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  1. Got my first ride this morning. Second row was smooth as butter. Slightly disappointed with the trims, but overall it was fantastic. The helix feels slightly less insane, but the speed and smoothness are awesome.
  2. I'm guessing any updates will be from an unauthorized source, but I'm hoping for something official as well.
  3. I think they may be doing staggered seating similar to Diamondback...
  4. I got some great views of the construction from WindSeeker, and Blue Racer yesterday! Orion is looking good! BTW, Blue Racer was running great. Consistently faster that Red.
  5. Those look like all the same color to me...
  6. Yes. Yes it was. I really miss that, for some reason.
  7. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/july/whats-behind-the-fence Here is the link. Also, Chad Showalter posted it, not Don Helbig
  8. #whatsbehindthetape?
  9. Certainly interesting!
  10. Fukuda Unterberger: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unterberger_test
  11. Quick! someone compare dimensions of a SkyWarp with the dimensions of the Big Tan Box in RiverTown!
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