City and one in Coney Mall/Oktoberfest/Action Zone. Maybe a third ,middle, station around Planet Snoopy/Rivertown? Possibly 3 stations wouldn't be feasible, but just an idea. Also, connecting to SC could make the train redundant, but it was a standalone attraction before there was a water park.
  3. Very True. My family of 3 has passes. My daughter goes to the park ~25 times per year. My wife and I only visit around 10-12 times, with her. We get the Drink plan, but not the Meal plan. I hate paying roughly double for a meal, but we usually make it a point to eat a meal at the park. For one, it's kind of fun. It creates memories that last a lifetime. I still remember sitting by the lake in Oktoberfest with my Dad and uncles.They would have a couple beers and some food before we headed over to The Racer. The experience, sometimes, outweighs the cost.
  4. I think the pavers were made by Intamin... Lol... Seriously, though. I bet it will look fantastic!
  5. Possibly theme a Spinning coaster as a renewal/reinvention of the Keggers... https://www.gerstlauer-rides.de/products/roller-coasters/spinning-coaster/
  6. Couldn't disagree more. An american Flag, and/or Ohio flag add to tje enjoyment . I have needed to come up with creative framing, at times, but it always works out. Patriotism, from a corporation, is not bad.
  7. Wave pool on international Street! Confirmed!!!
  8. Just saw this. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-racer-coaster-getting-new-track-smoother-ride I didn't see it posted, yet. Interested to see how extensive the work will be.
  9. One word. Hyperloop Maybe it's 2 words? Hyper Loop?
  10. Perhaps relocate the Cincinnati Streetcar to KI. It may, finally, be profitable as an attraction/employee transportation. I know, We could have it go through an area with lions and giraffes. Oh wait. Nevermind.
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